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  1. harshasagar

    Aishwarya Grand Hill ruled out due to neighboring BBMP Garbage Dump Yard. I haven’t heard or Tekton Estates, but then looking at their site it seems to be BMRDA approved, but I still not convinced about the location of Tekton Estates.. I have been travelling on this road for 20 years and I hardly see any progress.. I don’t think thats going to change soon.

    • shailesh

      Today we visited grand hill project of Aishwarya homes near budegire cross. This project location seems to be good. But after reading all the comments we are worried about the genuineness of these guys. They showed is phase 2 which is big peice of empty land next to phase 1. After looking at the phase 1 development its scarry. Pls suggest.

  2. ravi murthy

    Hi Harsha,

    What is your opinion on Aishwarya Grand hills project? Are there any land litigations on this project?

    What is the current price there?

    Also, what is your opinion on Hi tech Villa (tektonetsate.com)?


    Ravi Murthy

  3. vfools

    We are a strong team of 30-40 aggrieved individuals from Survey No.89, 91 (totally 55 sites) in Aishwarya Aeroroyal, Project on IVC Road Devenahalli. These 2 survey number for around 8 acres are under deep litigation. The original SC/ST land owners are reclaiming the land and the AC order has been secured by the villagers with titles in favour of them. We are altogether fighting with Mr. Shankar MD to negotiate with the villagers and settle it out of court. This should be done immediately by them. Further, the layout is shabby like a graveyard. No electricity, water sewage plant and other amenities as promised by Shankar when he sold to us has been fulfilled. The project has around 400 plus site owners whose sites are in complete problem today as no transactions today are happening either buying or selling in Aishwarya Aero Royale. Mr. Shankar should now understand and realize that it is important for him to solve all our problems where hard earned money in lakhs have been stuck for nearly six years during which time the management has gone forward in creating more layouts with our funds. vfools@gmail.com

  4. sksnap1

    Aishwarya Homes people are cheating people and they are not taking any responsibility of sites sold by them and currently under dispute. They keep lying to their customers. I think they are operating now in a different name Aishwarya Estates to fool more people. Management and administrative people in Aishwarya Homes and Aishwarya Estates are ass holes and I suggest everyone to be very careful with these guys. Only way to seize their asset is raising police complaint and filing case against them in court. Let’s do it all together and show them way to hell. Especially a person by name G Shankar and Ravindra Babu are a lifetime suckers and they should be hanged to death.

  5. mspurnima

    As per the information i had they have approval plan for this project (North citi). But they have some problem with the land lord.

  6. rahaul

    Hi all,

    1. i recently looked at this post as i invested in plot at north citti.
    2. donot get mixed with Aishwarya homes vs Aishwrya projects presedency group( now closed watch TV9 recording you tube)
    3. Aishwarya gomes have got approved projects ( get it checked with your layer and Biappa office )
    4. north city phas 1 is sold out and north citti phase 2 is developing.
    5. i invested in north citti in 2007 and got registered in 2007 itself, my plot rate was 1250 Per SQ ft then in 2008 they sold few plots to 1600 sq feet then property prices in bangalore north feel or stagnant ( other places in bangalore soared. i think i counted the chickens before eggs hatched)
    6. I have got many plots at devanahalli( with different developers), same with all last 3-4 yrs prices are stagnant but between 2004to 2006 prices rose 4-6 fold.
    7. for people who are not invested in devanahalli now the time to invest as developments have started this year ( for people who invested in devanahalli last 3-4 years wrong area we chose in bangalore, i think we have missed 2-4 appreciation at least if we had invested in any area of bangalore )
    8. comming babk to aishwarya homes its okay as long as get your plot registered ( as the rules have changed now you cannot get any plot registerd at sub register office with out approval.
    9.devanahalli has got good future only thing dont know if it happens in 2 yrs or 10 yrs

    Good luck for all

  7. ryan_r2

    I am currently looking at buying a plot with Aishwarya Homes in Northciti, Devenahalli, North Bangalore. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences buying plots from them. they say now, it is BIAPPA approved and most of their sites are sold out! I am confused with the reviews on the internet. Please let me know, if any one of you have bought and got a site registered most recently.

  8. Sada 123

    I completely agree with you all. I paid 6 Lacs in Nov 2007 to Aishwarya Homes towards a site in Grand Citi project. Till date there is no sign of registration or refund.

