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  1. Horrendous Experience @ Hotel JW Mariott Mumbai


    I am Sachin Staying in Room No. 548 From Past 2 Days. There Was Some Technical Issue in Processing The Card for the Payment For Which These People Had not Waited For an Hour Before Which They have Deactivated my Room Key and when I ask about this to a floor Manager He Cant Even Speak Proper English And He says that he would get someone to sort this out for which I had to wait out of the Room for 15 min like a dog. Most Terrifying Experience I have ever Had while Travelling. I gonna Sue this People in Consumer Court with a Defamation Case. This Would happen in 24 hours Time.

  2. “Not a hotel to visit! Worst experience in India!”


    Having stayed at amazing hotels throughout my holiday in India during December 2013, this is definitely a hotel not to visit. Service is bitterly pathetic with absolutely no accountably or customer service. Response to a complaint is even worse. Poor location and definitely not worth the money. Rooms were dusty and dirty. Breakfast was hazardous!

  3. “A nightmare!”


    The biggest mistake i ever did was gifting my friends their first wedding night at this hotel.

    Whats the point of the staff being courteous after they have already made the blunder and ruined it for the guest? I reserved a room with a honeymoon package for my friends to enjoy their night, which was not an easy task, given the no. of times your call is transferred to different sections and different no. of people. At the time of the reservation, I made myself very clear (of which they also took a note) that it is a “GIFT” for the guests who would be coming in, and the entire payments for the stay will be made by me, for which i had provided them with my credit card details.

    After having checked multiple times and getting assurance from the team, upon arrival, my friend was asked to provide with his credit card details and was charged on that card. I inform the desk that evening itself (while the guests are still checked-in) about the blunder they have done, the embarrassment they have caused me in front of my friends and to correct it. I was told, it was a mistake from the reservations department, and they would take necessary actions for it. I was told the amount was already released and would take about 48 hours to reflect in the account. Its been more thane 4 working days since, and still there has been no refund.

    And if the humiliation they have already caused me was not enough, I have to keep checking with my friends everyday, who by the way are on their honeymoon, if the amount has been credited back to their account. Every time I call to check with the hotel, either they are confirming with their reservations department or the bank. And mind you, this is all after I have been already charged on my credit card for that particular stay!

    I thought they took special care of the customers who are members with them. Well they sure did, just differently!

  4. “Un expected experience”

    Mohammad S

    Today I plan with my friend to get a couple of drinks in Arola bar at about 11:50, the bar is one of the listed hotel facility working from 18:30 to 01:00.
    Unfortunately, waiter stopped us from getting in due to the facility being reserved for birth day party.
    I’ve asked for the hotel manager and he stated the same.
    By the way this is the only facility available that time attached with smoking area
    Just want to know, how come that hotel resident being stopped from using hotel facility.
    As far as we all know internationally, that the room rate level is based on the facilities provided to the resident for his satisfaction.
    Stayed March 2014, travelled on business

  5. “Horrible hotel cars & false promises”

    Nikunj A

    stayed with the hotel for a night on 10th of March, on my way back from a foreign trip.

    Airport transfers were included in my bookings. I had to collect some documents from some place near the airport for which i requested to take me to the airport via Malad. I was told that any deviation from the regular airport route no matter how small would be chargeable.

    Mr. Vijay from Concierge promised me a luxury vehicle also charged me Rs.2500 for the same (in spite of my free airport drop).

    But they landed me with an old Toyota Camry which was very dirty (seats, upholstry, mats). Basically the whole car was a mess.

    Upon complaining our chauffeur Mr. Neville could only say a sorry and that the hotel people had given the wrong car by mistake and he could not do anything about it.


  6. Really Unhappy


    There are many good points and features of this hotel such as the range of restaurants and food, gym and pool area. That is where it ended for me.

    The room we received which was not just the standard room was incredibly pokey in size and really inappropriate for business use. I had taken my girlfriend there with me whilst on a business trip. In terms of being able to work from the room, this was impossible. There was hardly enough room to move around. We had originally booked to stay there for 8 nights but ended up leaving after 6 due to this.

    As well as this, the night after we left, I took some clients to the Enigma nightclub which is in the hotel. We were of course refused entry as we were not hotel guests and we were an all male party. I had left the day before and settled a bill of around £1400. This fact did not matter. I was embarrassed and insulted as other groups of all males were permitted entry. A complaint by email upon my return home regarding the issue yielded no results.

