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Edifice Builders consists of a team of vibrant, highly professional engineers, young, interior designers and management personnel who work very closely to give rise to a construction organization which is built on morals. Their morals have been formed throughout 100 years of working experience in numerous fields of business.

The company is led by their energetic, young and vibrant Managing Director, Mr. Nikhil Thard. The Managing Director is an industrial engineer who has worked closely with all the projects undertaken by them. He basically started his career working at Infosys Technologies. Here, he received the entrepreneurial skills to form a company and lead it in a huge way. Nikhil Thard is supported by Mr. Chandan Agrawal, Director of Edifice Builders.

Edifice believes that it is not just about being better than the competition. It believes that it has got everything to do with carving a niche for oneself and being the best at what one does. The company has completed numerous projects in commercial, retail and residential. Edifice Builders is considered to be a one-stop end point for real estate investors. They offer everything, from rentals, interior designing, property management to resale. Their efforts have already borne fruit and motivated them to further provide better living of style for their esteemed customers.

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  1. Ashok Nair

    Worth to buy from Edifice Builders

    The Edifice quality construction is good. One of my friend is staying at Almond Tree house in Yelahanka. The location of the project is very good with row house. Coming to ventilation, sun rays & cross air all are perfect to stay.The best part of this house is at environment friendly location with all the amenities like swimming pool and more. I am impressed by them.

  2. Ranjan Nair

    Edifice Builder got a convincing team, their approach towards client is superb. After booking a flat with them, I got to know about their professionalism. Providing a good service and the quality of construction making them top listed builder in Bangalore.

  3. vishal

    After 10 years of IT profession, I tried to purchase a flat here in Bangalore. After a long time i got know about Edifice Builder. After visiting to their office i agreed to their proposal and i booked with them a flat. But their is bit confusion in my mind about the possession. When i got my home after 2 years i was so happy, why you know ? They fulfill all my wish.

  4. Prabhudeep singh

    In Bangalore to buy the home from Edifice Builder was one the good experiences which I am sharing hear. Before three year bask I booked a 2 BHK home to these builder by paid the one lack and ten thousand. In booking time I had so much confused like I shall get the possession or not, how will be the quality and design, they will take fixed money or more than cost etc. But after met to their many old customers and their site visit of many project I feel that it is my pleasure to being the Edifice Builders customer. Whatever I feel it has been true after 2 and half year of the booking. Most of the people has got their flat possession and they are living with us on Edifice home.

  5. Suresh Babu

    My name is Suresh Babu P S working in Wipro as a Senior System Engg. I have booked a flat Edifice Builders which is one of the fastest growing companies in Bangalore. There is nothing to say about them. They are perfect and good in their career and they always give their best towards the customers. They are outstanding in their services. I am satisfied with the flat which I have booked in Edifice Builders with the convincing price and with good amenities. The total Edifice Builders atmosphere is professional and good in giving solutions to my issues.

  6. Anil awadiya

    We always had the proper customer service from Edifice Builders. Here I am sharing our experience which I got after bought the home from their project. In December 2012 I had bought a 2 BHK flat in Hebbel by giving a small amount of money to them. I have don lot of struggle to search builders who have quality of construction and reliable with customer. Before coming to their office I meet to one my friend who bought our home from Edifice Builders project in last year. After getting all info i am also booked a 2BHK flat by giving 80 k as the booking amount. After one year of booking I got flat possession with world class of amenities. I want to say thanks to whole team of Edifice Builders for build a quality base world.

  7. Annoyed GE Owner

    All is not well with GE guys, few vested interest/attention seeker people are managing the affairs of GE premises with least transparency, they only ask for money, and at the end of the year, you will hear, 50 lakhs spent without giving proper accounting of things e.g. recently one resident asked for three quotations for choosing the right contractor for the repairing work, but response wasn’t good- while this should have been done outright if nothing is to hide. Nikhil/Edifice is like another builder in Bangalore, he left infosys to make easy money by doing shoddy work and using all social media skills which he learnt at Infosys, see the poor gullible residents, they are all happy to voice their happiness initially and once inside the premises they repent after seeing very poor quality construction, i am sure the builder can be sued legally for doing shoddy work but even association is being run by attention seeker people- who are only interested in position. To top it all, in our premises, president, secretary and treasurers take salary for doing association (read voluntary) work and don’t want to allow all the occupants to participate. they are taking advantage of IT guys who are just busy on their laptop. Wake up Grand Edifice Owners, wake up, come forward, participate and demand greater accountability from office bearers and edifice builders- else be ready for being cheated on one count or another.hope you guys wake up before its too late. ———– an annoyed owner.

