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Concorde Group was founded in the year 1998 and started their service in construction industry group of land developers. Eventually, they begun building and developing apartments, villas and commercial properties and today they are one of the best real estate builders in the country.

This real estate company is managed by group of experts like B S Shivrama the Chairman, R Gopal Reddy the Managing Director, B S Nesar, R G Anil, R G Sunil, and B S Lakshmi as Executive Directors of the company.

They have designed, developed and successfully executed around 15 million sq. ft. of built-up spaces into residential layouts and 3 million sq. ft. of area in constructing projects. Currently, they have 2.6 million sq. ft. of built-up spaces, which is to be completed in the following three years.

Some of the completed residential projects of this builder are Silicon Valley, Manhattans, Midway City and many others, while Napa Valley, Amber, and other projects they have currently. Yogic Village, Epitome, etc. are some of their proposed residential projects.

This property developer has also completed many commercial projects like Metropolis, Towers, Plaza and others, and they also have one ongoing commercial project called Maruthi Concorde Tech Park.

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  1. rukksmani

    With concorde Napa Valley seems like the Concorde group have come up with a good project. I’m looking forward for a good deal.The executive was very helpful and helped us to make our decision to purchase the property even more Clear and strongly positive. Overall a great experience dealing with this organization which is really making a Great property buying experience with an unmatched customer service ,communication was beyond my expectations and I plan to use their services in the future. I would be happy to discuss my experience with anyone interested in investing with Concorde Group

  2. nomanhattan361

    This is not a review of the Concorde builder’s execution capability or the project as such but just my experience in last 1-2 years with Concorde manhattans to help perspective buyers.

    – Concorde Manhattans is a good project at reasonable price compared to similar projects in the locality. It’s not because builder is selling cheap but because they don’t deserve it. Project is highly mismanaged, nobody has idea what’s happening.

    – There are lots of issues including basics like water, electricity, cleaning, security, animals, dogs, reptiles coming to the campus.

    – Builder is promoting monopoly in each and everything making residents suffer with higher costs and poor service.

    – There are some legal issues with property as per one of the Kannada daily.

    – Their home loans department is excellent. If you are buying from Concorde, you don’t need to bother about home loan, they will take care at their own.
    Overall I would say it’s not a good place to live a long as builder is managing it. It may come up well once builder moves out of the project.

  3. jaya1027

    CONCORDE IS A CHEATER.THEY DONT EVEN GIVE FULL TIME WATER BUT CHARGE MUCH MORE THAN OTHER BUILDERS.PLEASE DONT TAKE HOME IN CONCORDE AS U WILL SUFFER A LOT..ME AND MY HUSBAND ALWAYS TALK ABIT WATER AND ELECTRICITY ONLY AS CONCORDE GROUP HAS CREATED A LOT OF PROBLEMS TO ALL OF US.SO ITS MY EARNEST REQUEST TO NOT TO TAKE HOME FROM CONCORDE GROUP.THEY have made our lives hell.people who are incharge of the maintenance do not attend our calls and keep us waiting always.They always irritate us by doing such things.they are also very harsh…and they have cheated us at the time of khata opening also by taking large amount of money.

  4. kumarsuresh

    I recently had a look at the Concorde Napa Valley project. Planning to make an investment there. A Family friend purchased an apartment in Concorde Manhattan ane they seem really pleased with the customer care and approach of the concorde group. The entire team worked hard to get their apartment ready in time. concorde seems a real reliable group.

  5. kumar10

    I found concorde manhattan to be a real good project , for those who wanted a place within the vicinity of electronic city it was really and ideal place, i am now planning to invest i concorde napa valley as my entire experience with the Concorde group had been smooth sailing.I really am happy with the concorde group and feel they are one of the best builder in bangalore.
    I found concorde manhattan to be a real good project , for those who wanted a place within the vicinity of electronic city it was really and ideal place, i am now planning to invest i concorde napa valley as my entire experience with the Concorde group had been smooth sailing.I really am happy with the concorde group and feel they are one of the best builder in bangalore.

