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The Express Builders Ltd. was incepted in the year 1980 by Director Sh. J B Goel and is the flagship company of Express Group and the group is a well-known company in engineering and construction industry for about 35 years. Today, this real estate builder and developer is one of the famous construction company names in the real estate business. The team at the Express Builders is a group of experienced workers who are headed by a team of specialized engineers.

Express Builders has spread its construction service across the country in various cities like Ajmer, Bangalore, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Mathura, and many other cities.

Express Builders property developer has successfully executed about 15 projects in 6 different cities and to name some are Residency, Market, Gitanjali Layout, Ashiwad Enclave and much more.

Currently, they have 9 ongoing projects like Zenith in Noida, City in Sonepat, Mall, Garden, and many others.

We kindly request all our users to share their experience, comments and reviews about Express Builders properties realtor their encourage the property buyers to take right decision while buying a property.

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17 Responses

  1. Amod

    Express Builders make the people into their own world and most of the people easily become the target of their fraud. But we need to sustain our money as well as time why we invest our laborious money into fake promises
    . They are having everything to say except their complete project graph.

  2. Pawan

    Our commitment to have a flat in bangalore, but where we have to go for the best one, finding this phenomena is quite tough kind of a task.There is no any doubts that Express Builders are genuine over Southern area and having great years approx 34 years in real estate world but their projects scenario is not filling our requirements yet.
    I am the most convicted victim of Express builders.
    Initially I didn’t get proper acknowledgement from the viewers that is the reason presently I am suffering.

  3. Shankar

    Professional work process and the best service from Express Builders Ltd helped them to become this builder name like a brand name. Cost is hign in the same way you will get a quality homes with world class amenities in a very good location. If you can enable to pay more to your dream home then the only choice in front of you is Express Builders. I personally had a beautiful experience with them.

  4. Mounika

    Express Builders are attracting the customers by quoting cheaper prices. Unfortunately I am also one among their customers. Construction process is going on very slowly. After paying the half amount of the flat also I did not get any valid document s also. Really disappointed with Express Builders.

  5. kinshuk kumar

    the complaints seem genuine. But only if the people could also give their contact numbers they would seem more genuine.

  6. expressbuildervictim

    i was thinking to buy the flat in their EXPRESS ZENITH, Sector-77 and found that this EXPRESS BUILDER’s reputation is too bad. The directors of express builders are behaving like villains in our bollywood cinema to get the residents arrested against the FIRs launched by this builder with local police for asking to handover the Express garden, Indirapuram to the RWA. It is really a shocking news. It seems that this express builder has no ethics and this builder has earned crores of rupees in selling the poor constructed flats with all false promises like club, swimming pool etc., it is more than 5 years that the residents started living in express garden, but still now, nothing of these things are available. Above all, this builder had constructed the flats on the ground floor, which is supposed to be used for club, stilt parking etc., And i came to know that this builder has promoted his own company with the name of STAR MANAGEMENT COMPANY in express garden to collect all the maintenance and electricity charges in the name of cleanliness, security etc., so that he can earn lacs of rupees every month without providing any services like proper cleanliness, proper security etc. If any resident asks the builder/star management company for these poor facilities, then the resident will be threatened with FIR and police arrests etc., by this builder.

    Now, it is impossible for me to buy the flat at EXPRESS ZENITH or any other apartment/socieity of EXPRESS BUILDERS.

    I sincerely recommend other new comers, who want to buy the flat in Express Zenith or any other apartment constructed by Express Builder, not to buy at all and do not dream to stay there in these apartments with all false promises.

  7. vkrohilla


    i am also planning to buy floors in expresscity sonipat. But after reading all comments now i think thank god i saved my hard money.

  8. vshukla

    Hi All,
    It’s a very good builder don’t make any confusion in your mind. come & see over there about reality then purchase your prefered building.

    Vipul Shukla

  9. shriya12

    ya i was also a victim of buying in this society. It was a worst experience ever in living there. The builder is only money minded. He has not provided what he promised also harrass people for basic amenities. Only one person who is looking maintainence and worst service you pay and beg for maintenance.

  10. rakeshsuar

    i was thinking of booking anew flat at their express zenith at sector 77 noida . but now i wo’nt thanks

  11. Amit

    I am also staying in same society. Construction is very poor and not having basic aminiteis also.

    Please never try to come in Express garden.

  12. Major B Khosla

    waz the conditin now i wanna purchase a flat here is it advisable or i ll get struck with my hard earned money..ny resident …please advise regds major B khosla

  13. Vikram

    I am wanting to buy a flat there too, Please suggest if I should buy or not.


