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Lotus developer Reviews

Lotus Developers makes an effort to understand the needs of the buyers and make an effort to deliver accordingly. Whether it is for an investment option or a dream home, all Lotus Projects are carefully planned to meet the expectations of the esteemed customers. Each and every project of Lotus is crafted with utmost zeal and brimming with creativity.

The company works with a vision to turn dream homes into reality. Currently, Lotus developers is managed by two partners, Mr. VENUGOPAL REDDY and Mr. DEVIPRASAD REDDY who have a combined knowledge, Zeal and experience to make the company stand out as a distinguished brand.

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  1. Vignesh

    I just got booked flat in Lotus petals apartment, it is located in Banneraghatta. the scenery is beautiful surrounded by greenery. I never expected this I am going to live in such beautiful location in Bangalore. Thanks t lotus group for you given such a healthy location.

  2. Priyank

    Initially I was more disappointed with these negative reviews about Lotus. so was looking other builders, I fed up with their service. However finally I come across Lotus developers they are most efficient people I ever seen in realty sector. They cleared all my doubts and queiries with patience. Now I got confidence and belief with them to buy flat.

  3. Harish

    It is comforting dealing with that Lotus builders but.I have had a few minor issues i.e. they little delay in getting Govt. approvals for the Lotus petals, other than this they quiet good in quality of construction.

  4. Anjith rai

    I have booked a flat in Lotus petals, my experience with them is really good. When I was booked the flat they give an update till now about the current status and modification the floor plan of the project. Till now everything going fine. So I would like to promote them to others.

  5. Falguni Pathak

    I was searching very badly a flat in Bangalore, at that time Lotus Developer cheat me.These people are not the reliable and trust worthy real estate company. They are never going to complete their project. So avoid any call from this company.

  6. Lalit

    Lotus Developers is not so compatible in the real estate market. The reason is they could not complete their project on time and takes so many months to complete. I was booked a flat but it was totally wastage of time and money. I am feeling really bad for choosing this company to buy a flat in Bangalore. I want to say to all Bangalorians , don’t ever go to this company. If you will go, maybe you will be suffering much more than me.

  7. surjit

    Hi All,

    Please let me know about Lotus Petals Builders in Bannergatta Road. How is their property and do they have all approval for their current project near Gottigerre?

  8. Sreekumar

    Yes Naveen,

    I also got the confirmation that they got the HPA approval letter and sites are ready for registration..


  9. Veeresh Sajjan

    Hi Harsha,

    Without sale deed can we go for agreement by paying 30% of total money?
    The developer was saying they have not yet done sale deed and they will get it done before registration.

  10. nitinkoshy

    Would you be able to share the details of the case if available including case number and if possible kindly share the notice that came in Vijaya Karnataka.


  11. harshasagar

    To check if a court case is resolved you ask for the OS number of the case and get it verified through a lawyer. Just because one case is closed does not mean that there will be no future problems.. again best to get in touch with a lawyer with all the documents. DC Conversion is ok, but then I think its better to go for a BMRDA approval as it ensures that roads, parks and civic amenities are properly in place before such an approval is given. Never take decisions in haste.. just because a developer assures you of a good pre-launch price, 15 days can become 15 months too… If its a BMRDA/HPA approved then the road plans will already be integrated into the layout masterplan so nothing to worry…

  12. Kiran

    Not received the approval letter yet! The ’2-3 days’ now does not even seem to be ’2-3′ months! They have been repeating the ’2-3 days’ joke since June/July 2011 like a tape-recorder. You can check even now. Call the MD Nataraj 9886026377 to hear the joke from him.. anyday!

  13. sake k

    Hi Harsha,

    Thanks for the Reply.

    I spoke to sales guy today he says that they are in touch with HPA and its just about to be done. The release papers are coming in 3-4 days.


  14. harshasagar

    5 months ago the marketing guy said “next week we’ll get approval and the prices will increase” and thats what they are saying even today. Looks like the processing is still going on. I would prefer to wait for the documents and get a legal clearance. Please check with HPA once to be on the safer side. Since its only sites, it should be ok to even if its a new developer, just need to make sure that the amenities that they promise dont remain only on paper.
    The layout falls under Hoskote hence HPA is the approving authority. Thats not an issue.

  15. Saket

    Hi Harsha,

    I have enquired with the Abhudaya Developers and they are saying that the approval number has been arrived. They said that on 20th Jan 2012 they will get the release letters/docs for sure from HPA. I want to know if some one else have got some dates like this previously. Have any one visited HPA and enquired? Have any one get the papers checked leagely? I have been given a photocopy and the approval number is written on top of it with the date 31.10.2011.

    Harha: Does this letter confirms or assures that the survy number mentioned are approved and will be released?

    Should we trust this developer since he is a new comer? Developer asked to book the site in 2 days to freez the rate else it will be drastically increased once the release will happen. The sales guy always says its BMRDA approval but its actually the HPA approval.

    Harsha please advise one this.


  16. Srinivas

    Hi Veeresh,

    Thanks for the info. Whats the latest update on this? Do you suggest to opt this?


  17. Veeresh M Sajjan

    Hello All,
    For getting BMRDA approval it may take more than 3 montths from now and we dont know when the sale deed betenn land owner and developer happens. The developer asking us to pay amount to go for agreement or take the membership back. We are thinking to take money back.

    Please reply to this.


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