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  1. ph

    I bought an apartment from Ashed Properties. These are the issues 1. Promised Antiskid Ceramic Tiles in Bathroom, provided just slippery ceramic tiles 2. Promised: Windows with Mosquito Mesh: only one window provided with mosquito mesh in each room. (the mesh kept on coming out, that is different issue the builder claimed wear and tear issue) 3. Sale deed says Seasoned Hard wood doors. But only the front door is hard wood. rest are plywood doors. 4. Water: Ample water from borewell was promised in the agreement. Only 4 borewells for 273 apartments. It is running all the time now to cater to 50% occupancy. When asked, Ashed said ‘No further action or discussion on this front is required nor will be entertained.’ 5. Multiple Car park was sold illegally. 6. BWSSB deposit was collected. No evidence given to the purchaser of money deposited. Agreement says “Corporation water is Available”. Not for us though. 7. Agreement says – Garbage Disposal chutes will be incorporated in the building design. They have left the space for it. And left unattended, a child can easily fall into this. 8. Occupancy certificate was obtained without clubhouse. So clubhouse has no legality. At least no evidence produced to the purchaser. 9. A well defined jogging track was promised in the agreement, but not given. 10. The apartment should have been completed within 33 months after getting commencement certificate in July 2009. But the occupation certificate was obtained in Oct 2013, without the club house. Club house was never started when the OC was obtained. Builder was supposed to pay penalty of 10K pm for every month of delay. Never paid. 11. The club house was completed only in April 2015.


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