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JR Housing Developers Private Limited was founded by Sri. S. Jagadeeshwara Reddy the Managing Director of the company who has over 18 years of experience in the field of real estate and the vice president of Karnataka Land Developer’s Association.

This company has converted over 12 million sq. ft. of built-up spaces into residential properties and they are first company to introduce 80ft. wide main roads in the BMRDA approved residential layouts in Bangalore. JR Housing company’s business operations spans across many areas like architecture, engineering, developing layout, sales, marketing, accounts, and construction,

JR Housing Projects

This property developer has completed around 6 projects namely Greenpark Lakefront, Retreat, Coconest, Meadows, Valley, and others. They have developed different types of residential properties in Bangalore that include luxury villas, villa plots, and apartments and to name some them are Greenwich,  Urbania, Nexus, etc.

JR Housing also have one upcoming project in Mysore called Queenstown and some of their ongoing projects in Bangalore are JR City, JR Greenwoods, JR nexus and others.

We invite all our users to share their opinions and feedback about JR Housing Developers Pvt Ltd and help prospective buyers to know more about this developer.

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36 Responses

  1. Vijay

    No security, no street lights, no management of the layout. The garbage is on the road, sewage smell in and around the layout. The layout has cows coming over form villages nearby making it a village to live in. Anyone ready to spend 1 cr. to live in a village, please be my guest.
    There is no drinking water in the layout, people living there are looking to sell the house or plots. The parks are feeding places for cows and dogs, it is not safe for people to go inside park areas due to this and snakes. It is total dark in night, visit sometime after 7 PM to see what a beautiful layout.

    • Ankit

      I recently visited JR Urbania, they are providing all kind of amenities like street lightning, underground drainage, children play areas, water tanks etc . Moreover the project is gated community and approved by BMRDA. It is located very near to electronic city which is one of the best residential area in Bangalore. The project in these location is in huge demand.

  2. Niranjan Kumar

    Dear Sampathkumar,

    All the amenities including roads, tree plantation, jogging track, children play area, street lighting, STP, underground electrification, storm water drains etc,. have been completed at JR Coconest Phase 3 as on 10th February 2015. We hope you visited the project recently to take note of the said works.

    Kindly call concerned Sale executive for project update in future.

    Niranjan, Director, JR Housing.

  3. Krishnavardhan

    This housing developer is not trustworthy, they do not meet the promises and complete the work. Whether it is apartment, plots or house they have sold, it is true with all cases.
    First they are good in talking and selling dreams to customers and when they get the money, they do not pick phone and even want to talk about the problem.
    The residents in all their layouts are fedup because of such of their attitude and behavior.
    Why should anyone purposefully fall into their trap, avoid this developer for sure, they are cheaters in this business.

  4. sampathkumar

    JR coconest phase 3 has lot of work pending. Roads are not laid and many of the amenities are still pending, every time Niranjan is giving positive hope but looks like false hope. I request all the plot owners put pressure on the developer to complete the same. It looks ,none of the projects of JR Group is completed in full.

  5. Dhanush

    The JR housing company is a family run business having cash problems. They may close and run away soon as most of the layout are done with joint development agreement with village landowners.
    the layout developed by them have not appreciate more than a FD in bank account. they have stopped developing the layouts as they used to in 2008-09 times, mainly due to lack of funds. if someone can wait for 10-15 years, then the investment may be good but for self use and for short term investment, it is useless. these peoples are no good to talk also now. only giving promises after that they do not respond to phone also. The quality of work is very poor and with no working amenities. the clubhouse in JR urbania is only on papers, the club house in jr green park and lakefront is under construction since 2007 and will never be completed as they do not have money to complete.
    I am disappointed to have purchased property from jr housing developer. do not waste your money here.

    • Kantharaju C

      total waste of money. all layout of JR is so bad and no development. the jr greenpark parks have become jungles, most places have no roads, the sites is full of mud no cleaning done. it is total waste. these developers just fool people and make money, no development of the layout. the club house is always under construction and security persons are having house inside.

  6. Ramesh

    Hi..This is Ramesh few months back even me also booked a flat in JR housing i am very happy, but still i didn’t get it my legal documents, I am waiting for the documents they told in 1 week you will get your all legal documents so waiting will see..

    • Shankar Maheshwaran

      The builders can go to any extent of self praising on social media and forums. I also went through several comments online (proof attached) where JR Housing comments were termed biased and baseless.

