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  1. Rakpatil

    Never dream of putting your money in HM group. Most unethical people. For HM Worldcity booking started in 2004 end with 3 phases. have completed 1st phase only after 8 looong years and they say that facilities will be provided after 3rd phase may be another 20 years. People do not have basic facilities like a proper tarred road. They have not handed over maintainance to residents after 4 years of staying. The maintainance charges are fixed as per their whims and fancies. No accounts provided ever. Residents are not allowed to form association. Threaten residents with 18% rate of interest for maintainance if delayed. They take service tax and do not provide proof of if they have paid it to govt. Govt notification clearly says no need to pay service tax for maintainance amount below 30K. Forget living peacefully there will be everyday battle with a cheap maintainance person. Because builders or any one will never meet you. You can only cry to a wall. Do you see any ads for HM Worldcity phase 2? no. Because they have changed the name of phase 2 as HM Sepia /Nimbus. Why? Because people know that these cheats have screwed the customers. They advertise this second phase showing pictures by removing 3 huge 14 floor towers of phase 1 as not existing. Becareful and run away as far as possible from these Hanif and Mehboob (HM) brothers.

  2. shree778052

    I purchased a ready to move in apartment in HM Symphony from HM group at Kasavanahalli, Bangalore late last year.(sept 2011).
    After registration, When I approached BBMP to pay off Propert tax, I came to know that HM group/developer has not paid the tax for my apart since 2010. Total accumulative dues are now around 20k.
    Due to which I am unable to pay property tax. I followed up with HM group several times but HM group has been issueing false promises, but failed to clear the dues yet.

    Kindly note my complaint and take necessory action.

  3. vkumar_ks

    HM Group have constructed many apartment complexes. One of the main issue with them is long delay in project completion. They will promise many things but never bother to respect their promises. They will treat the clients very unprofessionally and Unethically, once you made the full payment. I have booked one apartment in HM Worldcity and there was delay of 2 years in registering the apartment. They never gave the promised amenities and now we do not even know when they will provide all of them. The promised a big club house and took money from all of us. Even after 2 years of occupancy, they have never started the club house construction. Same with piped gas connection, car parking, road infront of the apartment. You can see the similar experience from the people who booked apartment from their other projects also. Stay away from them, if you want peace of mind.

  4. Aj

    Well no one would have booked the flats in HM if they knew abt the complaints…moreover i think 2 yrs back when many of us bought one there was no complaint.People expect that they’ll get the flats as promised with may be a minor delay of 2 or 3 months. No one expected this to go on for so long.
    And I think many of the ppl wont be aware abt the meetings else they would turn up…with so much money invested…a few hours wont matter. We booked the flats 2 yrs back but we are in India only for the last 6 months so not really aware if there were meetings earlier.

  5. Bakra2

    Half of the blame has to come to the customer who booked the flat.I am one the customer, when we call for meeting to go united against the builder/ director, hardly people trun up, and they complain later.IN Symphony, hardly any one come even for meeting with Director, they just keep sedning mail and advises.People are equally responisible for this to allow.I am fed up requesting people to come and discuss our issue with HM, no one is bothers, So that give a clear message to Builder, people are not bothered, they do the way they want.

  6. shankar

    You people join together and make a quick meeting within yourself and consult a good Lawyer for this issue.
    Publish this on News Papers and media. Get the stay order on this project. then see the move of this project will go on.

  7. Suresh

    I don’t believe, why you guys give them money before they give you a flat after seeing so many cases of delay and fraud.
    You guys are mad or what, you guys pay rent at one side and interest on the money you paid to builder on other side.
    Why don’t to completely through out this concept of pre-launch.

  8. AJ

    We booked the flat 2 years back. We were out of bangalore for a year and thought will get it when we come back to bangalore.Last year they said they will give possession in Jan09. We are in bangalore since June 09 and paying rent every month plus interest on Loan. Whenever we go to the site their standard answer is possession will be end of next month. Saw the site last week and still dont think it will be ready for possession next month. They never even sound apologetic for the delay.