  6. CMflatowne

    don’t ever try to buy or rent an apartment or villas(in progress) with concorde group.Once their attractive marketing group traps you and you have paid the money then never ending wait process are forced to live in a hell after paying so much money. electricity problem/water crisis,poor customer and maintainance services, unfullfilled promises are the strength of this group.Never fall into trap of these people.they are playing with people sentiments.And such is the rude behaviour of the managaement,whenever you report any problem they will just ignore it as if it is falling into deaf’s ears.even if you put some pressure with the help of society there will be just a future date provided to resolve the problem but actual solution will never least i am facing for past 1 and half year.the quality of material like locks,switches etc are lowest grade which makes your life miserable with everyday problems.

  7. Pritiga

    I also got a town house from them..It is leaking and less than 2 pervent have been able to occupy, These guys must be put in jail. Anyoe knows the owner and investors and their addresses. I wish I can employ gundas to throw stones at them just like they acquired and in bangalore from poor villagers and locals.

  8. PoorBuyer

    I signed up with Concorde Manhattan in 2004 during pre-launch and the project took 7 years to deliver. This company launched such a big project with no internal ability to manage this project. Long delays, poor quality construction and some of the material used is inferior quality. On a positive note, the apartment has been completed and handed over which at one point looked less likely that they can even complete. Though the agreement had a penalty clause, builder has not offered any compensation and unfortunately buyers are completely at their mercy.

    Unfortunately, builders with no reputation launch large projects. Buyers need to be cautious and do a due diligence on the feasibility. I would not recommend concorde to anyone else

  9. zlygcd

    Concorde group Bangalore is cheats, frauds and threatening. I brought flat in mid-way city and They do not fix your problems or even talk to you nicely. They seriously talk like they are doing you a big favour and forget all about the money you gave them.
    My advice for anyone is read other reviews and steer clear of them. They are cheating, defrauding, harrassing, threatening company.
    BTW many reviews posted here are so fake! concorde MD sitting and creating accounts and writing them.
    and my Advice to Concorde is to shut down business and die! Atleast 1000’s of people will be harrassed less.
    They have ruined my First Home purchase experience and i curse them all.. if god is there… she will destroy concorde group..

  10. malgudinarayan609

    My experience with Concorde group has been very bad. I don’t know what world everyone else is living in, but there is a world of problem in this large project. Firstly my experience with marketing team was pleasant and everyone was very helpful and with the loan, I was very very pleased and thought the rest of procedure would be the same too. But the world of late deliveries and “tomorrow” “tomorrow” “tomorrow” started soon after paying the booking amount”.

    I wanted to register my flat, I paid the registration amount for that but unfortunately this took 2 months to complete and I wanted my ailing grand father to see that I had finally brought a house of my own and make him proud:. He did not however make it that far’. I do not blame concorde for this personal loss but they could have made me register quickly and be done with it?. I did not want possession of incomplete flat obviously..

    The next problem I had was the possession and the delay”. The project was delayed by over 3 years and this what I am talking about/. Possession date was changed frequently and a lot of promises were made which were not kept up:. I do believe I am not the only one who suffered from, as I was still paying EMI without receiving rent. Hence i was paying EMI and Rent for my current house.

    Due to a technicality and some loopholes in the agreement concorde won the case and managed to keep their compensation. Even the law cannot protect you against concorde.

    When I finally took possession 3 months ago, there was LOTS of problem with the construction quality and paint peeling, seepage and cross walls to name afew. Everyone tells me it looks so good from outside, but the inside is very very bad. Its a warning to everyone who buys from just looking outside and buying.

    My tenants is constantly complaining and I am in the US i cannot do anything but call and find out what has happened to ’warranty’ they provide against the quality of the flat. Obviously this is a sham, a fraud, and i’ve spent more than 2000 rs calling concorde at late nights just to reach the customer service.

    In my experience there are lots more options in e-city than concorde manhattans. Its a fraud project and designed exclusively to harrass and torture you mentally. I obviously do not want to release my name or flat number for my safety and my family safety considering how some other ppl have been threatened by the MD personally.

  11. bibinm

    Once they receive the complete payment there seems to be no support at all. I am facing lot of issues such as electrical connection problem, water seepage problem, moisture on walls, low quality aluminium fabrication problem etc etc. In spite of contacting the support staff and customer service there was nothing done for any of these problems. Eventhough the agreement states that high quality materials will be used the switches, bathroom tiles etc doesnt seem to be of that high quality. To conclude I would say that this is not a high quality project and there are lots of compromises done by the builder.