  8. manu_72

    Well its unfortunate that it has come to this, its so easy to blame someone else . Recently one of the owners who had issue with some of the owners ,really took things in her hands . This is the transcript, well partial transcript the mail ran into 6 pages indicating how a few owners are over enthusiastic about things. Naming people is easy and everyone has a point of view. I think as Indians we don’t know how to appreciate and we believe its always good to create controversary and blame the builder or the association for stuff but lets just let it be. I am happy with the builder and the property , my home is great and the light is amazing. I really love this place. I just wanted to write down as I cant let some unhappy person spoil my home’s reputation.

    “Thank you very much to all 23 TGE owners and residents who have privately phoned me and written e-mails direct to my mail box (bypassing TGE common email forum) with intent to agreeing with me, sharing your past experiences about TGE and supporting my disagreement for this matter. Undeniably I learnt one thing here, there exists fair amount of talent and enthusiasm within TGE residents but for some reason they don’t wish to come forward and participate. I agree and understand why you people feel that way. I liked a comment made by someone “Abhishek’s army”.. ha ha.. say a lot.I appreciate all of you being so welcoming, friendly and open with me. I am very pleased about you people being sensible in not holding the “wrong end of the stick”. Unlike few in TGE, so many of you understood straightforwardness and the reason for my grievance. Once again Big Thank You for taking troubles to demonstrate your encouraging support. As I promised, rest assured, your names or apartment numbers will NEVER be disclosed at anytime to anyone under any circumstances, ‘I stand by every word I say’… Assuring you all the best of our friendship always….This Topic Ends Here……………….”

  9. rsn99

    I had a very good business with them. This person who wrote this false..

  10. Abhi


    Time Frame: November 2009:

    I was happy to shift in Grand Edifice premise with little knowledge of the ground realities faced by Residents.

    Time Frame: December 2009:

    Suddenly I observed a flurry of discussions happening between Mr Nikhil and approx 10 residents (as Association was not formed yet).

    Agenda: Settlement. Settlement and Settlement… for what… for all the expenses made by Edifice Builder on maintaining the premise.

    Maintenance of???

    1. EB (please consider Edifice Builder) has installed 5 Borewells in the premise with claim of no water table existing as source, end result endless circle of Water Mafia tankers with ballooned monetary burden, thanks to close associates of EB .

    2. EB has maintained DG power back-up… Two DGs installed with only one operational and again ballooned monetary burden of Diesel, thanks to close associates of EB.

    3. Provided a stone threaded Ramp, a number of mud pots for the so called greenery, pure sand dump in 600 sq feet of Children’s play area, AMC for lifts with no warranty on parts, No AMC on Gym equipments, No AMC for DG sets etc.

    4. STP Unit: A nightmare unit for us (really.. we are still struggling to keep every piece of STP unit intact).

    5. Pavement across Apartment which settles and brings natural curves…

    Certainly I am missing a few more observations during those days when the Apartment was maintained by EB.

    Time Frame: January 2010:

    15th January, 2010: I was coming late around 8.00 pm back to Apartments. I was in shock as we have been intimated by EB, that all maintenance activity, security/housekeeping has been with drawn suddenly. Certainly it was frustrating for all residents as we were not sure of the follow-up path.

    31st Jan 2010: Since we were running on Tankers, so we decided to head on with the Borewell technology. With little in hand in terms of Money and expertise, we did what could be considered as an epitome of cooperation…. 20 residents spent one whole night to place some 800 feet of borewell pipe in one of the borewells… result were mesmerizing . We got relived that no longer we were dependent on Tankers….

    Not to forget.. a influx of 50 odd people during that night claiming some dues on EB, stopping Borewell work and threatening our lives… not sure the reason behind this till today.

