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Bhagyashree developers are one of the prominent builders in Bangalore. Their mission is simple, they understand that a home is a once in a lifetime investment and at Bhagyashree developers they promise to fulfill that mission, by granting many clients their wish, ‘A home of their dreams’. They have been around in the real-estate industry for a while now, to be precise for around 18 years in the land development business. A company wouldn’t last for 18 years if has not been surpassing their client’s expectations.

Being in the industry for a long time, Bhagyashree developers have completed nine customer satisfying land development ventures them being: Bhagyashree Riviera Phase 2 and 3, Bhagyashree Akshaya, Bhagyashree BDS Golden Retreat, Bhagyashree BDS Nagar are some of their successful completed projects. They also have few projects in the pipeline which are slated to be released soon.

Bhagyashree Developers in the industry for a very long time, it shows the excellent work they have been providing for their customers.

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  1. Rajesh Soni

    Bhagyashree developers have cheated site owners of Riviera Phas 1 as the basic amenities like electricfication etc has not been provided.
    I have filed a case been in the court and it would be nice to have more aggrieved buyers of phase 1 to join.

    Rajesh Soni


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