    Currently I am in a serious family emergency and desperately running for funds for my father’s treatement; and these bunch of fraudsters just don’t care for anything. My hard earned money is stuck with a cheater when I am in desperately in need of money that too for meeting family medical expenses


  9. als


    Few of my friends are buying plots in Aishwarya Grand Hill (http://www.aishwaryahomes.com/projects-grandhill.htm) and I’m also interested in buying. Wanted to check with you if you still have issues with registration and approval? Your thoughts/comments will truly help my decision.

    Also, just about a week back one of my friends has got his registration completed at this place but will be good to know if you are still having issues.


  10. Lesha

    These guys are super fraud people. They got 11 lakhs from us for a site in Aeroroyal as an advance and they said they are going to register aftyer the approval but I just found out they havnt even gone for an approval and they have a dispute in their land ownership. They cheated us big time and they are not giving us any alternatives site and no money back since for the past 1.5yrs. Plz do not buy any property from these guys unless you scrutinize the paperwork thoroughly. Big cheaters in Bangalore!! They have done false agreements and now we have to got to the courts to get our money back…Frustrating. Any advice would help.

  11. jenuine

    BIAPPA approved number for Grand City: BIAPPA/TP/LAO/198/2007 & 2008

  12. 308gosh

    Very unfortunate that Grand City customers were forced to buy Grand Hill sites by paying 200/- more per sqr ft. Refund is next to impossibility, they are seasoned real estate business men. Recycle plant next to Grand Hill is simply making the place un-worthy to be called residential place. Unfortunate to read above the sorry state of customers of their other so called “successfully completed projects” like Aero Royal.

  13. ss.murthy

    Even I faced same problem… I bought plot at aero royal, Aishwarya Homes in 2007 and also got registration done but Since then, I am waiting for BIAPPA approval. They espcially Raja keep saying after 2 months, we will get release paper. but 2 months had become 4 years. I wonder when will we get release paper, BIAPPA approval for our plot? We went to BIAPPA office but they refuse to talk anything but want to talk with only developer. When we asked aishwaraya homes, they told the same reason and asked us to carry on building home and we will get release letter later.

    If someone have similar experience how to recover the money please guide me. I think i have no choice to put a police complaint and in Consumer court. I dont know how these guys are not coming under legal action by the govt.

  14. einsteinbrain

    I dont agree with what Sri_Sri said. Aishwarya homes promised me about grand citi and took 50% amount. Later after 2.5 years they still say they dont have approval. They forced me to take sites in grandhill for premium cost, for which you can buy a decent land in KR Puram. They suck high time. They are money looting idiots

  15. sidk101

    These guys at Sasdashivnagar don’t know their hand to their ass.. The above comment is absolutely true.. I have registered it in 2008 too and there hasnt been any development in it.. the property hasnt appreciated either… whereas everywhere else in bangalore prices have soared..
    bunch of cheats and liars sitting there…

  16. sri_sri

    debasis please go check now if they have got the approval are not.. do not sit there and write false comments like this and create false impresion about them with all..they are pacca with their documents you can go and check..they have got the approval for grand citi and they have sold out also

  17. sri_sri

    hello.. whoever has put the above 1st comment first you got to make sure about which company you are talking about.. presidency group and aiswarya projects are completely different from aishwarya homes, and this office is in vyalikaval sadhashivanagar. as far i know you can trust these people because i myself have enquired everything and seen all the projects of aishwarya homes and most of the projects are sold out 2…

  18. rravilla_cc


    Is there any further proceedings happened in this case.I also booked site at Grandciti in 2006 and later I was forced to purchase the site in other project Grand hill for premium amount.Please let me know if you fot any further help from Police


  19. tgayatri

    Similar thing is happening with Aiswarya projects, Presidency group. I payed 7.5 lakh and there is no site and no approval. I gave a police complaint and also went to IG of police. Now IG of Police has given an order to seize the properties of Aiswarya projects and also to arrest V.Bhaskar reddy of Aiswarya projects.

  20. Debasisa Prusty


    I have booked a site in Grand Citi, Aishwarya Homes in Nov-2007 past 2.4 years i have been waiting for the registration. I have been hearing the BIAPPA approval yet to come. I am sure this company is a cheating company neither they are refunding the money or promising the date by when they would acquire the necessary approval from govt authorities. If someone have similar experience how to recover the money please guide me. I think i have no choice to put a police complaint and in Consumer court. I dont know how these guys are not coming under legal action by the govt.



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