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From the market reviews one will get the impression that Dreamz Infra India Ltd has done a commendable job in plunging in to the high priced real estate market of Bangalore and offering affordable housing to the middle and lower middle class segment. This is indeed a Herculean task which has supposedly opened doors for the affordable market segment with other players like Concorde Group, Shobha Developers among others joining the fray.

Dreamz Infra claims that its phenomenal success can be attributed to its satisfied customers that its fame has spread by word of mouth and today Dreamz GK builders has more than 5000 customers in its family. With 35 ongoing projects, it can be said that the company is doing really good being one of the leaders and has carved a niche for itself, already. At this juncture what is needed are customer’s reviews and other’s experiences for people to know more about dreamz so that its business processes become more transparent for the prospective customers to know about the service and quality offered by Dreamz GK Infra.

They have many projects across Bangalore some of their ongoing projects in primary location Sneh, Eco – 3, Samarpit, Savinaya, Sarvajana, Samip, Sadan, Safal.

Propertyscam invites the customers to read and write the concerns and opinions faced by consumers.

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  1. Nandhish

    I booked a flat in Dreamz Sneh, it’s in construction swing. it’s construction quality is very good and I hope they will give possession very soon.

  2. Gopal

    I booked a one flat in these company in Dreamz Sangam at Silk Board.Buy seeing advertisement in newspaper I came to know about these company.Really they are answering all the customer queries with patience.I am happy and satisfied customer of Dreamz.

  3. Aadidev

    Dreamz infra making customer impressed services and wonderful lifestyle flat in real estate Market.They used quality of materials used in the constructions and provide all amenities.

  4. Sujan

    Dreamz Infra is offering the flats at low price and it is having the many flats at wonderful locations.It is a good offer to the middle class people to buy the flat at low price.

  5. Dhanush

    Dreamz infra is giving a good flats at low price.We can purchase flat and live happily.It is number one real estate company.

  6. Revathi

    Dreamz Sangam is one of the best projects from Dreamz Infra. The quality of Dreamz Sangam project is very nice. Two days back I visited project and felt happy.

  7. Prabhakaran

    I am Prabahkaran.I booked the flat in Dreamz Sangam at Silk board.I got good response from the Dreamz team.The budget is very low when compared to the market prices.

  8. tharesh

    Dreamz infra company has achieved the feat of attracting every customers and has built wonderful structure in the real estate market.

  9. Veerash

    Dreamz infra is a good company which can fulfill the dreams of the middle class people and make them happy.For myself no builders provide the flat at such affordable price in Bangalore.

  10. Santhosh

    Dreamz Infra has flats at affordable price which every middle class person can purchase their flat and live happily in their life.

  11. puneeth

    Now a day Dreamz company builds many flats and apartments projects for middle class people.They are nicely constructing any kind of construction.So i Hope and Support and thanks to Dreamz Team.

  12. Shiva

    Hi my name is Shiva.I have booked a flat at Dreamz Infra Company.I visited my project regularly.The construction is going well.I am quite happy as soon I will get my flat keys.

  13. Shyam

    Hi guys,I am Shyam.I booked the flat at Dreamz Sneh at Marathahalli.Coming to the Dreamz staff they are very respectful.How ever it is a good company and i referred Dreamz to my family members.

    • Rukmani

      Yes Shyam you are 100% right. They always tries to give good quality and the way of communication from their staff are good. I would like to refer Dreamz to my near and dear.

    • Pawan

      Hi Shyam, this is Pawan I’m also had visited the Dreamz Sneh Project it’s construction is quality and progress is good. But I’m new to the Bangalore and construction sector. So I need little more information from you. Thanks in advance.

  14. jagvi

    I am very much excited with work progress of Dreamz SNEH Project.Thanks to Dreamz infra.

  15. malathi

    Dreamz company is well constructions in the real estate market,they provides flats and apartments within their budget.

  16. Surjan

    Hi my name is Surjan.I bought a flat in Dreamz Infra two years ago.I am extremely very happy with Dreamz Infra because the way they handled my project was very good.My family and we are very happy with dreamz.

  17. Druv

    Nowadays Dreamz Infra has become a destination for the affordable homes, especially many middle class people got their dream homes and they are happily living now.

    • Amar

      It’s already destination for the middle class and lower than a middle class people’s for their budget homes. Many people dream come true through the Dreamz Infra and many people booked their dream homes with Dreamz Infra.

  18. Vishal

    How ever the Dreamz Infra give me a such a nice flat in good location with low price.My experience with Dreamz Infra was very satisfactory.

  19. nithisha

    Dreamz infra had got a best builders in real estate market within a small time .I am feel very much happy and glad by their services and prices.

  20. Sukhvindar

    my experience with Dreamz infra is just amazing.They provide their flat in half rate of market price with all amenities. Construction quality of their flat is just awesome.

  21. Krishna

    I brought a flat in Dreamz Sneh project as you know, it’s a under construction property. It’s construction is going on good speed. I hope as their words without fail or any delay they will handover our flat in on time.

  22. samuel

    Dreamz infra is a biggest builder in the history of real estate market in Bangalore. They started every project are new innovation and give the best offer.

  23. monisha

    Dreamz infra offer the flats very affordable prices in real estate market.It wants to make customer happy and fulfill the customer dream home.

  24. Sai Chand

    Hi guys,I am Sai Chand.I purchased one flat from in these company .I have good experience with Dreamz.We felt that Dreamz Infra is better and we are decided to go with these company.

  25. Sai Chand

    Dreamz Infra is the best middle class people’s company that it offering the good and quality flats at affordable prices.It is having the many completed projects and under construction projects.

  26. sangeeth

    Dreamz infra much be better than other builders in real estate market sector.Everyone at Dreamz infra was very helpful and professional the customer service was great and excellent.


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