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Habitat ventures are a real-estate firm located in Bangalore that focuses on not just building residential projects and layouts. Over the years it has conceived, designed and built world class buildings. Innovation has been the trademark for Habitat ventures, its other areas of expertise also include, property management, construction management and interior design.

They are the pioneers in establishing a niche market by construction of “Villaments” which gives the best of both worlds an apartment and a villa to its customers. This concept first stated by Habitat ventures has now seen an increase of villaments offered today by many property developers.

This real-estate company has completed seven projects since its inception these projects are: Habitat greens, Habitat Aster, Habitat Ochre, Habitat Mayflower, Habitat Carnation, Munoth Habitat Orchid and Habitat Cedar. Habitat ventures have a few ongoing and upcoming projects in the pipeline as well those being Habitat Eden heights and Habitat Aura.

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  1. sharath

    habitat builder is working in good manner,they are having much experience in their field.in a short spam of they did many attractive project which is remarkable.

  2. Falguni Chaurasiya

    In my point of view Habitat Venture is better than any other builder. They are showing complete professionalism in their work . So many project are going n different areas and most of them are approved and few are yet to approved. All the land are legally perfect.

  3. Chabi Shivangi

    Habitat Venture is a small real estate company but their working style impress me very much. All the employee are co-operating so well.They can show you what they want to built. Apart from this all the legal documentation paper they showed me are clear as per my knowledge. So I am happy with my decision that buying a flat from Habitat Venture.

  4. Sowmya Satpathi

    In my point of view, Habitat is preferably better than any other small real estate company, but the quality of the fleet is not dominant than the other flat. Tax and BESCOM and service tax they took much more than the actual rate, that’s the main point to be discussed. Apart from this, CRM didn’t respond well to my questions. So, I don’t want to be part of this real estate company. That’s my final decision.

  5. Tinu

    Hi Ashish,

    I don’t much about aster but i have bought a villament in their Crest project which is just about 2-3 km from Aster on the same road just opposite Zuri. So far my experience with them has been really good, they are were prompt in responses and the construction of Crest project so far is also on time I don’t get such prompt response from top tier builders as well ( probably they are too big and Habitat is still small relatively)

    . I hope they deliver the quality they have promised, if yes than there is no doubt in my mind they will go far in the industry. But, can’t tell more about them as in the past they have done only small projects. Crest is their first luxurious project in JV with Pragnya fund.

    But do check on your agreement and transfer fee costs. Till date my only complain is an exorbitant 5% transfer fees mentioned ion the agreement which I didn’t realized earlier.

    • Rahul

      Hi Tinu
      Can you provide more details on which type of villament you bought – lower/ upper or penthouse and the ball park pricing it came for you? When have they promised possession?


  6. Ashish

    I am interested in booking a flat in this project. But from the comments it seems like there has been some instances of unprofessional conduct by the builder team. Kindly share some experiences and also if this is a good buy.

  7. ravi

    We have booked 2850 sq feet at 89 lacs plus taxes and fees…So total should work around 1.01 crores.

  8. shan

    Can you share what price you booked at? I am planning to book. Any other concerns i need to keep in mind?

  9. Client

    Kindly check “vat and service tax” calculation, they are charging more than govt. norms.

  10. svraman

    I’m planning to book this – contact me if you are also interested..

    • Sameer

      Hi, plz share your contact no to have some discussion around the project. We are in the process of booking a flat in Aster.

      • parthasarathy

        Mr. Sameer,
        I am interested in booking a 2 BHK of 1256 sq.ft. Have you gone ahead in your plan of booking one with Habitat Aster. Please reply me on email or Phone (9880574002). They promise delivery by Mid of 2013.

  11. S.Raghuraman

    Do call on us OR alternately we can call on you if you can share your number with us.

  12. anomyous

    They can sell your blocked flat without any information for more money.

  13. Shikha

    Hi Rajesh,

    Can you share what price you booked at. I got a call from this developer today and as per them they have all the approvals. Have you seen any other project from this builder before you booked.


  14. Ramesh

    Thanks for sharing this. This will help other home buyers to be careful with unprofessional developers.

  15. Rajesh

    This is a over hiped project which will never make any of the deadlines. I booked a flat in august 2011 by paying 2.5 Lakhs and never heard anything back from builder, when enquired they told its pending approval. There was no planned date when it will be approved, I cancelled the flat as i met 45 days deadline and am still waiting for the developer to return my booking amount. Each time there is a new story. Guys please beware of this unprofessional develoeprs

  16. Ash


    Does anyone have any information on the launch date? Their site does not seem to have any info on the same. Also any details on the builders as such? They seem to have some luxury apartments in Koramangala.



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