      The truth is JR Housing has a record of poor after sale and poor management. The examples are JR Meadows in Neralur and JR Greenpark in Marsur village.

      Anyone visiting these 2 layouts can make out that even after 6-8 years the development is not complete, the promises were made for completion in 2009-2010 and the work is continuing. The management has acquired the art of lying and fooling customers and making big promises.

      I request all buyer to visit the layouts sold (I am not saying developed as they are not yet) by JR Housing and speak with the residents and not believe on any online comments to find the reality of JR Housing and its management.

  7. Praveen

    Hello All,

    I have read and interesting post (with proof) on one of the leading property websites in Bangalore (http://harshasagar.com/2012/04/30/idiscuss-jr-urbania-off-chandapura-anekal-raod/comment-page-1/#comment-22399 )that JR Housing has been a target of a malicious online campaingn and it is mentioned that Dinesh P, Tanvir, Naresh Gupta etc.. are all accounts that came from the same IP address and started posting negative comments.

    I am concerned because I do not want my property appreciation (I am a plot owner) to be hit because of a negative campaign by some malicious elements.

    • Kishore Metra

      Hello Mr. Praveen,

      I am planning to purchase a plot in JR Coco nest phase-2 (resale). Please advice me more about the project and locality.


  8. Shankara Mahesh

    I visited JR Greenpark along with my friend who owns a plot few weeks ago, as he wanted to pay some maintenance fee. It’s fairly a big project with a good number of houses. The layout was maintained well, however, the latest phase of the project looked much better with paver roads, golf area and uniformly designed houses being constructed.

    We did meet couple of residents at the Tennis court area, who were reasonably happy about the project. We were also told that the project now has a welfare association, who are ensuring that project is well kept and developer is cooperating with them to fix any short falls in the project. Found few residents and plot owners using the swimming pool, which is quite nice.

    There were tar road works and park fencing works going on in some extension. The green cover on one end of the project looks very good. Over all it looked like a good project to build a house and live.

  9. Naresh Chandra Gupta

    If you were thinking the dark side of JR housing is exposed, it is not over yet. The project JR Urbania and JR nexus does not have ground water and they are selling these plots and apartment by telling they have cauvery water.
    The JR lakefront villa project is a courtyard of labourer, there are few house owners staying there, the stories are heartbreaking, not a place where you would like to live.
    I heard the swimming pool in JR Lakefront is open to public, literally. Anyone from labourers to nearby villagers can use it. JR Housing has no security so anyone can come inside the layout and jump in a pool.
    JR Housing advertises swimming pool and club house to attract clients but now you know the truth. Without any security or with broken boundary walls, you can only expect such things. The builders have no interest in the layout and using it as milking cow. JR housing is polishing shoes without a sole, so be careful when you hear them talking tall about their projects, its pack of lies.
    In 1998 JR Housing was SP housing, they developed SP township in Neralur village on Hosur road. Till date there is not a single house build there.
    You can guess why, yes- NO amenities or any basic infrastructures, just promises. It is been 16 years and the builder has not provided water there, though they promised everything in the world, even swimming pools
    The fate of other JR housing projects would be the same. Beware and check all the facts from residents of these layouts before investing or buying properties, you can be conned. A BDA plot may be costly and smaller but better any day from plots on offer from builders like JR Housing.
    See the JR Housing office in Marathalli, 1st floor of a dingy building. It appears JR housing has made all provisions to vanish without leaving traces behind. Even that building is on lease, so even easier to disappear any day.

  10. Niranjan

    One must visit JR Greenpark Lakefront and JR Urbania, recent offerings of JR Housing. Projects are well developed with amenities.

    Last few comments on this forum are baseless. VirendraSingh, Tanvir, Dinesh, Naresh Chandra have been trying to tarnish the image of a well reputed company.

  11. VirendraSingh616

    ”Swimming pool is made operational” – Oh Yes, but for snakes, frogs and others and not for humans I think :-). We heard from the labors staying there that there are lots of snakes, scorpions in the layout. Oh my God, please save them.

    When anyone visit the layout, please do not stop and fix your eyes at the items that looks good. Please do see left, right, up and down and also visit all the rounds, cross roads, cut roads and each and every place End-to-End inside the layouts you visit.

