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The company claims that Damden was founded in 1996 with a vision to change the dimension of the landscape in the country. The company has already ventured and constructed in Residential, commercial, plantations and hospitality sector and they have constructed 2.5 million sq. ft. of space with more than 2000 satisfied customers. It has operations in Kerala, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Mysore and Bangalore. The company claims that each of the project is tailor made for specific customer’s needs. Damden claims that, its primary concern is quality and for that the company has received ISO 9001 accreditation also.

Damden has ongoing projects in all the places of its operations and the locations of the projects are in premium places. Damden Aladamara, Zephyr, Solarium and Sienna are few of its projects in Bangalore out of many. They have seven ongoing projects in Mysore with ongoing projects in other places too.

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  1. Suresh

    Damden Properties having nice name in real estate market. And offering best quality in the market.

  2. khurshid

    Damden Properties is one of the trusted builder in Bangalore , but still i viewing many bad comments about this builder. For kind information no bank will deny if you go for the home loan for Damden Properties project.

  3. akshaya

    I visited Damden Solrium project in Mysore near by Infosys. I really appreciate their infrastructure vision where no builder can dare to do this. All the office staff have good and clear knowledge about their project. You can go for Damden Builder without any hesitation.

  4. sobhagya

    After verifying all the document with my lawyer i purchase a flat in Damden Solarium. Even all the nationalized bank will approved the project , then who are we to abuse them. Still they are doing their good work.

  5. joyant

    I had a very good experience with Damden Property last year.They show me a nice location for my flat. After buying a flat till now they are updating me everything about my project by calling or from their websites.

  6. sandy bulin

    Damden properties is a good builder in Bangalore. But still giving lots of bad comments for this builder. I am staying in Solarium Project of Damden Properties. Its a luxurious apartment. And people got many amenities with flat, So no need to abuse this builder.

  7. sravani

    It was a worst day of my life when me and my husband visited to Damden Properties. They gave us a warm welcome to cheat only, That is their real business actually, they will show you what exactly you want and they are very smart people to read your mind. From last 1 year we both couple thinking only whether we will get our money or not.

  8. sanjay

    I have a booked flat in damden Solarium which all is most completed. Within next 4 or 5 Months i will be staying here. Feeling very excited to get into a new home. thanxxx damden

  9. shyila

    Once i visited the Damden properties Taverekere project. The people those who was working for this company also don’t know the floor plan , about khata and also the legal documents. After that my husband inquiry about the company , he got many bad impression about this Damden Properties. That is the reason we just reject this builder.

  10. Aditya

    I must say that this is my bad day when I visited the company of Damden Properties. Welcoming of the customers in this company is respectable and compliment able but the main factor is the sales executive person doesn’t know the actual plan of Damden Properties project. I don’t know why a such company exists in the market of the real estates.

  11. Josepj

    I am a customer of Damden Solarium, Mysore. Though booked my apartment through my proximity to the promoters, I have taken all legal precautions. I have checked the legal papers though two reputed lawyers in Mysore. The promoters were very co-operative to provide all necessary documents. Even banks like HDFC and SBI has cleared legal documents for the project and finally I have chosen Axis Bank for the home loan.

    No doubt the project is delayed, but today when I stand in front of Damden Solarium, I feel proud, this project is so unique with its location, features, design and appreciation on investment, ie., the property is appreciated already abt 60-70%. I wish I had purchase one more..

  12. Suraj Raheja

    My brother in law had property with Damden Beryl in mysore, I was amazed by the quality & maintanance of the building after 7 years of construction


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