  12. shivpraju

    The group lacks cohesion, feel the marketing team is disconnected with their management. The marketing team is good at keeping you guessing…kudos to them for that.

    Their projects are always years incomparison with Estimated time for completion, unfortunately im one of the customers experiencing the huge delays with their Napa valley project which is in pre-launch status since 2010.

    There is no communication or concrete timeline communicated by the group about Project Launch, completion, plans.
    Further the plans, end dates and even flats choosen are changed at will by the management.

  13. Vinvij

    Hello Manish,

    That was quite elaborate reply. Thanks for sharing your views, its very informative and helpful, truly appreciate it. I’d like to go for it. Since you have already booked, thought I’d check a few things with you, before I go ahead. After all we would be neighbors at some point. How can I get in touch with you? Once again , Thanks

  14. manish.kumar

    Vinvij, I know price they are quoting is pretty high, but price is going high all over the Bangalore for no reason.
    While driving to Napa Valley I had the same feeling as urs, that its quite far and little pricey, why would one go for this, but after reconsidering below and checking projects at other parts of Bangalore I decided to go for it.
    Napa valley is about 4 KM from AOL, 8 KM from NICE road, 12 KM from existing Metro station (near Metro cash & carry) and 15 KM from ORR.
    PRR is proposed between AOL and NICE road and Metro phase II is planned to be extended to PRR via Anjanapur layout and NH 209 is proposed to be 4 lane.
    (as long as this gets materialized during current ruling govt, reviews says PRR is in planning phase for a quite a long time with land acquisition troubles. Again don’t think if its near NICE so you can travel easily via NICE, driving on NICE is quite expensive, from Kanakapura rd to Banerghatta rd Rs 20 and same from Banerghatta rd to Hosur rd *single entry toll*)

    Many good schools nearby.
    As far as concerns about distance from IT companies, I don’t think it’s a good idea to plan for home thinking of your office, what if you live at electronic city and a good opportunity knocks but at Manyata tech park near Hebbal?

    I know Napa Valley project is at remote location and development in that area will take a long time, but Bangalore is expanding all over and there is very good opportunity of development at Kanakapura road being a national highway. Once Metro phase II and PRR comes up, I have a feeling this place will definitely grow. If you look for other projects near NICE rd – off Kanakapura rd , they are very pricey apartment/plots/gated community 2.5K to 3.5K per sq/ft, so why don’t drive a little far from crowd ?
    There are many gated community projects off Hosur rd and Sarjapur rd but only plots and at same state (empty plots) since 3 years. I was looking for villas and again for my own, not for investment.
    Most of the villa projects at Bangalore are either with small builders or very premium over my budget. Concorde seems to be a good builder with couple of good projects. After reading lot of reviews good/bad, I decided to go for it.
    I don’t think price will go down near Kanakapura road once this project gets BMRDA approval, definitely it will be competitive but not less.
    Moreover, this project will be delivered between 2 to 3 years from now, so just bet your money and believe in your luck.

    Please think twice/ thrice before committing, as I mentioned project is good but little far/pricey and condition applied *metro phase II, PRR and 4 lane NH 209* which I hope should definitely come up.

  15. Vinvij

    Manish/Arvind , if you have guys have booked, then I’d like to have a word with you, If you don’t mind. I have 2 concerns. One the price they are quoting and two the area( kanakapura) which is pretty far from any IT company and traveling would be a problem. Could you please provide your emailID? Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks

  16. manish.kumar

    Finally I booked, excluding registration and generator charges. BWSSB is not applicable since it will be overhead tank or pneumatic water supply.

  17. mallikw

    Hi Arvind
    Pls let me Plot facing you have booked. Also 44 Lacs includes BWSSB caharges.Beoz they mentioned taht they exclude BWSSB and Registration charges.

  18. Vinvij

    Manish, I visited their site today. I’m interested too. Have you finalized on the deal or what have you decided?

  19. manish.kumar

    Thanks Ajju, for your views .. even I am looking for my own not for investment, the reason I am interested in this project is big builder and potential of development in kanakapura road.