    Always prefer to visit and roam around the layout with your own vehicle and DO NOT GO by the vehicle offered by the developers as they take you only thru the way that will attract and impress you but the realities will be 100% missed/hidden from your eye sight.

    Your investment is huge – You deserve good quality of living for your investment. Do not get carried away by just looking at the impressive show off items which you will hardly use for your living in your busy schedule. Before finalizing a deal, please put a huge efforts and attention and show full interest and spend more time to scrutinize all the other important items which are actually needed for your basic living. Visit multiple good projects that are available around and choose the one which will definitely full fill your basic needs for good, healthy, tension free and happy living with premium quality development and usable amenities.
    I would say JR Housing developer layout is only showoff with poor and delayed developments.

    One line ”Perfume sprayed to mute the Garbage smell”

  12. VirendraSingh616

    Anyone who likes to visit the layout can try to visit the layout both during day light time and night time. Also try to visit 2 or 3 houses in the layout and speak to them to get their clients feedback about the developer and their living experience in the layout. Oh my God, please save them.
    Looks like the Under ground drainage, STP and Under ground electrification which are the core development items of any layout which the developer claims to be completed seems to be lacking, incomplete or a major quality issue with them.
    One who visit the layout, kindly take additional time to pay FULL & FULL & FULL attention to validate the completion of the development they claim (Example, Completion means of STP means not a shed named STP, but proper working treatment plant – As there are few houses and people already living in the layout, there is no In-Flow of the waste into the STP and Out-flow to where?) Then how the wastes are drained out from the layout??? Then how the wastes are drained out from the layout??? Then how the wastes are drained out from the layout??? THERE IS A BIG DEFICIENCY IN THE LAYOUT BEING HYGIENIC. Please Google and check what STP mean and does.
    Under ground electrification? We saw the overhead wires going into a couple of houses to feed electricity for the houses where people living and then where is under ground electricity? Do anyone know what is the cost involved to complete these items when skipped or poorly developed by the developers? No one can afford.
    We also noticed the electricity chamber box and the transformers laid in the layout and the question is, Are these as per the quality standards to carry or withstand the load when all the houses are constructed? If these poor qualities get broken, then can anyone imagine the cost of these items to re-install? KEB will never bare the cost for re-installation since installed by the private developers. If not KEB, then who?

  13. VirendraSingh616

    We recently visited JR Green Park where the JR Housing site office located.
    The layout was looking good at the first site!!!
    The main entrance road was good and wide enough!!!
    The Tennis court looks awesome!!!
    We can see many parks around the layout!!! – Unfortunately they were dry and no green even before summer?.
    Here JR Housing Developer says ”Please note that Roads, Landscaped gardens, Jogging Track, Tennis courts, Giant Chess, Football ground, Amphitheater, Stepped lawns, Under ground drainage, STP, Under ground electrification and compound walls have all been completed in the project already for Phase-1 and Phase-2. ”
    JR Housing Developer also says ”Kindly visit JR Greenpark and JR Urbania, one will appreciate the class of developments they are”
    I’m very eager to know what they mean by ”the class of developments”. They will need a class room training to learn and understand what actually ”the class of developments” mean and stand for.
    As the developer says the roads were completed, then their words are misleading to me.
    Except the main entrance road, all the other roads were fully broken and were not laid properly with good quality.
    I saw many roads were poorly developed and may be the developer would have laid quality road only at the entrance to attract and impress the new customers and never bothered about the other roads as they know those roads will be only used by the clients only after purchase :-)
    Jogging Track??? Sorry, not seen around.
    We met one of their clients living in the layout and could see red eyes on their face when they say their living experience in the layout. Oh God, please save them….
    They requested us to visit the layout again and roam around the layout after sunset to actually see the real darkness about the layout.

  14. Tanvir

    JR Housing are liars, I visited their office and they made several promises and gave nice shiny brochure. The fact is their development work is sub-standard and very low quality. Never trust this builder

  15. Naresh Chandra Gupta

    JR Greenpark is the worst gated community I have visited in Bangalore. I have a plot there which is unrecognizable. JR Housing did not keep their words on completing the development activity. The layout has several private properties and truly not a residential layout. Cows, sheep are commonly seen inside the layout. The builders have closed their ears on pending development work, condition of parks, road, club house, transformers, street lights, you name it and that’s sub standard and incomplete in the layout.
    Please buy a site in marsur village, that will have better amenities as compared to JR Greenpark.

