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IVRCL Developers are a big name in the construction industry. They are in to all sectors of public works and are in irrigation, transport, infrastructure, water works, industrial constructions and many other construction projects. They have been involved in the work of many Indian governments and overseas projects also. They also have a division in power distribution and transmission as well. This company was founded 25 years ago and today they have more than 3000 engineers, technocrats and managers running the company.

This is imperative that they would have customers and stake holders from all walks of life and from diverse sectors. Even the general public is being served by the company as they build bridges, flyovers, roads and other infrastructures. In this it is very much required that you post your views, reviews, anecdotes, incidents and customers’ experiences including complaints, grievances, appreciations and compliments about the company. This will not only make the transactions more transparent but the whole of industry will be more informed about their operations which will in turn bring more business to IVRCL builders as well.

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  1. Ikbhal

    First time I am hearing the word IVRCL developers. When it was established in market. How many projects did it was completed till now. Is anyone bought flats in IVRCL. Can you please share information.


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