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The GM Infinite Group made a modest beginning in real estate in the hey days of 1962. It was started basically with an intention to carry out the construction business. However, recently, it has positively emerged into a skillfully managed large Group which is being managed by a team of highly accomplished and skilled persons. The company is led by the Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Gulam Mustafa who is a second generation technocrat.

GM Infinite Builders has already completed a large number of significant real estate projects in India in the private sector as well as the Government. Their operations have until now been concentrated around the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in India. However, the Group is now fully ready to implement projects in abroad and all parts of India. The leadership team and the management of the group has excellent academic record and suitable vast experience in execution of prestigious projects.

GM Infinite builders & Developers Track Record

GM Infinite Builders and Developers has so far successfully completed various projects in Hospitality, Housing, Infrastructure, Educational & Medical and Commercial sectors and also in other areas like Special Economic Zones, Office Complexes, etc. GM Infinite Developers has completed projects worth over INR 5.5 Billion since it was formed and developed over 50 million square feet of the constructed spaces.

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  1. Bobby

    I am taking time writing this article so that other consumers and common people are made aware of the unethical practices of GM Infinite. During your first visit the sales person will be behind you to make an advance booking payment. Obviously you will not be carrying any cheques and they will offer you the option of making the payment by credit card. This is the first instance you should realize that do builders accept payment by credit card. Why is this builder doing it? Obviously, to pocket whatever they can extract from a customer because majority will cancel the bookings and they have a clause in their booking form that booking amount is non-refundable. The sales person will convince you that it is mentioned just to deter un-necessary visitors and it is refundable, but then actually they have no intention of refunding the booking amount on cancellation. Second after you make the advance booking payment, many sales folks will get in touch with you and start following up on further payments. But, the moment you decide to cancel the booking, the same folks who contacted you earlier for further payments will avoid your calls and if they answer will tell that they are not the right person to discuss cancellation. This is the second cheat practice, the sales folks show the responsibility for collection of payment but no responsibility when the booking is cancelled. Third which is more important is that GM Infinite always in every advertisement states CRISIL approved, but CRISIL is no authority is real estate and it is CREDAI. This is done just to deceive customers.

    So, at a high level this company is a full of bunch of cheats who just want to pocket customers money. All other projects of this company is of very bad quality, lot of black mailing, forceful cancellation and forfeiting of amount paid if any customer goes against the builders or makes any complaint. In fact their agreement has a clause that if you make any comments on social media against the builder, the builder can cancel the booking and forfeit the amount paid.

    After reading this article I assume an individual is wise enough to make a decision.

    • Prakash

      Guys, please beware of GM Infinite builder. They are like dark well where your money will get sucked in. The moment you get aware of the truth and cancel your booking, you see their true face. They are highly unethical company and not bothered about quality. They are running in huge shortage of money and will never deliver project on time. Please think hundred times, go through the draft agreement clauses before handing over any money to them. Don’t trust the positive comments given by people since it’s their strategy. The moment the customers raise any voice and put it on blog, the company guys start putting positive comments to confuse people. Hope you get safe and never fall in their trap.

  2. md mustafa ahmed


  3. Dharshan

    One of my friend recommend GM Infinite. He had booked a 2bhk apartment and i was looking for one around the same locality. He suggested me that they are good and his booking process was a piece of cake and the GM infinite guys helped with and gave him all the input he required. It was then I started researching about. They are the best apartments for such a good prices in Electronic city (the locality i was intending to get an apartmnt). The pricing was the one thing that caught my attention and the amenities they provide, really best deal. And i went for it.

      • Anil

        Can you share your contact. I am also interested to purchase it.
        Need your suggest.

  4. Raj

    Dont book any one my friend last year working there he saw they are cheat to much the customer so finaly my friend left the company, be aware. Thanks

    • Srinivas

      You are right raj, i seen lots of problem this company buy only ready to move after cheack proper document. Or better for go other builders.

  5. Thanuj

    OMG! Thank god many are discussed over here about this builder. First of all I want to say thanks to this blog author because I got aware of this builder and Real Estate market, he has given opportunities to share the customer’s experience about the good and defaulter builders. And we got an suggestions and guidance through this blog to step into the builder’s office. once again thank you.

  6. Anuj Srivastava

    Beware of GM Infinite any project as they will put a clause in their agreement that if you want to cancel the booking or ask for refund then they will eat your entire money, on other way you are forced to buy once you have done the booking. Read the clause below:

    Clause in Sale Agreement

    If any breach continues for more than 2 months or any breach not being rectified within a period of 2 months, for whatsoever reasons, the vendor/developer at its discretion/option will be entitled to terminate this agreement and treat a sum equivalent to 20% of the entire sale consideration as forfeited and adjust it as liquidated damages from and out of the money paid by the purchaser/s and the vendor/developer will be entitled to deal with the schedule “B” undivided share, including selling the same to Third Party, without any further reference to the purchaser/s. The balance money, if any, due to the purchaser/s shall be paid within four weeks of the disposal of the schedule “B” property. Against the cancellation of this agreement by the vendor/developer, the purchaser/s rights under the Construction agreement executed on the same date shall stand terminated without any requirement of execution of any further documents.

    • JoJO

      Hi Anuj, can we get together to show where they belong, these third class cheaters

  7. manoj

    Beware of GM builders. They have falsified various documents and cheated so many customers. I have cancelled my booking in august and I am yet to receive any refund. You literally have to beg and plead for your own hard earned money. They said that they will start construction without floor plans and tried to cheat many unwary customers. I advice all the readers to stay away from them.

    • Kedar ji

      Thank you GM Infinte for doing memorable work on the real estate industry. It was my good luck I went GM Infinte office for bought our home on their project. Two year back I and my wife searched many builders to buy a 2BHK flat in Bangalore for which we meet many builders and to the person who have bought the flat in recent year. All these were unable to recommend a good builder who can sales a flat on our budget. Once time I saw one add about GM Infinte builder. Whose one project was started on the Matikere location. We visited to their office and met to their sales people and their manager who was explained us very clearly all the term and condition. From which get impressed to their work and we decided to buy our home from there only. And we had bought a 2 BHK home within two year in which very good quality as well as so many amenity

      • manoj

        Mr.kedar ji every rational person can make out that you’re from the company itself. Stop trying to fool customers into liking you.

        On the other hand, please walk into their model flat. You will notice a huge crack just as you enter their model flat. Imagine if their model flats so terrible, what about the actual building ????

        Avoid these frauds

      • Ramanathan A R

        Model flats are built normally for temporary period just to give an idea of the flat to prospective customers. Since it is supposed to be their showpiece, it is supposed to be defectless.

    • Ramanathan A R

      Before booking for a flat, are you not supposed to consult legal opinion and bank loan eligibility? How can any builder start construction without approved plan from concerned authority? I have seen one of their properties on Hessargatta Road near to Saptagiri engineering college. They have already completed the structural work of 3 towers and work on 4th tower is going on. They have the plan approved by BBMP. Myself and another one family member were to book one flat each. But due to some sudden development in the family we could not book now. They seems to have another project at Electronic City and one on Sarjapur Road. Since I understand that water problems are acute in these areas, I have not tried to find about these projects.

      If the builders have not refunded your money it is wrong and I am sure you can get the refund by pursuing with appropriate authorities.


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