    Time frame: Feb 2010:

    Without any option, we went ahead to deposit minimal amounts for maintenance in one of the savings account to somehow manage the premise. I still remember emails circulating that the apartment is no longer suitable for Living…. Certainly Mr. Nikhil and team were least bothered of the pain.

    I still remember, a few of us going to each flat and collect Rs 500/- to fill up DG with Diesel… a nasty feeling for all of us.

    Time Frame: March till September 2010:

    Rounds of negotiation, Account formation, and we survived till September 2010… till we had our own Annual general body meeting. Congratulations… we formed Association and Association Account with Firm / transparent accounting.

    Since it was close to 1 year since EB has forcibly handed over the maintenance of premise to us, now it was time to have bitter experiences of the abnormalities:

    1. STP unit: We inspected and found out that STP Blowers are second handed , so we went ahead and replaced entire unit of Blower costing more than a Lac… If that was not sufficient we were struck by STP NOC from Governing Body… To our surprise and most of you don’t know even that the NOC had a clause that EB will built an infrastructure where STP treated water will be reused in Toilet flush… this infra was existing on papers only. We have toiled hard to get this rectification done.

    2. Gardening: Greenery was needed much and we went ahead with plantation exercise at our maintenance cost.

    3. Maintenance dues: We need to go to extra mile to get Maintenance dues from those owners who were closely associated with Mr Nikhil.

    4. Second DG unit was repaired at our own Maintenance cost.

    5. Borewell was dug upto 900 feets with GI pipe and 72 rpm Tasmack submersion pump(best in class)… all at our own Maintenance and Infrastructure cost.

    6. Lifts AMC were completed including parts and labour.

    I remember despite of our repeated requests to cooperate , EB doesn’t pay heed to our requests and we went ahead with Infrastructure works which in all books should be completed by EB.

    September 2011 and till Date:

    With thanks to all owners group, we had our second AGM and Cycle 4 of maintenance began with a firm commitment that Association will make this Apartment a true class on its own.

  11. tinagoyalatge

    Hi Guys, I own a flat in Grand Edifice. MD of Edifice Builder (Nikhil Thard) is a big fraud. He is an ex infosysian and used to claim “using the same Infosys ethics with Edifice” is all big crap. Guys, Please don’t put any of your hard earned money in any of their projects. Nikhil Thard is involved in some illegal construction and he wants to earn money like any way. Please find some black and white proof of Nikhil’s illegality as below where he sent 15 workers to complete some illegal construction and threaten the association members and security guard

    To All Owners,

    It is high time to safeguard your/our interest in Grand Edifice apartment.

    To summarize the situation, Apartment C-504 was observed to have an illegal/permanent construction during Dec 2011 when the Apartment was still under Edifice Builders jurisdiction. In the follow up discussion The Builder’s claim was that they have not allowed any construction on the mentioned terrace and the subjective owner’s claim was that he bought the Apartment with a business clause that he will get permission from Edifice Builder to construct the permanent structure on terrace area of C-504.

    Today, some 15 members have come to premise to complete the structure in a single swing.

    If this piece of message is important to you, we (Grand Edifice Association) request your cooperation to protest this swing of illegal construction and suggest/initiate measures .

  12. review537

    Edifice builders have been doing the best to pose themseleves as the most transparent and efficent builder with the flagship project in such a sorry state of finishing and basic miss outs well evident the moment one steps inside the apartment complex.

    it is even more surprising that a reputed newspaper like TOI has gone ahead in their article to keep emphasizing on the points the builder is claiming in their ads as Design, Value and Convenience – a future of luxury that’s affordable,which is nothing but a marketing gimmix.

    The newspaper should visit the site and review each and every point prior to even going ahead and nodding to the claims made by the builder.

    the project has no water guarantee, the finishing is extremely poor, and the builder despite complains from the residents has not taken appropriate action reqd.

    please come over and check the masterpiece * lol that Edifice has created in terms of GRAND EDIFICE, before putting in your hard earned money in worthless projects like these.

    During the merketing the edifice team comes across as the most promising team ,however the shine just gets lost once you make all the payments.so please beware of the ” transparency” promises claimed by this builder.


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