    This hotel in my opinion is not well equipped for the business traveller. The attitude is slightly arrogant which is not acceptable to me. It feels like the hotel is more interested in servicing the local Bollywood crowd than its own existing or potential international travellers.

    Due to the issues we had here, I have instructed my employees to stop using all Marriott Hotels. There is much better for the money in Mumbai.

  7. Naam Bade Darshan Khote

    Hi guys

    Last week I had been to this beautiful,splendid,magnificent 5 hotel JW MARRIOTT but the above comments are restricted from the outer view only,coz when I went inside, the hotel is done well but looks titanic and you kind of feel very small and weak in a hotel with gigantic pillars and stairs. I was along with my fiancee and we went to the restaurant, the restaurant is a big open space inside the hotel with cane chairs which can fit two people of medium built and that is where comfort is out of feeling, in addition the person sitting opposite to you is quite far away and you both are together yet far away from each other.Then came a waitress and handed us a menu card and went away,a waiter came and bought expensive stem stalk glasses filled with inexpensive(i mean to say no mineral water) dirty drinking water so we told him to change the water as it looked dirty, he took away the glasses along with our order which was of two grilled sandwiches and pinacolada both extrememly expensive the pinacolada is of Rs 150 and the sandwiches for 300 each plus service taxes , the order came after 45 minutes and the taste of the sandwiches and pinacolada was very bad,the menu card had eye popping rates of everything extrememly expenive compared to other 5stars like LEELA or TAJ which are worth their value.The waiter that took the order was out of sight after that for about 40 minutes since I was engaged in conversation with my fiancee I failed to realize that I had ordered something, so when our conversation ended we realized that we had placed an order,so we waited for the waiter but he was no where to be found, in the mean time another waiter was passing by and I called him up and told him about the pending order, he went and got us our order but hey the water glasses were gone and never came back.Our bill amount was 892 and I put a note of 500 and 4 bills of 100 ,when the waiter took the money he didn’t return with the balance amount, it may probably must have been a case of perceiving the remaining balance as a tip by the customer taken without his notice.Well to cut a long story short This Hotel is extremely good if you see it but leaves a bad taste if you go inside.A hotel that truly stands to the the hindi proverb (’’NAAM BADE DARSHAN KHOTE). I came across 4 waiters during that 2 hours of my time in the HOTEL restaurant, do let me know how many do you come across?But this is the place where there is NO VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY,and this is the only Gurantee I can provide on my words.

    • Satis

      I had occasion to attend one marriage & one muhurt of Jackie;I tasted food;it is not that good when we have in Taaj or Leela!Anyhow such hotels are good for showmanship.not for dining routinely.It may close down one day!

    • admin

      Ashishb :

      Truly said. Most often I have too found 5* hotels does not have good food. The same is with Oberoi, mumbai. Yeah, you cannot deny the fact that their ambience and infrastructure are worth watching out for. Same goes with JW Mariott. Superbly designed and spacious. But as far food is concerned, it’z better to stay away..
      Good one…Keep writing..

  8. Shocking experience - robbed at marriott

    I got married in December and spent the night of the wedding at JW Mariott in Mumbai .

    After checking in at the hotel at around 11.45pm, my husband and me left for the coffee shop Bombay Bakery at the ground floor of the hotel at around 1.40 am .

    Coming straight from our wedding reception my husband had left around Rs. 66000 in his coats pocket in the room before leaving for the coffee shop.

    Next afternoon while we were leaving to visit guests , my husband found Rs. 15000 short in the cash he had brought with them. We immediately reported to the Hotel staff that we were Rs. 15000 short in cash, which most likely was stolen from our room. The hotel staff convinced us that they would look into the matter and let us know.

    After coming back to the hotel the Director of loss prevention unit Mr. Minoo Sarkar informed us that someone had broken into our room the previous night at 2.00am and it was one of their house keeping staff who had stolen the money from our room. He even informed that the lost cash had been recovered to the tune of Rs 14000 from the House Keeping In charge of 2nd floor who was cleaning the room opposite to ours on the fifth floor.

    We were informed that Rs. 1000 would be adjusted in our bill. Much to our amazement when we checked out the next day the front desk in charge Mr. Randal refused to adjust the stolen Rs.1000 against our bill.

    For 2 days after our wedding, rather than relaxing we were made to run from pillar to post without any resolution to our problems. We least expected this from a hotel chain of international repute.

    I am getting a feeling that the hotel is party to this crime, especially since they have not bothered to even write an apology let alone compensate us for our loss.

    I have lost patience now and intend to file a case at the local court here in Nagpur to resolve this long pending issue.


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