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Damden Builders have fostered a change in the realty sector of India by its advent, architecture and by all aspects of its services. The company was incorporated in 1996 with a vision of bringing a renascence in the thought process of the real estate domain in India. In one decade of operations the company has proved it as claimed by Damden developers. Standing today the developers have already built 2.5 million square feet of built up space and has more than 2000 satisfied customers who talks loud about them. The projects they have built is worth Rs. 790 crores. They has ventured in to residential, commercial, hospitality and plantations and has built projects in cities like Mysore, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mangalore and in Kerala as well. The company claims that in total they have a total of 80 man years of experience in real estate development. The company focuses on technological innovations, customer centricity and attempts to streamline spaces into luxurious and comfortable living experience. Thus the developer claims that this reduces cost as well. Damden is synonymous with building spaces that are extraordinary, innovative, stylish and most importantly which elevates the standards of living as well to a never before level. The company has also being accredited by the ISO 9001 certification.

Vivo,  Aladamara, Zephyr and few others are its projects in Bangalore. Centrum, Solarium, Faunus and few others are the projects built by the company in Mysore. There are others of course in cities like Coimbatore, Mangalore and Kerala. The company excels in customers satisfaction as claimed by them. They also profess and practice transparency. In this context it is imperative that you post your comments, views, reviews, experiences and appreciations along with your concerns and complaints. This will not only promote transparency but will also create a platform which will be resolving the issues quickly.

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  1. Girish

    We bought a flat from Damden Yerra property last year. The Apartment is not so good. For car parking they charged me extra 2 Lakhs rupees money Even The tiles in my room is not of great quality. They are not providing proper service after booking the flat.


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