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  1. shefalibv

    From my personal experience Aakruti Nirmity is really a cheat builder.
    They started on one phase of the project collected money from people for that and halted that phase and instead with that collected money started and completed a new phase at higher price.
    The older phase is still under construction.
    The quality of building is also very bad.
    All the sales person there treat customers as scape goats.

  2. WilliamSean

    Looks like Madhavi is a part of the marketing team with no email address or phone number to contact .I would suggest prospective buyers to go to the completed blocks and see the quality of work.Its a total mess, the common areas are not polished and in some areas the granite slabs are broken, no consistent color pattern, the elevation of the building is completely ruined by unaesthetic enclosures, shoddy painting work, . Compare this with Pride pristine or daddys who are offering much better finished product for a better price and the decision becomes easy.I am sure once all the flats are sold the builders will not be too worried about fixing these issues and its better to be safe than sorry .

  3. Adv. Madhavi

    Well done Mr. Girish. I personally appreciate your initiative to amend ur concern.

    Kind Attention: Mr. Pramod Nikhar:
    1. Check ur IQ
    2. U deserve to get cheated bcoz u lack logical sense of rationalising.. as u do not know anything about the builder in subject (AAKRUTI NIRMITI LTD.)
    3. Ive booked a flat @ Aakruti Amity, and i have thoroughly checked out their records.. and nowhere ur name appears as flat purchaser
    4. So stop DEGRADING others with ur prejudices.
    5. Concentrate in ur work

    ps: if u still have any human sense — correct your complaint by posting a apology for ur untrue / FALSE comments. Hope u do.

  4. Pramod Nikha

    Nirmiti Builders are Third category builders. These guys are really shits. I had paid them 5 lakhs and booked a flat in Aakruti. I have all the proofs of the payments. It has been 5 long years but still I have not got possession of the flat. I have really lost the money. There NIRMITI BUILDERS ( the PURANIKS ) are really shit people to do business with.

  5. Girish

    This issue has been resolved amicably. The project is being funded by HUDCO, I still own the flat at Aakruti and I am also receiving compensation from the builder.

  6. Girish.P

    Default in delivery of Flat-Deposit not refunded
    Aakruti Group promised delivery of its Aakruti Amity apartments in June 2009. however the bulider has not completed even 40 % of the work and is blatantly refusing to refund the booking amount.

    Address of the Site:-

    Aakruti Amity, Shree Ananth Nagar Layout, Phase II, Husker Gate,
    Hosur Main Road,
    Bangalore – 560 100.

    Mobile :- 9343864217;9972544002;9901012918

    Landline no (Has been made inactive): + 91 – 080 – 645 17711, 221 11244 / 55 / 66

    I have been trying to cancel my booking for the last 6 Months.


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