Kalpa Arowana
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Kalpa Arowana

Kalpa Arowana is a one of the key projects of Sai Nimishamba Properties or Kalpa Enterprises which is close to Manyata Tech Park, one of the busiest IT Parks of Bengaluru which is just 45 minutes’ drive from Bengaluru International Airport. The project is not a home but a hub of peace in serene surroundings which is carved with creativity and integration of beauty and technology in every corner. The building is timeless in its appeal and is aesthetically designed which is self-sustaining too. The company is driven by values like transparency, trust and efficiency and the company claims that the project exposes the company’s expertise and the art and exclusive interiors are unmatched. The ambience of Kalpa Arowana is picturesque with paintings, wall murals, sculptures and decorations in the lush greenery which the company claims purport one to an art village in the midst of the city. The apartment complex has all modern amenities and facilities with car parking facilities and is competitively priced.

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  1. Pallavi

    Kalpa Arowana is not a goo realtor in Bangalore market. Don’t be foolish by choosing this builder

    • Mahendra

      May I know your experience in this company. Then we will decide whether it is right place or not…!

  2. Chandana

    Kalpa Arowana’s Hormavu project is in good place. But they are not maintaining and constructing properly. We are getting more negative feedback from customers.

  3. Krishna

    Kalpa Arowana is a good builder and it is having all of its projects in major and most attractive locations. At the same time they are maintaining the good quality for their projects.

  4. Jajati Singh

    Kalpa Arowana’s Hormavu project is placed in such a nice location. But when I enquiry about them I got many wrong feedback regarding them that is the reason I changed my mind.

  5. Sindhuraj singh

    Went for a visit to their Hormavu project which is in good location. It attract many people but after cross check i got know that land documents was not perfect. Their was no BBMP or BMRDA approval for that pre launch project. So whenever you get any call from Kalpa Arowana then avoid the calls.


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