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  1. staurus12

    Having heard of quality of construction and good service from big names, I called into Mantri Developer’s toll free number (18001210000). I dialled the options for Bangalore and Alpyne appts. It took me 3 calls and some waiting in beetween to get someone to receive the call. I politely mentioned that I am looking for some information abt the project. I hear back somone speaking in hindi with a rude tone… saying ” I am driving now, call me later”. I was taken by shock… since I expected to reach some courteous customer care exec. I reconfirmed if it is someone from Mantri and asked if I can speak to someone else(hoping to find someone much polite than him). He said “whats the hurry?” Hinting that Ican call him later after he is no more driving!!!!! How do I know that…?.

    I have heard of high headedness and rough handling of customers from this builder in some earlier cases as well. I have for the time being dropped the idea of considering Mantri developers after this incident. Not being sure, if this is the kind of response you get for inquiries, what could be expected once the money is gone to the other side!

    • Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd.

      Dear Staurus,

      we sincerely apologies for the Inconvenience caused to you. We request you to email and share complete details about the problem to us at

      Kindly mention your contact details in the email, as it will help us to assist you better, looking forward to receiving your email.

      Thank you

      With Regards,
      Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd.

  2. sdeepengineer


    I would like to give you some important information.

    The following are my concerns,

    1. No water source for 800 apartments, water is being bought for every single use. Owners are paying for tanker water supply

    2. No Sewage procesing units(or they are not adequate). Owners are paying for clearing sewage through tankers again.

    3. power supply is erotic as proper transformers are not planned. Then the apartment is forced to use the DG sets extensively and hence more maintenance cost.

    The maintenance cost is equivalent to rent in that area. Also, the quality is worst. Everything is low quality.

    They promised me a stilt level parking by the name of open car park and later claimed that it is open to sky. Their marketing ppl are literal cheaters.

    I have heard from electricians Of Mantri “I would not buy my house here, you are a fool”, this was in response to the fact that all the kitchen plug points were behind fridge space. Also, they have provided a 5Amps switch for fridge, this is not right.


  3. taranmurthy80

    If you don’t visit on a weekend or a public holiday and you don’t have to wilt while waiting for the traffic to disperse- its a neat place to visit. But on weekdays only. The weekends and holidays at this mall feels like Russell Market in the earlier days. Lolz.
    Humor Apart- For those of you looking for a multiplex, food court, bowling alley, arcade games, bargain shopping or high end brands, groceries, cafe, jewellery, fine dining options, bar, etc you name it- you’ve got it here.
    There’s something for every sized pocket. Its not a high end mall like Orion nor is it limited on options like Garuda. If you live within minimum distance from Malleshwaram/inner city Bangalore and don’t want to travel as far as Forum in Koramangala or Lido in Ulsoor or the malls in the outskirts- then just drop into Mantri.

  4. customer7777

    I purchased Mantri Espana with an understanding that it’s a premium property and paid premium cost. But when apartment given to me for PDI, found construction quality very average, even cracks in marvel flooring. asked Mantri officials to rectify it but for 4 months they kept on saying ” it’s getting rectified” . Finally they put some solution to it and even after that crack was clearly visible. Now my handover is already delayed by 5 months and I’m paying hefty rent in my current accommodation but there is no body in Mantri to listen and do needful. I feel like cheated by Mantri, where they have taken the full money and have not deliverd the apartment with basic quality of construction.

  5. Vajra5attvahum

    After hearing all the praises for the Mantri Square, my family and I decided that it was time for a visit. We were looking forward to have a quiet family time with the kids. We were also expecting the place to be a welcoming change from the usual Forums and City Central. However, what was in store for us in the mall was chaos, disrespect and a bad end to a weekend of expectation.

    It all started even before we got to the mall. The car I drive is an age old classic which I have cherished all my life. I own a Contessa Classic 1.8, which I know is a big car for normal roads. But the road that gets you to Mantri is not a normal road. It is almost clogged to a foot space entry. It took us close to 20 minutes to get from the Natraj Theatre to Mantri.

    Then came the parking disaster. The area that is provisioned for parking is highly disorganised. Yes, there are people to provide valet but are they as careful as you with your vehicles? Hell, No!!!! They just want to throw your car like a tin of garbage in one of the open slots and be done with. And the space is very badly built which adds to your trouble.

    Then comes the actual Mall area. It is a pathetically designed building with least or no eye for safety. The place is a dungeon with no escape during fires. God forbid a fire disaster occurs, don’t run – don’t panic, just call your loved ones and say goodbye. This seems to be the idea the mall was built on.

    The worst experience I had was with the staff. I encountered Mall staff who were not just rude and arrogant but hooligans and rowdies too. I happened to be unaware of the fact that smoking is prohibited outside the Mall where a small fountain flows (which is around 4-5 ft away from the exit). I decided to sit on the parapet wall next to the fountain and smoke a cigarette. I had just placed the cigarette in my mouth when I heard someone. I am going to quote the conversation that happened in English though it happened in Kannada.

