The experts and the real estate coaches feel that one of the major mistakes made by the sellers or the agents of real estate is approaching the customer over and over again. It is understandable that an agent has an agenda of selling more than one property which is why they think such mistakes do happen. The experts feel that an in-depth understanding of the customer is more essential than persuading or coaxing the customer.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

The critics and teachers feel that in banks there is a clause for the customer care professionals and the banking professionals to know the customer, KYC (Know Your Customer). know your customerSimilarly the real estate agent does not spend much time in knowing the customer due to which the sales are sluggish with many of them.

The real estate experts suggest of wearing the customer’s shoes and equating the customer’s situation rather than thinking about the sale. As the transaction is involved about huge money and may be the entire life’s savings of the customer, the process of selling is lengthy. Instead of blatantly following the persuasive selling techniques, few questions that can be asked to one’s own self are as follows.

Who is the customer?

What is exactly his want?

Why does he look for the property?

What is he or she expecting to gain from the property?

The above questions will equip the realtor or the agent or the property seller with the understanding of customer’s mindset so that it will be easier for the agent to match a property according to the customer’s preference. With this homework it will be much easier to write a marketing message or a tag line for the exact market segment that one is targeting.Property selling

The need of the customer can be varied to buy the property. Customers may want to live in that property or purchase it as an investment or may need it for sentimental reasons. There can be a plethora of reason for this purchase. The real estate agent or the property sellers require ideas to figure out this need before selling the property to a prospective buyer.

Again there can be differences due to one’s profession, passion or avocation too. A family man with a wife and children may look for a property with lawns and gardens. A young unmarried person can look for a one bed room apartment in the central city districts. A chef may look for a house with a large kitchen. Once the property is matched with the need of the demographics the job of selling the property would seem much easier. Most of the property buyers aiming to purchase real estate property would match the properties in all aspects with their needs. An understanding of this need would certainly make it easier to reach their hearts and hence to foster a purchase decision with a message in your communication.

As the agent knows what the customer is looking for, he or she is already at a competitive advantage against the competitors and fellow agents and would thus move towards the goal faster than others.

All the best in your property selling.

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  1. Krishna

    Whether it is any type of business the process starts from communication with customer. As an employee we need to know what customer is expecting. And why he is expecting that? Then only we got clear idea about the product we have and customer requirement. Then it is easy to convince the customer by modifying some changes in the existing product and also in his requirement. So before going to sell sales person should aware all the information relating to that product. The producer has to think in customer point of view then only he will get good success.

  2. Acharya

    Based on the designations the home is to construct by the builder means it’s very rear to get that type of builder in Bangalore. But I heard few builders are always constructing the building in their customer needs, designs. If this helping types of builders are having in Bangalore means it will be good for all the people to have their own home with your own infrastructure.

  3. Sachiv

    if anyone is doing business means he/she has to think in a customer’s points of view or else first provide the samples or taste with few customers what actually customer’s needs? If once seller knows everything about the customer then based on that seller manufacture products on the user requirements.

  4. Rachit

    Last week I visited builder office in Banshankari, this type of blog tips were that builder used with me. He tries to getting to know what type of home I need & what actually I want in my home. The builder utilized all the activities whatever present in these blog tips, very good tips described which are really helping so many builder/sellers.

  5. Nagraj

    Seller can see only his/her profit but if once they see the property buyers needs or requirements then seller may come up with the defect of what actually is missing in his business. So first property sellers have to understand fully to their customers then they can use their tactics on the customers.

  6. Anand

    Without any thinking about their customer the business may definite goes to shut down & they have to keep all the things what actually customer needs. First sellers have to win customers heart then only there may be chances to grow their business effectively.

  7. Rohith

    A seller has to know what actually customers need, what type of property they need, whether affordable or luxury homes customers’ needs. Based on that the sellers has to communicate & start elaborate their business projects in details..

  8. Kalpak

    The agenda of agents is to sell their properties without any in depth knowledge of customers. Such a big mistake happens with the agents by approaching to their customers over & over again. They feel that customers doesn’t have an ideas about the real estate but now a days people are first browsing about the products after that only they visit to the property agents…

  9. Manish

    I agree with this blog about to know customers before starts business to sell products. Once we understood about the customers’ needs then we can sell the products without any hesitates. We need to check the customers like: what type of customers are visiting to our business, what exactly they wants, why does they compare with other products, & at last what they expect from that properties, etc.

  10. Veeresh

    From my point of view few customers will come from middle class and few are high based on that level sellers has to communicate & explain about the products or projects so that they can first feel & trust on your words instead of using or buying the products. If once customer is agree with your words then you can manage your customer in any way…

  11. Ashok

    I’m happy with this blog description which is a good message for the sellers of the products to know your customer before attracting to their customers. I learned some thing from this blog about how should seller has to assist their customers.

  12. Sanjai

    very nice article posted in this post which is more useful for the property sellers to know more about their customers what actually they want from the sellers. In real estate especially the sellers has to think in a customers way & then decide how to attract the customers.


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