  16. Dinesh P

    The water table in JR Urbania is very low, infact the whole area has no ground water. The limited water available is very hard and unfit for domestic use. The development work is in full swing but there will be a huge problem in next 1-2 years. For investment, it is good for few years till this problem is realized by the crowd.
    Better stay away from this project.
    Dinesh. P

  17. Unknown

    I have booked a site with JR 6 months back and running behind the legal documents. No proper documents are received still…Please go thru legal verification before commiting. This is my honest feedback.

    • Niranjan


      Would you mind updating the status of your booking and verification ?

  18. Suman

    I am looking to buy a plot/villa in JR Housing .
    I dont have friends/relatives in Bangalore and I am based in London.
    The project looks promising but I still have some concerns

    My concerns
    1) What is the water quality/
    2) On the map it looks like an easy commute to e city , But what about the guys commuting to central part of the city.
    3) Do we have good primary/secondary schools/Malls/shopping complexes around
    4) My guess is – It is good for self-residential, but an investor may have to hold for 7/8 years – which is fine.

    Dear forum users – pls include your valuable comments

    • Venu

      Commute to city should not be difficult to due to elevated high way and planned ring road. Nice Road is not far away.

  19. Koon

    Hi Satish, Has your legal verification been done? Can you please share the outcome? We are planning to get a plot there.

    If possible please call and we can talk. My number is: 0 96770 38580.


  20. Thirupalu

    My name is Thirupalu Jarugula, working in Oracle India. I already own three sites in JR Housing projects (#132 in Green Park – phase1, #56 in Green Park – phase2, #K9 in JR City, near Hosakote). Satisfied with their after-sales support, I’ve recently booked one commercial plot (#169) in JR Urbania. if want more info about my experience with JR Housing.

    • SEKHAR

      Hello Thirupalu ,
      Can you please share your mobile number with me
      Mine is 9980020569

    • Kumar

      Looking plot in Hoskote, last week i visited JR City in Hoskote.

      1. Is it worth buying there?
      2. What was the cost that u booked?
      3. whether it will develop?

      Please let me know your comments.Thanks in advance

  21. harshasagar

    Even though expensive JR housing do have some decent layouts to their credit, maybe it is still worth the price. I would definitely pick up a layout where people have started or in the process of constructing a house. Yes, I have personal experience with ground water contamination near the Chandapura area and I would advise to get a water quality test done.

  22. amit_peal2

    I am looking of poperty with BMRDA approved near e-city. JR housing looks expensive. Are there any other layouts that are affordable with clear titles? Property should be loanable.

    I have heard there are lots of factories near by and hence ground water is poluted. Advise/opinion will help.

  23. Jayanth

    Hello, How come you got to know that JR Housing is not able to keep their promises? Have to booked any flat in their project?

  24. Nandakishore

    I heard about JR Housing they are one of the reputed company’s in real estate. They have 15 years of experience in the field of real estate. Jr Housing Private Limited have completed many projects like JR Valley, SP City, JR SP Gardens and many more.

    • Tinu ML

      These are the highlights of JR green park layout. It is in the same state as it was 10 yrs before –

      1) Worst builder, shameless builder, Hench Builder
      2) Most of the street light non-functional. It gets switched on need basis.
      3) Security is for namesake and functional only on Saturday and Sunday. Remember, Sat/Sun is customer visit day.
      4) You can see few housing keeping ladies deployed in the layout on main road from main gate, only to trap new customers. You’ll be rewarded if could locate them on week days.
      5) Street light in main road remains dead most of the time. Security itself seats in dark. Imagine how they would be functioning.
      6) Clubhouse not ready yet. It seems JR Housing doesn’t have fund to complete it.
      7) JR Housing claims swimming pool functional. I agree, yes it is ready but only for laborers, contractors, villagers and their relatives. One of the dirtiest pool maintained by JR.
      8) By the way, villagers & rowdies gets barge in this layout anytime, seats in the park and drinks. Security can’t touch them, most of them are relatives of JR Housing.
      9) Heaven for cattle & dogs. They breed both. Reason as mentioned above/ There own relatives helping JR Housing running a dairy within the layout smoothly from ages.
      10) Villagers having duplicate keys of other gates. They open those gates anytime and push their cattle inside comfortably.


    Any reviews about JR Housing Bangalore. I heard that they are not keeping their properties in good shape and falling short of promises?


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