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Alpine Housing is one of the real estate companies based in Bangalore who ventured into the real estate sector in the year 1990. With almost more than two decades in the construction industry, this company’s property development spans across various segment like condominiums, apartments, and commercial complexes.

Alpine Housing Projects

Alpine property developer and builder have completed about 16 projects few of them are Manor in Viviani Road, Tulip in Sevanagar, View in Koramangala, Kensington in Ulsoor Road, Regency in Jayanagar, Eco in Marathahalli, and many more. They also have few ongoing residential projects called Pyramid in Sahakar Nagar near Hebbal Flyover, Fiesta near Hoodi Junction in Whitefield, and Viva in Whitefield near Sai Baba Ashram.

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21 Responses

  1. sakshi sharma

    Hi i am Sakshi. I invested my finances in alpine pyramid.I am having 2bhk space and is actually good. we are also having our seperate spacious balcony, ventilation is proper . And I didn’t found any kind of problem here.
    The infrastructure they had made is well mannered.
    And i am glad that i had invested my finances for a good choice.

  2. r Yaliwal

    Hi , I am looking to buy a flat in alpine viva. Can anyone suggest about the quality of work. Is it in the way of a upcoming road?

  3. vikas

    hi guys since alpine viva is in discussion here i will share my experience with this project initially i cancelled my booking here because of personal reasons and their sales team was very quick in refunding my money which is highly appreciated and after few months my friends had bought apartments in alpine viva and they were very happy with the project they keep discussing about the different amenities in the project then i decided to visit the project again and ended up buying a flat over there . the only loss i had was i had to pay more because the property price had increased.

  4. brijesh

    hi every one i am a resident of alpine viva i want to share my experience with every one over here earlier i was scared and skeptical about the project because of the rumors i heard about the project later i decided to investigate myself because i was very much pleased with the amenities of the project at a very reasonable price did not want to loose this opportunity so i had decided to check each document myself and as expected there was no legal issues with the project and got my loan approved by sbi bank i sincerely suggest anyone looking for an apartment near kadugudi Whitefield alpine viva is the best offering there.

  5. Vijay sharma

    In the real estate customer service is a big issue in these days, but Alpine Housing is like an exception to this. I am pleased to say that my experience with this company was fantastic. Not it has been one where we have experienced a big level of service coupled with quality and design of workmanship. The flat that Alpine Housing has been constructing for us is my first major buying experience. I entered into the project with little knowledge of the process and industry jargon but due to them it was not an issue. The entire their team that worked for us during this dealing process was fantastic, dedicated and it great to deal with. Very soon the possession of our flat will ready which I feel on their work.

  6. Srikanth924

    I dont find any such things near Eco now, maybe earlier it was but now i dont see such things like mugging, rape, robbery or any kind of untoward incident…. im owner in Alpine Eco in 3rd floor.

  7. roopa

    I m looking forward for a good deal with Alpine Housing,The executive was very helpful and helped us to make our decision to purchase the property even more Clear and strongly positive.They were professional, thorough and did everything that they said that they would do… on time and within the budget.

  8. sidzone

    Flat owner staying at Alpine Eco Doddanekundhi Apartments and I am worried about Life security here in my Society, It was an horrible scene which I have witnessed on 20/7/12 where a Flat was completely under Fire, Flat number is 1003 which is in 10th Floor, C-1 Wing. With an immediate action while Flat was on Fire with the help of neighbours we could say as much we can however there was a great loss of property…

  9. bipinp165

    The only good thing about Alpine Housing is their marketing, their model flats and their building locations. Everything else is a _big sham_. They are headed by two headed Mr Kabeer who shows one face before you pay up and another face after he has your money. In our case, he took the money and delivered about 36 months after delivery date. Cleary , these buiders do not seem to be in it for the long haul.

    Some examples of their deficiencies:

    Any delay on penalty clause is negated by “Legal charges” which is a cleverly crafted term + additional VAT which is likely never submitted.

    In addition, deposits like BWSSB and clubhouse deposit were never transferred to the assn.

