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  1. Raj Singh

    As is apparent, the other 2 comments here have been written by someone from Bearys Group. The group is the biggest scam in the Bangalore real estate sector. They will entice buyers and promise investors of a profit, but the end result will leave all parties suffering. Delayed completion of project, massive loss to investors, and the appalling and despicable attitude of their owner Mr. Beary towards other people. We are in the process of gathering individuals who have been cheated and duped by Bearys and initiating strict action against them. People may contact me here. Many have suffered and I shall only rest when they pay for their sins.

  2. puneet yadav

    Hi friends, I am feeling happy because of I have done a great job before few months. I have invested my hard-earned money in Bearys Group builder project. I had seen they people are really truly working for customers and for our quality of standard. I and my family is satisfied with all the steps which we have been going through in Bearys Group. We found one of the most hard-workers and also spending their great times in solving customer queries. One among them was Mr. Suneel jaishwal who gave us feedback for the each quire which came in our minds. Thanks to Bearys Group and its team who has given me a great support in buying the home.

  3. Deepika

    At Bearys Anugraha one can upgrade to a quality of fine living especially for those seeking homes in Central Bangalore. It is the first of its kind project near Richards Town and if you are hoping for enriched space with great lifestyle, then this is it. Bearys Anugraha is a modern condominium lifestyle project. Its distinctive design combines the vibrancy of a contemporary multilevel neighborhood and the needs of compact urban living. Efficiency and optimal use of space are the key features resulting in comfortable yet affordable homes. With 156 units and a variety of apartment varying in sizes from 735 sq. ft. to 1455 sq. ft. types to choose from, owning your dream home in the heart of Bangalore can now be a reality.


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