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  1. John

    First of all my dear friends check whether it has all approval ?
    Second my personal suggestion to go for the brand which is known for there quality ..I really wonder how he is making 392 flats in 3acres land if he is good builder and smart he should better change his plan for good results.
    The way he is quoting the price is too much…….SJR is better as it’s well known company end of the day it matter as we are paying hard earn money so watch before you take a step


  2. ramya

    Yes your right I was also wondering how he can make in 3 acre land 392 flats , they does not even have proper website how can we decide. price wise they are charging to much It’s better to choose sir gold summit.


  3. Neeraj

    Quick views on this property.

    This is launched only few months back , priced @ 3600/sqft. bang opposite Salarpuria Gold summit. possession is 2015

    Two drawbacks i see:
    1. Too overpriced considering that you can buy Salarpuria gold summit , which has possession in June 2013 @ 3990/Sqft

    2. 392 apartments across a 3 acre plot, where as Salarpuria opposite has 180 units in 2.7 acre plot.


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