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    • Sreehari Narasipur

      I am in similar boat. Can we all (or as many as possible) take this up fight against DeeMandala management to get our monies back at today’s market rate.

      • A Das

        Did you meet I would also like to return the plot

        A. Das

  1. Ashwini

    hi, i was impressed in the last visit to these farm lands owned by Dee Mandala. And was planning on purchasing a few plots. Having read the above REVIEWS please tell me if there has been any improvement or the status of all your investments remains the same?
    Kindly update.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Sampath

      Dear Madam, do not be fly falling in the trap of a spider. Do not believe the promoters of DEE MANDALA. He speaks goodie goodie words and stabs you in the back. They are a group of crooks always trying and succeeding in cheating the innocent investors. Do not get impressed so easily unless you are prepared to loose your hard earned money.

  2. Anthony Stepheton Crasto

    Sri R. Mahadev Gowda. (Owner)
    This person one who sold plots does not answer phone or available in his office.
    I have purchased 4 plots in the year 1994, in couple of years after I visited in 1997 plots shown to me which did not had any survey number or any marking which I questioned above office , with the given documents sale deeds, tax receipt to me I am running around panchayat office which only takes money but does not have any records in their computer. Now they transfered to his sons name, and Part of survey number 24, re-sold compound wall build, some plot owner fenced this have been levelled and transfered to his son name.
    How long this person will be cheating. Please be aware when you deal with this person or with his office.
    Award pictures on the website from Ex-President and Ex-Prime Minister is to be questioned.

    • Samarth

      Dear friend, you are not the only person who has been cheated by Shri Gowda. He has illegally transferred about 30 acres of sold-out land to about 170 plot owners in his son’s name. If all of you come together and lodge a criminal complaint against him at Mahalaxmipuram Police Station he will learn a lesson. Unite and fight. There are about 170 plot owners with you.

  3. U R Acharya

    I along with two others have purchased 3 plots in dee estate. Till date no progress I also understand this land has bee notified by BDA Let us meet on site on Sunday to decide next course of action
    Let all those who have purchased plots in Dee estate make efforts to contact others who have purchased plots here

  4. Gracy Varghese

    I am also one of the victims who fell in this trap in 1996. As promised, no development is done as of now. Though I paid in 1996 he managed the registration in Nelemangala sub-registrar office in 2005. He demanded Rs.37 lakhs for giving the khata transfer documents. He totally cheated all the investors who believed him. I join all of you in case of any further action in this regard.

  5. Gracy Varghese

    The Agency totally cheated the innocent customers. Even they don’t have the basic human courtesy to keep-up at least minimum development out of the huge ones which they promised and given in writing at the time of attracting them. I am also one of the victim who fell in their trap in 1996. Afterwards I have made number of visits to their office at Malleswaram, but never could meet the Gowda or never could contact him over phone. In 2005 he managed a registration drama and afterwards he promised me that he will be sending the khata transfer documents within one week to me. Even after moths and years when I could not get any information or any contact from his end…I again visited his office, where I was asked to pay Rs.37 lakhs more getting the khata transfer document. It is high time to act all investors for justice.

  6. C T N Rao

    I had booked as farm land.But at the time of registration Dee Mandala registered as plot and had interchanged the site no. It didnot even bothered to rectify it till day even after knowing its blunder. Till day I have not been issued with Khatha. Above all it is demanding money -don’t know for what! There was no agreement to collect any development expenses and the purchase cost included everything. The land was not sold at any cheaper price. Actually the price was much higher when compared during the time of registration. I feel investors money is simply diversified else where and now they want money from the owners! Further the Co. is not sending or posting any updates through mail/ internet.

    • B Patnaik

      Mr Rao

      What do you suggest we all should do now ?

      Mr Gowda had a buy back plan, right ?

      Somehow we need to dispose off the property.


      • Suresh

        Sir/Mam please connect with me as I too am a victim. I am from Mumbai

  7. gsreeny

    I have purchased a farm land property from DEE MANDALA ESTATES & PROPERTIES in 1996 and duly registered in 1998 at Nelamangala Sub-registrar office(pertaining to kodigehalli gram panchayat office) by paying requisite fees. Further I have paid substantial amount in the year 2004 to DEE MANDALA ESTATES & PROPERTIES for property tax & khata extract. MD of DEE MANDALA ESTATES & PROPERTIES had agreed in writing to plant fruit bearing plants and maintain it. Now I find that my plot is in very bad condition without proper approach road. The whole project with over 250 plots owners are facing similar situation. I had paid tax for few years at kodigehalli gram panchayat office with cash receipt.

    I want the concerned Revenue Dept.,government of karnataka to look into the operations of this 1000 acre project and save the property investors.


  8. chandrashekhar np

    No developments as promised. Now demanding money for development is not reasonable as this was already included. This shows greed of the promoter. We paid our money more than 15 years back and considering the time value of the money it is very huge for that land. The promoter has to sort this out in an amicable and civilised manner to the people/customers who supported him in his venture at that time.

    He needs to do all infrastructure as promised initially in his marketing brochure. He was supposed to grow various trees and fruit yielding trees such as mango, chicko, pomogranate etc in each farm plots that was sold. This was supposed to be sold by him and the money were supposed to be distributed among the members. Nothing of this has happenned so far.

    I hope he will realise his promise and come forward in sorting this out.

    Best regards Chandrashekhar, +919686469452

  9. Pinkcauldrons

    I had also entered into a similar agreement with Dee Mandala in 1996. I am now pursuing a consumer complaint aginst them. Persons interested in joining me may contact me at

    • B Patnaik

      Dear Velan

      Any developments after the consumer complaints ?

      Please call at 9861027068


  10. 202bhargava

    HK RAO,Email : Mobile: 9341989867(Bangalore)

    • Bibhu Patnaik

      I bought the property when I was in USA. When I visited the place at Neelmangala the promised developepment work was not done. Mr. Gowda suggested me to invest 3 lakhs to build a small cottage.

      What should be the next course of action ?


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