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Bharat builders were established way back in 1952 and today the company has six decades of experience to its credit. Naturally they have entered the Indian real estate industry just after the nation got independence and today the sector has gone through a series of changes and the company is still standing being tested by time and waves of changing technology. Since then Bharat Developers have rode many waves of change and has ventured in to residential, commercial, factories, education, religious and many other sectors of construction industry as well. The company is a pioneer and an established name in the industry today. The company proclaims that throughout these years when the founder has been replaced by his grandson and even today the hallmark of the company has been consistent delivery of quality, safety, integrity in service and the company has delivered more than 100 projects till date in all the sectors that the company has ventured into. The builder proudly proclaims that today the company out of its experience has evolved into one of the finest engineering firms in the realm of construction with the best of engineers and the use of the latest technology. The company claims that they thrive their best to provide the customers with ultimate trust, reliability and integrity with the aim of building a long term relationship with them. This, they claim has been the main reason for the customers to come again and again to them and their repute has spread through the words of mouth.

The company has offices in Chennai and Bangalore and has completed more than a 100 projects which are in all the sectors of real estate. St. John Wood, Lake Vista and Ozone are the names of three of its projects among numerous others in the residential sector. They have built villas, apartments, row houses and all others in the residential sector as well.

Taking all these into account one can say that the company has plethora of customers in all the sectors of the realty market. The needs of the customers and the different segments are also diverse. Thus the customers must also be diverse. So it is imperative that you post your views, reviews, accounts, complaints and appreciations about the company, projects, services or any other aspects that you would deem necessary. This will promote an air of transparency as well as act as a platform of resolving the problems and issues if there are any.

We kindly Request you to Post your Reviews on Bharat Builders – Bangalore.

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