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  1. Anupam

    I would like to write this, even though I know nothing much would happen after complaining because Builders are powerful and a common man succumbs.

    I am an owner of the flat in FORTUNA KRRISH – This is not only my opinion. All owners are a group and we know what we have fallen into.
    They have pretty good sales guys (Santosh, Anuraj). These guys are very well spoken and have good convincing personality. They will make it look like you are buying a home in heaven. Will make all false promises, and agree to all your terms – BUT, DONT FALL INTO THAT TRAP like we all did.

    The moment we made the payment (95%) the attitude changed. The possession, as usual like all builders is being delayed from a year and people are really struggling. They provided written commitment about brand of bathroom fittings, tiles, OC, CC – All false commitments. Now they straightaway deny those commitment and ask you to approach the court.

    We all paid high price to book a flat in Fortuna KRRISH even though there are cheaper options available in that area because fortuna promises high quality architecture – FALSE. The tiles they fit are imported from Gujrat (cheapest quality) 20rs/sq. ft. where as the normal rate is 45rs. sq.ft. The bathroom fittings are also of some brand which noone has heard about. – Just to remind you, all this issues only after/if you get the flat possession. God knows when will the possession be provided, they keep postponing it every 3 months. Yes, They did promise a late penalty for delayed possession but dont fall for it, they have told us clearly, no penalty will be paid, do whatever you want to.

    The communication is horrible. Rude staff (after you make the payment).

    Lastly, I see lots and lots of positive feedback posted, because half the flats out of 150 are not yet sold- These are all posted by Fortuna staff themselves because I know all Fortuna KRRISH owners (we are on facebook and whatsapp) and none of us are happy. We have all lost hope and made the worst decision of our lives – You dont do the same mistake. Go for a better builder (credai) or if you are low on budget and have to go with a crappy builder, go for a cheaper one.. because even after paying a premium to Fortuna, you are going to face the same issues as the other small builders.

  2. rammy

    I am new to bangalore and searching for a flat. I get to know about Fortuna from one of my friend. But when i search about this builder their image is so bad. People are saying this builder previously has not completed fortune classic in time. And also the construction style, architecture is so bad. Can any customers suggest me.


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