    In gross violation of the BBMP approved plans, all basement parking lots were converted into illegal flats. Interestingly, the BBMP commissioner in the area will have his hands tied due to the political influence and clout enjoyed by this builder.

    Any opposition from your assn after handover from builder will mean your assn members will be promised 50k more or free parking lots, or they will be silenced through other means.

    Note that the water and sewage Treatment Plants will work somewhat initially but as the flats fill up, it will breakdown and have water and sanitation problems. Smelly sewage and interrupted water supply will be the norm. Not to mention high maintenance as the builder would have deployed a penny wise pound foolish approach in all his construction works.

    Oh yes, start off by asking for a copy of the sanctioned plan to show to your lawyer. The answer from their marketing folks is: , “You can see it here on site but we will not give you a copy of the sanctioned plan”.

    Also, the builder has one or two flat owners in his payroll whose job it is to see that the assn can never launch a campaign against the builder by using the maxim, “Divide and rule”. Its at this point that you begin to wonder how you fell for kabeer and the alpine builders.

    If you want to know more, go see Alpine Eco but don’t just stand and look at the flats, Pretend to be a buyer, ask a broker, knock on the door one of the neighboring flats and ask any owner about their experience. Better still read the link at:

    Any rapproachment from you before the sale with the builder will be met by: “Yes will take care of it in due course”. Which simply means never. Eventually, you’ll just tire out and give up.

    If you are buying from alpine, tread carefully , question everything, do not rely on promises and at every step ask yourself, “At facevalue, the price point and features offered may look attractive , but beware looking deeper, do find out if it is it really worth it ? ”

    See also: (Pending_Tasks_Acknowledgement_15-Jun-2012.pdf)

    • Suresh 11414

      May be, what youa re saying is true, but to best of my knowledge Alpine Pyramid happens to be Genuine, Mr Syed who is heading the sales team there is fantastic and very helpful in getting my deal closed.

      My View is cut and clear, great experience with Alpine

    • Aditya Shetty

      Mr Bipin. apart from their marketing, their model flats and their project location, i also found there flats reasonably priced and of Decent quality. I am a proud owner of a 2bhk in Alpine Pyramid Carnation block. i honestly dont know why you are foul mouthing the management, as i have personally met Mr Kabir during negotiations and found him to be cooperative and understanding

      The water treatment and sewage treatment plant works properly
      I invested in the flat only after a through check of all the required legal documents with my lawyers.
      i had a look at Alpine eco, and found the issues in the complex to be of maintenance in nature, isnt the association responsible for the maintenance of the project and not the builder after the handing over?
      Like ive said before i stay in Alpine Pyramid and the maintenance here is a charm (still maintained by the builder)

      Bottom line: No one ever buys flats looking at “face value”, one should and always would do a through background check. If you have bought a flat somewhere just by looking at the “face value” then Mr Bipin im sorry thats not quite smart.

      i love my home. i value it. so please don’t depreciate its value, just because you have had a bad experience…. or have you?. I seriously doubt that you are even a customer with Alpine.

      Aditya Shetty

  10. RakeshMakhija

    All buyers,
    In my opinion it’s a total was waste of your money to invest into this project because of following reasons:

    1. The Ex Land owners who gave their land to the builder have huge share of apartments in the complex and they are really in-human people, politically backup up, extremely greedy, they have not paid maintenance for last 15 months. Have their key people in the Management Committee (MC) and therefore MC is also not taking any action.

    2. These Ex Land owner are constantly milking the maintenance amount collected from the Resident with help of MC monthly to the tune of 20 – 25 lacs per month!!!

    3. Total money to be recovered is of tune of Rs 300 lacs from the defaulters of maintenance.

    4. There are huge list facilities but all of them are in miserable condition.

    5. STP plant never worked!!!

    6. You stinking water in the toilet flush.

    7. Now Apartment complex is facing a deadly problem wherein red worms are coming in all taps!!!. Many residents have fallen sick and hospitalized because of this. This again is because of total mis-management by the MC. This situation is so serious that it will take months to recover from this problem.
    If you want throw your hard earned money when buy an apartment in Alpine Eco.