    Man – “Get out of this place, you are not allowed to smoke here.”
    Me – “Maybe you could say that in a better way.”
    Man – “I don’t have to say it in any way. Just get lost from here.”
    Me – ” I think I should report to your manager and see what he has to say?”

    Ironically the man who spoke to me was accompanied by his manager, who also was as rude if not more. And as a matter of fact I am not making any of these things up.

    Manager – “I am his manager and what the F * are you going to do about it?”
    Me – I think I will talk to your security cheif or whoever you report to”
    Manager – ” I don’t report to anyone. I am the boss. Now you better get the F* out of here or I will have beat you up and then throw you out.”

    My wife got agitated by this and got into the conversation.

    Wife – “You try and lay a finger on him and see what will happen to you. I will call the police and have you both arrested for Assault.”

    As soon as my wife said police, the man who had spoken first literally pounced on her and pushed her down. It all happened so fast that I had no time to react. I caught hold of this guy and kicked him in the gut. The menager was trying to get into the action but was held back by another companion of theirs. Seeing this we got into the mall and asked for the Security head. By then both these people had realised that they were in for trouble and started to try and stop us. And in the course of trying a lot of other people gathered there. With a public gathering forming there the two of them again got into their defensive. I think they were frightened, due to which they wanted to get away. The manager this time attacked me and tried to beat me up. The people gathered around stopped him and he got his share of wacks right there.

    By then my wife had called the police and we had the security team lock the two guys up in a room. Once the police arrived they arrested the two of them. We were called to the police station and give a statement. The police officer present there was really outtraged with them for man handling a woman. He called my wife over and asked her to beat them up till she was releived.

    This is what happened at the Mantri Square mall to us. So with this you guys can realise how good this place is. If given a choice, we would prefer this mall to be pulled down to pulp. The worst ever experience in a place which is supposed to be professional as well as casual. Let me end the review on another note though. When I got my car back from the parking after all this chaos, it had a large scratch across the driver side door. So I have nothing but thanks for this Mall and its people.

  6. mnigel89

    Mantri Alpyne is a great ongoing project from Mantri in the serene locality of South Bangalore (Banashankari 5th Stage – Uttarahalli Main Road). It is a beautiful project & rates high on both residential & commercial value. It has close proximity to schools like Delhi Public School & hospitals like Manipal & BGS. Already home to a beautiful surrounding location, with an adjacent hill hosting a BWSSB water tank on its peak, surrounded by a BDA park. One of the best projects from Mantri!

  7. nagarsl

    I had been to the mall to watch a movie on a sunday. The parking facility and the staff controlling it were so pathetic that they closed the gates and said the parking is full even though there were vehicles coming out of the mall. Adding to tht unlike other malls in bangalore which will have alternate arrangements for vehicle parking on weekends to handle the rush, this mall doesnt make any such arrangement. The mall management is horrible, the customer service is pathetic and vehicle parking is also bad and adding to the our vehicles are not safe, no sufficient emergency exits.

    Therefore, I suggest my fellow bangaloreans to stay away from this mall.

  8. monali513

    Recently, I purchased a sandal from Mochi in Mantri Mall, Bangalore. The salesman was praisingt he brand and its durability. He told me if you are not wearing a mochi sandals, you wont how it feels and all. He said they have a system of exchanging shoes by chance its damaged. Within 2months, pasting from both the sandals came out one after another. When I checked the bill, it says, no gurantee in pasting and stitching. These people are making general public fool with their high end branding but not giving importance to products and after sales service. DONT GO TO MOCHI.

  9. lolipop69

    I suggets all you people to stay away from this stupid mall… coz if fire breaks in there is no water to put it off.. coz one weekend i went there with a friend of mine.. he had to go to the toilet, i accompenied him to the wash room at the second floor and comes back saying all the latrine doors in there are locked.. then at the same time another man came out yelling saying he had also went to the 3rd floor WTC and there was no water, then somebody suggested us to go to the 1st floor wash room we went there and the same case… we almost went to all the floors to find if he could use a toilet. finally all the latrine were locked…? can u believe the latrines gettin locked in a mall…? and the reason was no water supply.. then we cought hold of the manager and other people they all did a big drama saying that there was a water shortage as it was a weekend and they didt expect such a big crowd…???
    it so stupid of them.. for not having water supply… and i asked if there is a out burst of fire…? what they are going to do…? they didt have any answere.. and its in malleshwaram… and the fire fighters can never reach there until the whole bulding is burnt down…?
    I have no clue which authority gave them permission to open such a stupid mall without any water supply…
    and one more thing there was not even one water dispencer filled with water… all the dispensers the floors were empty and dry… so if somebody is thursty they need to go to the food court and get mineral water which cost Rs 50 per liter, where as the same thing outside is less than Rs 15.. when asked they go its the mall price.. and its printed there cant you see…? are you blind..?
    so here there is no respect for the visitors…?
    Do you guys really want to go to such a place with your life at risk..? and when you know that you dont get any respect…?

