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Concorde Group was founded in the year 1998 and started their service in construction industry group of land developers. Eventually, they begun building and developing apartments, villas and commercial properties and today they are one of the best real estate builders in the country.

This real estate company is managed by group of experts like B S Shivrama the Chairman, R Gopal Reddy the Managing Director, B S Nesar, R G Anil, R G Sunil, and B S Lakshmi as Executive Directors of the company.

They have designed, developed and successfully executed around 15 million sq. ft. of built-up spaces into residential layouts and 3 million sq. ft. of area in constructing projects. Currently, they have 2.6 million sq. ft. of built-up spaces, which is to be completed in the following three years.

Some of the completed residential projects of this builder are Silicon Valley, Manhattans, Midway City and many others, while Napa Valley, Amber, and other projects they have currently. Yogic Village, Epitome, etc. are some of their proposed residential projects.

This property developer has also completed many commercial projects like Metropolis, Towers, Plaza and others, and they also have one ongoing commercial project called Maruthi Concorde Tech Park.

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  1. Pukuraj

    The below comment is purely based on my experience of buying a Concorde flat.

    1. Never rely on their verbal commitments. Always have them add it in Agreement or ask them to send you an email for their official emails.

    2. If they are not willing to add anything in Agreement or unwilling to send you an email, in that case mostly they wont honour it.

    3. Once you pay, they would stop cooperating with you. So verify everything on your own as their Marketing department is full of liars.

    4. Their CRM department is worst, oxymoron as their main purpose is how to cheat a gullible customer.

    5. Don’t expect any resolution from their Directors, they will play along the CRM and marketing team.

  2. Divya


    I’ve purchased a flat in tech turf. The sales rep promised us registration and handover in the month of march 2016, however now they insist that it wouldn’t be possible and they would have to extend it by another 6 months. This is outrageous, the delay should have been communicated. Their attitude once purchase has been made is disgusting they talk to us as though they have done us a favour.

    • Karthick

      I too have bought flat in Concorde techturf about 3 years ago. They have finally completed registration. Let me tell my experience.
      Before signing sale agreement and construction agreement they were the best in the world people. They used to pick calls and send emails and respond to emails so quickly. They helped a lot in getting home loans from PNB so smoothly. People said even SBI home loan experience was smooth. They update their ERP so clearly. BUT after about 6 months they did not respond properly. I used to call them once in a month and only reply I used to get was …Sir Our executive is busy and we will call back soon. So I started following them on email but no use…No one will even respond to your email. One huge problem with Concorde is they will keep saying This is not my department and that is not my department…Example: If I ask about Painting work they will say sorrry sir that is CC dept…If I to CC people they say sorry sir that is people at site who can answer…OMG…I hate these people after sometime. In Fact its my resolution to NOT buy or recommend anymore flat or plot or villa from Concorde. They will respond only if they need MONEY. I can pin point each and every individual with whom I interacted but I do not want to spoil their career. Dear Concorde..PLEASE respect customers and respond on time. I understand people will be busy BUT not ALWAYS right?

  3. Udit

    As per the current real estate growth concorde group is rising very quickly. They are now a trusting brand in real estate business. So far they have done all most in all areas of Bangalore. The quality and price always matters if you will think about the best.

  4. Wahab

    The Concord Group is perfect in all the way. They are very good in marketing and branding themselves. I had a excellent time with them, as they treat me it was impressive. And such good service they are providing,. Still now I am staying in their flat , i didn’t get any reason to question them.

  5. Padma

    Concorde Group never be conquer the common people heart due to their failure in the field of infrastructure. They never clarify all the queries what you want . Its really a very bad experience with this Infrastructure company.

  6. Suman Chopra

    I have a bad experience about the Concorde Group. I booked a flat in 2012 but still is in under-construction. Queries couldn’t be solved in time. At the time of booking , the sales executive person interacted with me in a gentle way then after they didn’t help me to resolve my queries. I heard from many customers that Concorde Group doesn’t provide amenities what they promised at the time of booking. So, little bit confusion running on my mind. Please help me to out of this.
    Thank you.

  7. Aryan Sharma

    Concorde Group , As for me this land organization is great and awful as well. Great as in they give striking amenities and overall outfitted flat in the lower cost as equivalent to the business rate. However, Bad in the feeling of they didn’t gave me authoritative documents in an altered time and their client backing is not well in light of the fact that they didn’t unravel the inquiries soon and they took a more of a chance to determined any questions. Along these lines, finally I need to say that please go first for all the client audits and afterward take your feet ahead to purchase any flat or villas.
    Thank you.

  8. Tejbhan sen

    It is my pleasure to be the customer of concorde group. I am proud of them for their quality of the work and customer relationship. In the beginning of 2013 I had bought a home from this builder in 23 lacks. Nobody can expect the much reasonable cost price of a home in which have world class of amenities, like height adjustable kitchen, common summing pool, party hall, good parking space, children play area etc. At the time of booking when I was saw that many amenities on that cost I didn’t believed on it. After met to some old customer and discussion with them about the buying process and the way of working I get satisfied on it. If anybody is reading my review for concorde builder I shall recommend you this builder only

  9. Tarun nayak

    After visit to many builder offices i found concorde group to be right there and available for us throughout the entire real estate build, which was really good. They were lovely in work and in customer relation, answerable to every quire. Our home is coming out to be beautiful for my family as for me also. Not many companies can boast that their slogan really expresses their company’s quality standard but concorde group can, they certainly “quality and clarity in construction”. We would recommend only this builder to anyone who looking to buy a new home. I want to say thanks for that quality base construction.

  10. sumanagarwal

    my experience with concorde has been prett decent – i feel its simple to do business with them if you know what you want – concorde provides a fairly reliable service in terms of after purchase support too

  11. sagayraj3

    Feedback On Concorde
    Marketing Excellent . they have an excellent marketing team Customer Care
    Great. At times, although they wanted to help but seemed helpless in front of onsite people. Will I recommend to buy from Concorde?
    Yes, but to buy ready possesion. Will I buy again from Concorde?
    YES. Concorde is for investors.
    ( The support for getting loan was execellent ) Final Feedback
    One last push to finish well and Concorde has not only 1000 prospective customers but promoters.


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