  11. ronit547

    hi i have recently bought an apartment here ,apart from the amenities what i liked most over here is the area, it has close proximity to almost all IT officies in the surroundings, i work in itpl and it just takes me maximum15 min to reach there. no other projects of this scale will offer such affordable pricing. in the vicinity..and weekends are a pleasure to stay at eco it gives me a resort kind of a feeling to stay here .i spent almost the whole day enjoying the n number of amenities in this project.

  12. shaams

    Guys!! This is good news. Heard from Alpine that registration of apartments at Alpine Eco has commenced, and that all other legalities are now clear. Should call them at the earliest for a date for registration of my apartment at eco.

    The builder has put in a great effort in giving a nice project, All I can say is do not go by hear-say, check the facts yourself with the builder and go ahead. I did it and got the confidence to book an apartment here.

  13. rajansranga

    No more waiting for registration of my apartment at ECO, I have my date fixed. The legal hurdles have been cleared. Banks are funding the project. What else?? But I still look at some adverse remarks on the web, People post it when things are bad, and when things are set right nobody bothers to write in a word of appreciation. By writing about the good facts we can keep the rates of our apartments on the upswing without adversely affecting it. I am happy to have got my flat registered. You too can get your facts right by calling on Alpine, if required.

  14. nidhi k

    Silver Lining for Alpine Eco Apartments
    As most of the Owners are aware, in spite the Builder building a great Apartment, the Owners have been held for ransom by the Land Owners as they have been troubling the builder and have been successful in entangling the builder in fake court cases just because they could not sell their share of apartments at a premium rate due to the real estate slump.
    Now there is news of some kind of settlement being worked out between the builder and landowners and all the issues will be solved soon. The builder share of apartments will be open for registration and the owners are finally having a sign of relief.
    It’s a great place to live with lot of facilities and hope these issues will be closed for good very soon.

    • Srikanth924

      yes even i heard the same, can you tell me if any issues there in Alpine Pyramid, since im planning to buy one …… thanxx

  15. srinivas

    , I am a resident of Alpine, and till date I have found that the flats are quite good. They are not charged exorbitantly like the so called “5 star” builders, though all the amenities and facilities are at par with all of them. There are 2 swimming pools, 1 being temperature controlled, tennis court. basketball court, multi-gym and all the modern luxuries that we can think off. The apartments themselves are quite spacious and comfortable to live in.

    The real problem is outside the complex walls where the government needs to improve their infrastructure, water and safety measures. Even the private service providers are also found wanting. If these things are taken care of, Alpine Eco will; be one of the best places to live in Bangalore. I can not blame the builder Mr. Kabeer for whats not his fault. I do think that he has done a stupendous job increating a marvel like Alpine Eco which can accommodate 800 families. To me Alpine Eco is a big “thumbs up”

  16. Sudarshan Raj

    Alpine Eco owner, M.D Mr Kabeer. Cheats, frauds. Alpine Eco was finished poorly and Up to my Knowledge there is some HIGH COURT case running(Alpine Eco) and its not solved, So Please don’t invest in Alpine Housing Development Corp.Court may cancel all registrations.. Viva and Pyramid are left with bare structures for the past 3 yrs now. Residents are going legal on the Kabeer guy who is completely gone underground. Nobody can meet him/talk to him. His phone number has been changed. His associates refuse to talk to customers.BEWARE of Alpine Eco. There is a court case going on in HIGH COURT, and unless its over, there is NO REGISTRATION possible

  17. Amber Agarwal

    Hi Sir,
    I am a resident of Alpine eco apatments, in doddenkkundi, outer ring road, Bangalore. There have been a number of instances of theft, Snatching, rape near the Railway track that passes from that area. A gang of 5 to 6 people stop passer by on bike, cycle, car and snatch everything from them. recently my cook was subjected to such an incident. we came to know of incidents where a girl was raped at 4 PM while she was returning from school and walking back home. There has been instances where another resident of Alpine eco was asked to stop his car and looted of all his possessions. There is no police surveillance in this area.
    Also on the service lane we see something like a red light area, where a lot of bisexual people stand daily. Kindly guide me to take appropriate steps in this regard as it is highly unsafe for people to live here.

    Amber Agarwal


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