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Daya MK Developers was founded in 1994 and is one of the leading and high respected builders and developers in the real estate industry with a track record of time-bound, affordable, and innovative features in each of its project.

The pillars behind the success of this real estate builder are Smt. Varsha Raj Urs and Sri. Sridhar Raj Urs.

With an immense team of architects and technology experts with impeccable experience strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

Presently, this real estate developer and builder have completed 16+ projects across the cities of Bangalore, Puttaparthy, and others. Daya MK Developers Projects stand as testimonial to establish their brand name in commercial and residential segments.

This ISO 9001-2000 certified builder has also received many awards and recently being Udyog Ratna Award and Certificate of Excellence in Productivity for its excellent service in real estate industry. appreciates the views, opinions, comments and reviews of the readers and all customers and invites everyone to share the same about this builder and its services.

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  1. mateenkhan220

    Hi Harsha,

    I am planning to book a 2BHK in Vivarta Magaan. The are giving possession on July 31st 2012 and they are quoting 2650/sqft. Please advise on the same.

  2. gopinathk90

    One of my friend has bought a flat at Bannerghatta Road (Santara Magan place) , and is literally struggling with other 100+ co flat owners. Builder ensures he spends minimum for construction reflecting in the quality of construction, materials used, leaving a big liability for the owners.

    i) Water borewells are only dug for a depth of 500+ feet which under the current scenario is not enough

    ii) There is no overhead tank in the apartment, and any power cut/ pump issues, residents run high and dry and it is very common affair, every day

    iii) No responsible staff are available at the flat once it is sold, and the General Manager dodges / not available for any issue

    Builder is having one project in pipeline (Vivarta Magan) and one more upcoming project Virat Magan

    Buyers beware!!

  3. sajibabums

    Hi Jayesh,

    I’m extremely impressed with your website and the help / service you are providing to hundreds of potential property buyers.
    Keep up the good work. Superb articles and advices!

    I’m planning to book a 1200 sqft – 2BHK @ Vivarta Maagan – Daya MK Developers. They are quoting 2600/- per sq feet basic price.
    The project is on the Kammanahalli main road, 2.5 kms from Bannerghatta road, meenakshi temple.
    It’s 80% completed. They are promising June 2012 possession.

    Please advice me on this. Is it a good price? How about Daya MK?

    I’m confused about taking a decision. Many flats are sold. The one I selected would also might go if I delay (?)

    My budget is around 40L.

    Appreciate your help.

  4. ram2001

    I had the misfortune to buy an apartment from the above developers in SMP 2.I got lured into buying one due to their initial friendliness and now I am suffering.

    I had looked into their earlier apartment complex (SMP1) nearby and there were some shortcomings.But they told us that they were aware of that and are using superior materials for SMP2 and promised that SMP2 will be a lot better.

    I took the bite and now I am suffering.The whole attitude changes once you take the bite.Almost every apartment owner now in SMP 2 has issues.The finish of the apartment,the flooring,the common facilities are all attrocious.

    Leaving aside the appearance and look ,even the basic necessities are compromised.Many apartments have leaking bathrooms;The floor tiles are laid out very badly;the water and drainage pipes run

    The first Block they have done seems to be okay but all the subsequent blocks they have tried to cut corners and inferior materials/pipes.It gets worse with each block.

    Usually the load bearing beams are aligned with the walls in any good apartment .But here when you go into an any of the SMP2 apartments,you will see beams crisscrossing the ceiling.I dont know what kind of architects they have.This crisscrossing beams you can never find out from the floor plan they show you.Only after you have signed every document and paid them,they will show your apartment and then you discover such beams everywhere in the ceiling.

    The doors and windows are very badly installed and the finish and painting are very bad.There are already cracks in every apartment.

    And these people are building more apartments !!!
    Pl. be aware.Ask them about SMP2 complaints.

    These people dont even have the courtesy to rectify the basic problems.

    Each month when I have to pay back the Loan I had taken for this apartment,my heart sinks.What a bad investment I have made!So pl. think before talking to them.

    Hope in future people do more research on Daya MK developers and ask them the right questions before buying anything from them.Its your money .Spend it wisely.


  5. Guru

    Daya MK Homes, leading provider in residential flats and apartments in Bangalore Founded in 1994, Daya MK Developers is a leader and one of the most highly recalled and respected builders and property developers with an impeccable track record of ‘On Time’, ‘On Budget’ and ‘Futuristic’ credentials in the country. Located in south Bangalore, India’s IT Capital and Garden City has benefited immensely from our team of architects and technology experts with years of experience catering to all segments of the society. From our first project – Sai Magan in Puttaparthy, Andhra Pradesh – our approach has been guided by the same ideology – to provide customer satisfaction. Today, we have to our credit, 16 plus completed projects spread across the cities of Puttaparthy, Bangalore and beyond.

    • Srivari

      Try not patching the reviews posted instead please patch the leakage flats. Next time avoid copying the contents of your brochure and pasting here

  6. pradeepk123

    As one reads more reviews on builders in Bangalore, it is becoming more difficult to trust any builder anymore here now.

  7. Thomas209


    I am one of the customers of Daya MK who bought the flat in KMR at Hulimavu 2.5 yrs ago initially i was really conveyanced with there product and presentation and went ahead in booking the flat and also completed the registration process, thats it from then onwards i started the see the real face of this builders it has being almost 2.5 yrs or may be more and i have settled all my payment towards the flat but still i am yet to get the Khata documents towards my flat infact they have collected extra 18 k towards the khata documents which they initially promised they will get documents within 3 months from the date of registration but i am still waiting and when i contacted they are creating coc and bull stories giving different reasons in different occasions. But we contacted the concerned Govt authorities we came to know that the builder have not applied for the khata documents. And speaking regarding the quality believe me it is worst then an Government Housing Apartments the materials used is really of good quality but the worksmanship is worst there is no one in the company to answer about our queries and solve the same no skilled engineers were deployed according to me around 7 to 8 engineers were changed and the flats are leaking, cracks have occured in several places inside the flat, no proper finishing has being given to be frank in final stages the builder disappeared just like that giving false commitments. I strongly recommend with Experience pls don’t go for this builder they greet you very well but later we have to face just because we investing our hardearned money in this company.


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