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Golden Gate Properties is an 18-year-old property development company. It has projects in both the residential and commercial phases. They are involved with numerous international and national architects (like USA, HOK). This is as their property quality and designs have been prime factors in the development, sales and design of every project of theirs. They work hard continuously to offer blissful and comfortable living atmosphere to their customers in every project of theirs. They have been such a success that the customers sell the projects by word of mouth.

It was formed in the year 1995. It is a Bangalore based Public Limited Company. Golden gate properties has today come out to be known as one of the foremost builders in South India in a very short span of time. It has some outstanding projects of great reliability, quality, efficient after-sales service and affordability.

There are presently 5 on-going projects in prime locations in Hyderabad and Bangalore of the company. This team has been striving hard to make sure a Golden Future for all the employees and those associated with the company.

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  1. Mahesh

    The quality of Golden gate properties is good. But the customer service is not good. They never give proper response.

  2. Dhinesh

    I have seen and visited their projects, they were told me that their under construction projects will complete within a 10 to 12 months. Can believe their words? please suggest me….

    • Chandhu

      Initially they will promise a to complete soon in couple of months but it will takes years to complete. If they are strongly agree to complete in promised time then ask them to mention it in agreement and if they fail to complete then they will compansation or Interest to your money.

  3. Girish

    I never suggest anyone to buy a their dream home at Golden Gate builder. Because they ruined my dream by collecting more money, and till now they didn’t complete the project. I lost hope and my patience.

    • Varun

      Don’t leave your money at Golden Gate properties, you first cancel your booking and buy some other branded builder, if it’s little high cost also no problem but you will get a proper and timely response and updates.

  4. Archana

    If you choose Golden Gate as your builder then you will lose good days in your life.

  5. Sreedhar

    Never trust this builder..recent case is Golden Panorama project. Project delayed already by an year and work has completely stopped. Builder has no idea when he can complete this project….will take another 2 years easily…may go bankrupt any time

    • Vasan

      Is it, sir? I’m not aware that and their CRM team didn’t disclose about this and they were telling some thing financial reasons but I don’t know about the legal issues. So Do you have any suggestion to get back my money.

  6. nayanabhatt

    As i inquired about gg properties and i was really satisfied with there service and satisfied me a lot. i got apartment in golden Panorama.

    • Shilpa

      Hello Nayana Bhatt, The information you got from your enquiry is not correct. Once again check and review on it. This is a fraud company. So don’t choose this as your builder. Cancel your booking there.

  7. rajashekar

    I got a apartment at golden gate properties and really very good apartment and fine placed at commerial area.

  8. prashanthi

    I was new to Bangalore and one of my friend suggested me to get a flat in golden gate properties in Bangalore.good infrastructure on residential and commercial space.cost you spend on golden gate properties is effective and secure to your investment.

  9. Bavani Prasadh

    Initially I choose this builder for investment purpose. Because all their projects at prime locations, it creates more demand on location. But after seen the Golden Gate Properties Apartments Quality and amenities I decided to live there. and got a flat in Golden Palms.

  10. Sinha

    Golden Gate Properties is well-established in Hyderabad and Bangalore. They seem like a good investment. They have built many projects already and the ongoing projects are progressing well.

  11. saragrubbs

    I have recently moved to Bangalore, can someone please suggest any good residential properties in Bangalore. I’m not very particular about the location. I have heard good things about these builders in Bangalore called Golden Gate. Can someone substantiate this, please?

    • Manu


      Golden Gate builders are building a land mark project called Presidential Tower, being a tallest tower in south india.
      I heard that couple of projects have been delayed like golden grand, blossom and palms but i understand that its coz of global slowdown where they didnt had fund to construct the building and also the equity partner pulled off the fund due to global slowdown. Now they completed all the projects and delivered.
      I am planning to buy Presidential Tower but due to loan issues on my eligibility i couldnt. Hope bankers will give more eligibility so that i can buy PT and be a part of the landmark project.

      • Radhakrishna

        Thank you Manu, I was confused about this builder whether go with them are not, because I found some bad reviews. Now I’m happily go to book the flat in Golden Gate properties. once again thank U

  12. DevAnand

    Golden gate property is very old company in Bangalore. They have made so many residential and commercial apartment in Bangalore.That is they are trustworthy and experienced in making the people’s emotion.

  13. Amarnath Sahay

    Hi all, Amenities is the main factor from which customer changed their decision for booking a flat through any real estate company. If we are talking about Golden Gate Properties company, this company doesn’t provide all amenities what they were promised at the time of booking. The sales executive person always changed the topic of this question to any other topic. Sometimes said, they will provide in short time. Sometime said , it will take some more time to provide. So, I want to say to all customers, Please beware of this company.

  14. Sudhendra Umarji

    Hi All,

    Please be care full while booking golden gate and prisha properties plots or flats.
    They over commit and under delivers, they are money collectors.

    I booked an plot in Golden Valley phase 2 in Dec 2013, Paid 7 Lacs as booking amount. they said they will register it in June 2014, Now August 2014 nothing happened on ground and still they not got any Government approval. Now they are asking 5 lacs for development.

    Golden Gate and Prisha Properties are Cheaters and Bluffers.


    • msrk

      I agree. Golden Gate builders are big cheaters. They never be on their words.

      We invested in Golden Panorama project as an buy back option. The gave post dated check two times and bounced both times. Called them and no proper response.

      Please be away with this builder and save your time and money.

    • Saurabh

      Hi Surendra,

      Can you please share your details as I am also planning to book flat with Golden gate properties. It would be really helpful.

  15. Ram

    Golden Grand project is full of mess, the quality is pathetic, the builder is changing the plan, from what was advertised and sold initially. the facilities are not yet ready…the CRM team is like money collectors, they chase you only for money and nothing else. All owners should join together and file consumer forum case, for cheating on staff and owners.


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