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  1. acsdev

    This review is to caution people from dealing with this builders.
    I had booked a flat with ACS builders At the booking time the sales people were loud mouthed and acted as if they were children of Gods.
    They claimed that they were the most ethical people this Society.
    I think these builders are the coolest of the lot in the Society with no pressures and if you follow up with them they will refund the money.
    They have no experience in handling any of the goverment agencies. The first hurdle was the sanction itself. My flat is ready for the last 3 years when the other tower Meghana was getting ready,
    These guys took their sweet time to get sanction of 6 months.
    All a lot of follow ups they got the sanction.
    Their sanction took the life of the owners. Then they came with another shock where they has a deal with Orange where a Car_furnishing etc would be given at the price we purchased.
    We looked like fools.Still they claim that they are most ethical.
    Then another hurdle came…hurdles one after another.FInally I thought of selling this flat because I thought it will take another 2 years for these guys to complete this building and possession.

    With great difficulty I have sold this flat.
    I still caution that these guys. Good luck to the present owners(hopefully they get the flat soon- before retirement


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