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  1. sbmrs

    Even i hv booked a flat and since their work was slow i delayed in loan processing and paid interest to this builder and now after loan disbursement one year has hone by but no demand letter. Worst staff and worst builder playing with middle class people’s money.

  2. m_vikas

    We had booked a flat in this project “Rising City” a JV between Hubtown, Rajesh Lifespaces, Terraform Realty and Marathon Realty. We booked this flat in Nov’12 by paying a token amount of INR 515450 and were told that the CC would be coming by mid Dec’12. The CC did even come till mid Jan’13. Obviously anxious we asked the sales representatives only to be told that it would definitely be coming in by 26th Jan which was the last day of making the payment for the balance booking amount. We were also told that firstly they would not be depositing the cheques without informing us and secondly that if we chose to withdraw the entire amount would be refunded, provided we did so before they deposited the cheques for the balance amount.
    We handed over them the cheques for the balance amount on 23rd Jan’13, however when the CC did not come till the 26th we chose to withdraw and informed them accordingly on 28th Jan’13 which was the day they were going to deposit the cheques.
    They acknowledged the cancellation, but have been completely unethical and unprofessional about the refund. No confirmations of the amount or the timeframe of refund were given to us, several attempts were made either to delay the whole process or prove to us that the refund actually should not be made citing policies that were never agreed by or for that matter even shared with us.
    However when we did not budge and followed up logically and continuously, they agreed to refund provided we send some mail to them again the content of which was not shared and accordingly the process was delayed.
    Finally in March’13 they asked us to collect the cheque from their office. However, when we reached we were asked to sign some false and misleading documents as a condition for the refund to which we denied and returned without the refund of our own hard earned money
    This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and in fact it is nothing but harassment.
    We would be taking this up in an appropriate formal forum the definitely take this money back with suitable compensation for what we have been through.

  3. soniv

    missed out to mention that i’ve booked a flat in Blue bell, mira road

  4. soniv

    Hi Pawan,

    I too have booked a flat in mira road and the letter of delay in possession was a shock. They have not mentined anything about paying us the interest or rent. In fact they have offered that we can cancel the agreement and they will return the money with interest. This is so frustrating that we are not able to do anything about it. What is required is that we all get united and fight against this. I’ve made some premilinary enquires and the good thing is that we can approach consumer court. As per the rules any builder has to compensate for the delay in possession. The compensation is to pay the buyer 12% interest on the money collected so far from the month date of possession mentioned in the agreement.

    All of us should stay united and get the bulider to comply to this.


  5. pawankgaur

    I m also a owner of a flat in bue bell mirarroad, recently i got a letter that my possesion will be delayed and i will be getting in august 2013… i dnt get ne letter regarding payment of interest or for ne rent for my currently accommodation as i have to pay both interest on my home loan and rent…right now frds i m really in financial bad conditrion becoz of dis situation…n i m sure der must be more people like me who r facing same problem, i just humbly request all of dem to be united and plan to take action …i think v shd fight for dis it is a very hard money for all middle class people n v knw hw much it is difficult…so lets b together, , , is nebody getting interest of delay or ne letter or ne word frm builder if yes… do reply plzzzzzzzz / 9920303371


    Hello All,
    I have booked in Ackruti Country Woods under their 80:20 Scheme. At the time of booking they committed a date of end 2011& the Loans under the 80:20 Scheme can be availed from HDFC/India Bulla After getting the Loan sanctioned from HDFC the Tripartie Agreement stated that till March 2012 the Possession will be given & all interest till March 2012 will be paid by them After that suddenly 2 months back out of the blue I received a phone call from their Pune Office that they have discontinued their arrangement with HDFC & I will now have to apply to INDIA BULLS for the Loan & all Processing Charges will be paid by them Futher enquiries with HDFC revealed that the Builder has never stuck to his commitment of delivery /possession of the Flat & HDFC has been pressurising the Builder to stick to his commitment of completion date TODAY WE ARE AT A TOTAL LOSS THAT THIS BUILDER WHOM WE THOUGHT IS A REPUTABLE ONE HAS LET US DOWN MISERABLY & HIS INTENTIONS OF COMPLETING ANY PROJECT ON TIME IS QUESTIONABLE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW CAN HE BE FORCED TO FULFILL HIS COMMITMENTS & WHO IS THE APPEALING AUTHORITY WHO CAN ENSURE THAT FOR ALL DELAYS HE WILL BE PENALISED


  7. abhinahin

    Hello All.
    I am a customer of Akruti Builders, and I have booked a flat in Akruti Countrywoods, Pune.
    The first commitment which I got from them was September’2010, but it is March’2012 now, and still there is no sign of work nearing completion.

    I have no idea how to hold them to task for not living up to all their previous commitments.

    I am planning to write to a few national/local news agencies about the quality of service meted out to the customers of Akruti Builders, and request them to investigate the issue, and publish/broadcast some news items in the media.
    The only thing which the builders fear is their image in public, especially Akruti, because it is a listed company.

    Here are the contact details of a few prominent media houses.
    1) CNN-IBN on e-mail
    SMS us with your suggestions at 51818

    You can also write in to us at:
    Global Broadcast News, Express Trade Tower,
    Plot No. 15-16, Sector-16A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh,
    India – 201301

    Phone: +91-120-4341818, 3987777
    Fax: 0120-4324106

    2) Mid-Day
    You can write to Mid-Day editor at this link,

    Mid-Day Infomedia Ltd
    301 Sai Gaurav, A Wing,
    Jaan Mohd street,
    Nr Babajan Chowk camp,
    Pune- 411001
    Ph : 020-67016021

    3) Sakaal Times

    Sakaal Times
    27, Narveer Tanaji Wadi, Shivaji Nagar,
    Pune 411005
    Maharashtra, India
    Tel: +91-20-25602100, 25513872.
    Fax: +91-2025602200

    Head Office
    595, Budhawar Peth,
    Pune – 411 002
    Phone: +91.20.24405500 / 56035500

    4) Indian Express

    Mail To:
    The Editor,
    The Indian Express Online Media (Pvt) Ltd
    9&10, Bhadur Shah Zafar Marg,
    Express Building, ITO
    New Delhi -110002

    Fax Us At:
    + 91-11-23702141

    Email Us At:

    Abhishek Chaudhury

  8. kushal2985

    I visited the site and Yes..building front of the sales office is almost constructed..external plaster done currently they are doing building internal work…I guess buildings are morning glory, IVY etc..for other buildings- work in progress but it is slightly slow…


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