  14. ABC

    I am also a resident of Express Garden and tired of their services and exorbitant rates. The mails above were written about an year ago. Would like to know if anything ever happened or if any action was taken. Do we have any recourse against such rogue builders?

  15. Xyz

    Poor Facilities, Poor Maintenance by Express Builders Ltd
    Express Builders Ltd / Express Projects Pvt Ltd are the reputed builders in India. Their plan is to make fast and huge money by selling their built-up flats/shops to the innocents.

    After collecting all the payments, this builder is making all their customers a serious victims.

    Express Builders claim that they are providing luxury apartments, for which they are charging exhorbitant prices from the poor customers.

    Once the customers pay 100% payment, then this express builder is giving possession of flats in incomplete condition.

    This builder intelligently prepared all the agreements in their favour and gets signed by the customers, so that the customers can not go to consumer court or any other external agency for any sort of complaining against the builder.

    Already express builders made many people victims with their managed strategies by selling their flats mentioning that they provide many many facilities. Once the customer takes the possession of the flat after 100% payment, then the builder do not even provide minimum facilities like water, electricity, fresh air, lift facility, neat surroundings, covered parking etc., for which the customer had already paid extra money to the builder.

    If any customer/resident asks the builder for these basic facilities, then the builder shows his muscle power to the customer, so that they can never raise their voice. And he cuts off all the basic facilities to the customer, so that the customer will suffer permanently or leave his own premises. Express builders already made the lives of their customers to a very miserable condition.

    The directors of this exress builders are always with the body guards, so that no body can harm them. But they send goondas to the flat owners, if they ask the builder for improving the basic amenities and basic facilities.

    The directors of express builders feel that they have lot of money, so that they can do any thing against their customers, who have become already the victims.

    The people, who want to buy the property from the premises constructed by this express builders pvt ltd like Express Garden Indirapuram, Express City Sonepat, Express Residency Bangalore, Express Market Indirapuram, Express Mall Indirapuram, Express Plus Vasundhara, Express New City Bangalore etc., please meet the victims, who had already purchased from this builder as they are suffering very very badly with their poor services and exorbitant maintenance and other charges.

    Please meet the flat owners (victims of express projects pvt ltd) to understand the condition of facilities being provided in Express Garden, 6 Vaibhav Khand (near shipra mall), Indirapuram, before purchasing any flat in these apartments or other properties of this builder.

    This builder charges around Rs. 11+ for Generator back up for each 1KWH consumption, so this builder supplies Generator power to the flats, so that they can make money with high profits, even if the electricity from electricity board is available.

    All the customers of this express builders have already become victims by purchasing the property from this builder, as they can not go any where now.

    All the residents staying in these apartments are unable to understand how to improve the situation, so that they can stay in these apartments.

    Incase, new buyers want to buy the flat from this Express builder, then please prepare yourselves to stay with the below condition of the flats and then go ahead in purchasing the same from this builder:

    For example, in Express Garden apartments Every day status is like this: there is no water, all the lifts are not in place, the lift does not work, covered car parking is not provided, the park is not in place, no greenery, the surroundings are too dirty, the premises are not neat, poor condition of swimming pool.

    We request corresponding authorities to take the note of the above complaint against this Express Projects Builder and take stringent action on this builder, so that they do not treat their customers so badly and provide the facilities being promised or shown in their brochures/catalogues, for which this builder is charging from his customers exorbitantly.

  16. Vikas

    I fully agree with all observation the so called RWA & its secretory is also silent on every thing .The lift, the generator start up specially during odd hours is a big problem, people get stuck in lifts for hours together. It is free ride for all maintenance staff. No control on any issues.
    Lastly its is simply horrible. Proposed buyers should boycott Express builders and all its projects including express garden.

  17. Unknown

    I am one of the occupants in these flats and whatever is stated above is all True. Infact, my friend forgot to mention some of the other tricks this builders has used

    1. Almost every resident has been charged to increased area of the flat. Why the area increased? Well, they have a clause in the contract which says architects can alter the design if needed. So, conveniently he increased the pillar distance by couple of inches here and there and by multiplying it across all flats he has asked each flat owner exts sq. fts from 20-120 at current market rates

    2. Flats were handed alteast 6 months late and that too in incomplete stage with no electric connection. No penalty charges ever paid. Reason …this builder claims it was because of delay in electricity deptt to provide power. However, we all knew flats were not even 50% built at that stage

    …i can keep going on…trust me


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