  9. Bakra2

    I have added myself as Bakra(3). These people are dirty bastards. I have given up on them . I am buying a smaller flat on Sarjapur road and moving in this month end.I am sick and tired and given up waiting for an apartment that will take for ever to complete. I swear on GOD that I will do whatever I can to educate people about the truth behind HM Constructions. People who have been duped by HM Groups ( HM WorldCity and Symphony) should come together and start a forum to educate prospective buyers. A larger number of us work in IT companies who are the major buyers of these apartements. An email circulated among our friends and friends of friends will ensure that HM Group will never be able to make an apartment and cheat people again. I also sent an email to Honourable Member of Parliament, Bangalore North to take the cause of people like us a bring about strong legislations to prevent people from getting cheated.

  10. Bakra2

    Buy from HM at your own risk. Add 2 years to what completion date they promised.

  11. Anonymous

    I have been hearing one month occupation since march 2009 :-)…and they have been giving same ad “Ready to occupy” since Feb – 09…only difference now is that they have increased the price…

  12. Symphony

    One week back (First week of Oct-2009) they gave an ad in times of india saying that it is “Ready to occupy”. When people went there to see the project they are telling small work is pending and the occupation will be after 1 month. This “one month” story seems to be never ending.

  13. Dayanand

    Bullshit people. They are the worst that you will ever come across. Beware. Dont even bother byuing anything from them. The sales people are rude and they charge you hidden costs once you have paid the booking amount, Don’t even think of buying. BEWARE!!!

  14. Anonymous

    I agree, they are rude. First surprise about package deal is you will get open parking, for covered parking you have to pay extra. Project is going to take minimum 6-8 months for completion, but they will promise that they are going to give possession in next month and if they couldnt handover they will pay penalty charges which is a lie. I spoke to few peopke who had booked earier, they have not got any compensatation.

    If you want to read more about HM Constructions then visit

  15. Madhu

    Today i spoke to cusstomer care of HM symphoney. she was very rude saying its a package so they will not give me cost breakup.does anybody have its cost breakup who had bought a flat in HM symphony near sarjapur road. We are planning to buy but not getting full informatiom about this project. And please tell me approx how much it will cost for 2BHK and 3BHK with area.

  16. ABC

    Yes they are not willing to give cost breakup, so you never know about hidden charges. Once you give them the money they will start disclosing all hidden charges:-)

  17. Sasi

    I visited the falt 2 days back, Why they are not giving the cost break up?.
    What about your experiences, Any one of you purchased the flat.

  18. Ruchi

    Same here, they are saying possession will be given in 1 months time, the project looks good, any suggesstions what shud be done, i worry when the project is completed, they will inc. the price…

  19. Bakra3

    – Going to court and get a stall order ? – we have invested our life savings. I do not think stalling will help us.
    – Mr Suresh- have you bought a flat before ? If you have and you got one on time, you must be a the lucky one.

    -Option :- Highlight the problem through media, create awareness among prospective buyers and prevent HM and other such companies from doing such fraudulent business. A Strong legislation is another option for which all the people who purchased apartments in Bangalore should highlight issues and make representation to the government( Form an association of apartment associations).

  20. Krishna

    I am planning to buy a 3 BHK in HM Symphony.As far as I enquired, they said the possession is by end July 2009. Now when I see here, it seems to be a never ending process. What do you guys suggest? Should I go ahead and book or wait for completion?

  21. ABC

    I first visited their site in April and they said they will give possession in May end, when i visited in may they told June end…now they are saying July end…

  22. Vishal

    I do agree they are cheating customer.
    whenever u go for booking a flat they will say possession will be after 1 month.
    i am hearing this from past 8 months but i did’nt see any body who has occupied the flat
    no work in progress and they chaging very huge money for new flat?

  23. Santhanakrishnan

    , Hai, iam santhanakrishnan, 3 years back i booked a appartment in hm symphony sarjapur road, since i paid my entire amount and, promised posession date is over 1 year back, still there is no idea abt posession and there is no work progress, after repeated calls ans mails to their customer care executives and marketing manager / directors, there is no response, instead of positive response they thritten me that, if u make problem we will not give your flat, u can go for a consumer court, it will take 15 years to settle down the case, , u will be the looser this was the answer from the senior manager . dont believe hm symphony they will cheat u


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