  20. ajju_soccer

    Hi Manish,

    Though I was very much interested in buying it, I only cancelled my plan cos of their extra charges for the east facing and corner houses. They told me 43 lakhs (aft negotiation) . This is not for the premium villas.
    I read a lot of reviews. If you look for their ads on internet , their prelaunch offer is going on from Sept. Initailly it was 40,00000. When I asked the marketing guy for a reason they said that the first phase is approved and not the others. So they have reappiled for the approval for all the phases again. And for the incraese in price, they say that they have started construction of gate , so they need investments now. So their is a 5 Lakh increase in their price. I really dont know how long their pre launch offer is going to run and regarding the area it might require min 3-5 yrs to develop. I wanted to buy a house for me to stay and not merely jst investment. So thought, I might miss the other launched projects in case Napa valley doesnot get approved. If you are looking for investment in property then you can go for it. Its a good deal. You can form a group and try to get some discount.

  21. manish.kumar

    Hello Aravind, Ajju,

    I am planning to go for this project, please let me know for what facing they are offering 1.5/2 lacs discount?
    Since, to me they are saying they can offer 1 lacs if it’s with no premium or 1 premium and 1.5 lacs max in case its 2 premium that is (corner and east).

  22. aaronlobo

    Just wanted to take a minute to appreciate all the support and guidance i got from the staff of the concorde group while i was purchasing an apartment in concorde manhattan. The concorde group staff were really helpful in many ways and helped in doing a quick and swift transaction.indeed i would say that there customer servise is really great and i am happy with them and would definitely recommend them to others. If anyone wants to purchase an apartment in electronic city i would definitly recommend them to look at concorde manhattan as the best option as compared to other places in that area.

  23. rave10

    ya , if your looking to relocate to bangalore and that to anywhere in the vicinity of electronic city then concorde manhattan is the place to stay – been living there for some time now and i and my family are really happy and satisfied here – if your looking for a place in this area then i do recommend concorde manhattan. all the facilites like pool club house etc wil all be ready to use soon ,

  24. aaronlobo

    i have just finalised a deal with the concorde group for buying a flat in concorde manhattan . I was really impressed with the courtesy of the staff of concorde group. They guided me through everything and they cleared whatever doubts i had in a satisfactory manner. over all i would defintely recommend concorde manhattan to anyone who is looking for an apartment in electronic city.Its really a very nice place . The entire design seems to be well planned the landscaping and the interiors also

  25. shrithi78

    hi . i recently went in for an apartment in concorde manhattan , i am happy to say that i am more than satisfied with my purchase .had a good interaction with the customer care people and the marketing team. i plan to move back to india within the next year and i am sure by them the apartment will be more than ready to occupy with the club house and swiming pool all intact. i really liked the concept of dual pools one for women and one for the men

  26. suman2000

    hi , i own an apartment in concorde manhattan. i purchased it some time ago as i was very happy with the layout the location etc and once i get back to india thats the area i was looking for … i recently came down and went for a site visit and i am happy to say that i am really thrilled with the progress of the construction and the way the entire project has taken shape.. will be moving in their once i come down for good … its really a lovely place to own an apartment

  27. cind911

    last weekend i was scouting around for some good places in and around electronic city . looked at quite a few upcoming and completed buildings in that area. i was kind of taken up with the concorde manhattan as it was within my budget also. i spent some time there and met a few residents who seemed very happy with their decision to take up ersidence there . also i kind of liked the concept of two swiming pools , a different one for women … also the interior of the flats looked pretty spacious and seemed really good .. am thinking of going ahead with it … if any residents or owners can give me any more feedback on this site it would be great .

  28. rpsa

    sometime ago i had gone to check out the apartments in concorde mahnattan. in fact i i wanted a place in electronic city so i checked almost all the available projects that were going on in that area.. after seeing everything we finally decided on concorde mahattan because we really liked that project a lot, also we were very happy with the customer service and the marketing department.. we went ahead with the purchase and now we are proud owners of an apartment in concorde mahattan. we are really happy with our decision to purchase an apartment here

  29. revathy

    Buying a house in Bangalore is the most tedious task I have ever undertaken and by the time the task was through I was exhausted but at the same time elated as I finally got what I wanted, in the exact location that was suited for me. Once i visited Concorde Manhattan and saw the flat I was very happy as it was very accessible to my place of work and have no regrets with my decision to purchase a flat here.

  30. pn2110

    I was looking to purchase an apartment electronic city. I looked through almost all the projects that were there and I have finally settled on purchasing one in Concorde Manhattan as i not only liked the look and feel of it but also I felt I was given value for my money.


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