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  1. Rohith

    Even my experience is similar like u, While booking he mentioned we will provide lot of world class amenities like that, but they did not give us the basic amenities also. When we asked about this he is just escaping from us by saying some nonsense reasons. These are the big cheaters.

  2. manikkam53

    The developer has cheated the site buyers from providing them with even the basic amenities -unfortunate although the developer has pocketed around 85 lakhs towards maintenance funds from site buyers and this has not been returned to the Layout owners Asociation despite the formation of the Asn., for over three years. The promises made out in their cheesy brochure is limited to the paper it is printed on. Leave alone the much promised Jogging track, club house, swimming pool the developer has not even provided for sewage treatment plant and on my last visit there one sees the mess jetting out in to the open area from all around making the place resemble HELL of what otherwise would have been a heavenly residential arena.


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