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Daadys Builders provides best high end luxury apartments and villas in Bangalore. Daadys Builders is Bangalore based company. Their finest standards of business practices make all their endeavors a huge success. They work with all the moral ethics that make their company a huge success. Strong teamwork, dedication and sheer hard work are some of the qualities that they address. Talented professionals, highest technical knowledge and their after sale support all stand together to make the customer’s every day better with them.


It is a company based in Bangalore that provides modern up market living to the common man of today. Their finest standards of business practices make all their endeavors a success.

Daadys Builders was formed as a dream come true under the trained direction of Mr. Bobby Sebastian (Managing Director) and Mr. Suresh Babu (Partner). The company was envisioned as the ideal venture to deliver products and services. The company has made their resolve stronger with every passing day. 69 years back, they made a modest beginning and today the company has come a long way. It has a team of 70 well professional trained members, who make it a step ahead in the market. Below consumers can share the Daadys Builders Reviews and Complaints which helps for the customers.

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  1. Kiran Reddy

    Initially I booked a luxurious flat in Daadys Builders. But after booking, they didn’t give a proper response onto my all questions. The sales executive person doesn’t know much about the floor plan. Along with this, this company doesn’t know how to behave properly. Their staffs are of rude behavior. Amenities are provided by this company is wonderful what they promised us to give, they stand on that word. I requested to all the customers, please go for all the reviews before going to book a flat.

  2. Pavan123132

    Daadys Roost : Don’t trust this Guy, he is a Blood sucker, almost all the land are in the court dispute . take my advise !!!try to save your energy, money, time not investing in Daadys roost .. even i have seen some legal notices ad’s against daadys builder regarding daadys roost in paper

    they are doing Multiple sale agreement for Same plot …

    Beware of — oops Its Daady’s Builders.!!!!

    they are doing Rowdism in the name of maintance ….

  3. Vikash

    i heard that this builder is not good and after taking money whatever they promised to do …do not follow any thing. before taking money they will call u like dogs and after getting money they are worst.
    i sugest that do not go for them..look other property.

  4. Sreenath


    Iam also planning to buy a flat from daadys builders, the olive project near Electronic city. Can someone advise what to do.


  5. Daadys Poor Owner

    This is noting. I booked house three years back and got possession only six month back. And after moving in relaized half of the things are not complete: Some are:
    1) Telefone line is not connected. Bedroom and other rooms have fake point.
    2) One of the toilet exit was not connected and we found only after two month when we used. To fix this they took another two months.
    3) Hot water line was not connected, although I had paid extra for kitchen.
    4) Paint color was wrong in one room.
    5) Some of the eletrical point did not have any switch and some of the switch did not have anything to switch on/off.
    Most of these things cant be fixed now, as finishing is done and Daadys are refusing to do this now.

  6. Senthil Kumaran

    I do agree with your view . . now they are marketing for Daadys Elixir .. they are promising pocession by April 2010. . for sure they will not be able to give even before April 2014.. please think before pocessing you can see other properties in their layout which are still pending for more than 3 – 4 years.

  7. Sadasivam

    I have bought a Villa from Daadys builders, I have got sick of them for the pocessions its around 1.5 years since I booked the villa, the rates are exabarent in that area but they promise one and hand over at one time. They promised me possession in 6 months but its 1.5 years since I have booked the villa and it is still incomplete. Please refrain from them as it is real headache which I am suffering.

  8. meetam1980`

    I have booked a flat in Elixire and went recently and found they are almost done with the construction.People have started the interriors there are many families which are moving in September 1st week.Some families are doing their home warming ceromony too.If this project is so bad then why is SBI pre approving this project, as we all know SBI would never get in slightest of the doubt in any project.People staying onsite and buying will definitly have problems they see everything with US and $$$$ standard. i would suggest them that they should also be ready to pay in $$ standard.This is india so they should understand indian problems and indian system. i agree there was delay i project but you tell a single builder not only in bangalore but in india who has delivered the possession in the scheduled date??? every real estate peojects get delayed. Some people are bad in the marketing team like but some are good too. Among all my visits 90% of the times i have seen Bobby Sabastian on the site not in the comforts of the HSR layout office which drives all the employees also to run on the site this is a good behaviour which should be appreciated.DADDY;S builders do all their legal documents in english not inKannada this may make some kannad loving people unhappy but it brings a great transpiracy for non kannidigas who actually need to buy a flat so this is good thing whihch should be appreciated.

  9. PissedOfCustomer

    Before you pay the money they seem to be reasonable guys.. but once booked… you will have to chase for getting appt/villas/ complete…

    All these years not a single thing is delivered before atleast 4 times what they promise villa 6-8 month deilvered in 2.6 yrs
    No quality control, after occupation you will find many things not completed and you have run after them…
    poor craftmanship.

    No Integrity… rogue fellows.

    Totally unprofessional behaviour no keenness to complete job on time and quality.

    Check out to believe, compare the list amenties and what is availble to resident after 5+ years.

    No one picks call, they treat old customers as beggars…

    Avoid DG mgmt ill-mannered Ane*sh, stupid ass Prash**th, Short tempered Cheri*n… rest are all

    MD (Mr Bobby) motto “ONLY INTENT NO CONTENT”, don’t owners his words.

    may be someday they will learn from there mistake… & realize pain of there customer who have made them what they are. And can fix all issues else the company will be sooner or later will be blacklisted in builders community and IT/BT companies clients.


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