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  1. amrendrafriend

    i know this customer he is a big cheater. i am Broker in goregaon east he came in my office and he said i wanted to buy a flat in mantri group. i gone with him and helped him to booked the flat and after he is asking me to pay some amount to himself from what ever commission you get from developer.
    He is third class customer and whatever his written this is not true.
    he is just haressing the developer to get some additional benefit which is not paid

    • Shakthi

      Thanks amearandra friend , these type of customers are using this platform to harass the developers .
      I feel the website should have some way to validate the reviews.

  2. Amrendra Pratap Singh

    I have purchased and took possession of Flat no. 1002 in Lily Building at Mantri Park, Goregaon (East), Mumbai on 5 June,2012.

    Soon after shifting to the referred flat, I started facing number of issues with respect to the referred property. It has become necessary for me to highlight these issues since it seriously affecting our daily life and also pose serious safety concern. The Annexure F & G of sale deed agreement clearly mention the list of basic amenities & common amenities to be provided to the purchaser. The major issues are listed below for your immediate attention and action :

    1.Alternate car parking : Please refer to our discussion regarding damage to my car no. MH02 BY9906 parked at my allotted open parking no. OP-204. I was alloted car parking near Tansy building at the time of sale deed agreement subject to condition that alternate parking will be given near Lily building later in May,2012 once it come up for allotment.I have already raised my concern regarding this vide complaint lodged to customer care dept. in May / June month and faxed letter dated 4 August sent to your office. But unfortunately no action was initiated by your office on any of the complaint. As already my car was scratched purposely in presence of your security, I am left with no option but to move my car out from given parking slot and have parked my car at OP-273 (in front of Lily Building). Kindly allot this parking no. so that I can park my car safely.
    Further I will get my car inspected at Toyota authorize service centre and submit my claim for refund of the repair charges once survey is done since your security staff has failed to protect my car during their presence.

    2. Lift : Out of two lift at Lily Building, one of the lift is not operational. Even Mr. Vishal committed that this lift will be operational before taking possession of the flat. Please refer my letter dated 19 April,2012 submitted to your office before taking possession. I along with my two kids was once stuck in this lift inbetween 3-4 floor on 9 June,2012. After repeated shouting, the security guard came for help and they could open the door after 45 minutes. You will agree with me that several time technicians attempted to repair this lift but it has proved that it is beyond repair and it is unsafe for human use. As per recent discussion with Mr. Rahul, his suggestion to conduct third party inspection for all lift seems to be an eyewash and is not an attempt to provide lift of reputed make. Last month, Mr.s Mantri promised to repalce the defective lift with Kone make. Hence I strongly urge you to replace the same with branded lift such as Otis / Schindler / Kone.

    3. Drinking Water : We have noted that BMC water supply has started in the premises but if you see the underground & overhead reservoirs in daylight it is filled with physical contamination which can be seen from naked eyes. The tank cover is generally partially open which may lead rat, other insects, dirt etc.entering in the drinking water tank. Despite several request made to Rahul in earlier meeting, no action was intialted by you to address the issue. Kindly take immediate action to sanitize it, properly cover each tank & transfer water through concealed piping.

    4. Commercial Water supply : We are suffering with acute water supply shortage particualyl Lily / Lavender building. Currently hugh quantity of water is being consumed by the commercial establishment from Lily / lavender building tank and leaving residents without water. Hence we request you to install separate water tank for commercail eastablishment of S2 tower and connect with the water supply provided by BMC ½” connection.

    5.Water Tank for Toilet : There was no water in the toilet flush & kitchen for during July & August, 2012. When we talked to Sanjay Patil (care taker) he told us that there is insufficient water supply from the BMC. We request yo to provide bore well water as per approved BMC plan. We need your alternate option to address this problem so that it does not recur.

    6. Intercom : The Intercom has still not installed as it was mentioned in the sale deed agreement. It possess serious safety issues when any outsider visit our flat withour our knowledge.

    7.Road / pathway inside the premises, drains and badminton court : The podium, road / pathway inside the premises and badminton court is not leveled properly which leads to water stagnation in low lying areas. I would request you to install paver blokc and level it. This will not only prevent water stagnation but will also help to prevent diseases like malaria.

    8. Rain Water Harvesting : Noted that it has not been impremented in the complex as agreed in sale deed document. Request you to implement the same so that useful rain water can be saved ant utilized.

    9. Occupancy Certificate : My banker has being requesting for the occupancy certificate. I request you to arrange the same without further delay.

    10. Property Tax receipt : Please arrange delivery of property tax receipt submitted to the concerned dept. for my record purpose.

    11. VAT payment receipt : Please arrange delivery of VAT payment receipt submitted to the concerned dept. for my record purpose. as per agreement, our flat sale price is inclusive of the VAT.

    Mantrirealty being a renowned developer in the region, we expect them to deliver the property and services which will not only reinforce faith among the purchaser but will also serve as good reference for your new development.

    I would again request you to look into each of the above said points and take appropriate action in 15 days. Should you need any further information from me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Looking forward for your to receive your immediate action on all the above mentioned points,


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