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  1. rajesh1947raj

    Hiranandani upscale/house of hiranandani is the worst company i have come across my relatives bought properties in Hiranandani upscale/house of hiranandani is the worst, my relative bought properties in Devanahalli and Bhanarghatta and one of my friend in Electronic city thinking these guys are same in Mumbai. They are crying now and realizing their mistake. These guys are not the same. In mumbai they are good in mumbai because of Niranjan Hiranandani but House of Hiranandani is of Surendra and Neha who are the worst they dont know any thing if you see the agreement they boof up that too no progress at all quality is the worst they could not make one villa in 4 years time…..hats off…. they dont have any good contractors they dont have good employees. And on top of it they say South Indian are stupid. Horrible quality and high prices. Hi careful they are the worst. Even a small contractor is better than these guys….


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