  10. Ramchi

    I have booked my apartment in Chennai Mantri Synergi last September. I have almost paid 95% but the overall construction still remain 60% in my opinion. For few blocks, walls, plastering and even ceiling work are pending.

    Land filling activities , aminities are just now started. It was initially promissed around December 2009 yet they had captured it as March 2010 in the contract. Now they have pushed the Phase I delivery to June 2010 but I don’t see this happening on June unless miracle happens. Phase II activities are way behind schedule.

    Though initially started as Luxury housing, later it became budget housing in their Phase II offerings by diliting some of the specifications. This is going to be tricky living especially when you have people of different class coexist, especially when the association gets formed it will be an interesting thing to see.

    Overall reputation of the builder is good but like any realtors, Mantri may also having its own struggles in the tough RE market conditions in Chennai where there are many options for buyers now. If Mantri delivers Synergy beyond expectations in terms of quality and aminities, even at a delayed timelines (acceptable limits though), I am sure they can demand premium in their future projects in Chennai, where if your reputation takes beating, bookings can be done only to the outsiders in the future!

  11. rohi715

    Mantri Mall is NOT FIRE SAFE. It is a SMOKE CHAMBER

    We had been to Mantri Square, Malleshwaram, Bangalore and found it to be a SMOKE CHAMBER like many people have already mentioned.

    All Sides are fully covered with concrete walls without an inch gap !
    All this for just advertisement hoarding ?

    It feels very claustrophobic .. especially in the restrooms (I had to go zig zag and zig zag) and towards the wings where there is Reliance Jewels etc..

    There are good things about the mall, no doubt, the glass covering above entrance, the circular opening in the center of the mall etc..

    If there is a fire, yes they have fire exits and fire saftey measures…… but people could suffer suffocation.

    Feedback has been sent to the mall on their site.

    Remember in case of smoke due to fire

    1. Put a wet cloth/handkerchief on your nose/face. This will avoid suffocation
    2. Crawl out (Fire/Hot air always goes up)
    3. Walk fast. Do not run.

    Take care

    I have photos of the mall, but unable to upload them here. (It just shows X mark)

  12. shwe12.

    Like everyone i too was exiting that Mantri Mall was opening at Malleswaram.A mall in my
    neighbour hood sounds too good to be true to a shopoholic like me.And all my favorite brands
    & shops all under one roof like lifestyle, shoppers stop, W, Pantaloons, Reliance trends,
    Max, SPar.I didnt have to go to 3 different directions to shop anymore.

    So On one Saturday evening i decided to visit the very happening mall.
    Got parking easily in the huge Car parking lot.Took the elevator upto the mall.I nearly fainted looking at the crowd.Maybe becoz it was a weekend.Got tired after visiting teh shops in teh ground floor only becoz of the crowd.Too many peple outside teh shops and in teh eating joints.Hardly visited any shops as well.TRied getting out of the mall & was stuck for over 2 hours in teh basement because of the traffice jam.

    So people i suggest that inacse you plan vsiiting the mall
    1> go only during weekdays
    2> use public transport (auto or bus)
    3> Go in the mornings so that you can visit all the shops without getting pushed.

  13. onlyrohit

    I have been to almost all the malls in Bangalore , but this one surprised me , even before i had entered it.

    We Reached the mall @ 4 PM , but i could get inside only by 4:35 PM , as i had to look for some parking spot , and i found it almost 600 mts from the mall in the inside lanes of ever busy Malleshwaram.

    I circled the Mall twice before i could park my vehicle.

    Even the traffic police didn;t allow me to stop also , so that my family could get down. They forced us to go at least 100 mts before i could stop.

    Every 5 minutes they will block the pedestrians , so the cars could get out and then the cars are blocked so the pedestrians could walk……. WOW

    Try to jump it and the policemen will give good abuses

    There was a big queue ( Sorry queue is not the word , as it is supposed to be ordered. ) , a huge crowd of people getting in the mall. Only 1 security scanner , so people were just try to get in as soon as they can get past it.

    Reason :- Most out of curiosity had just come to see the MALL ( many from nearby slum areas ). It created a huge rush of peopel getting in and getting out. One can see the fatty aunties ( with bright bright ornaments and cham cham sarees) , struggling over the escalators blocking everyone’s else passage , and with such huge crowd , it is not less than the traffic jams outside. It happened to us 3 times , and all the times i took the stairs , as the people just can’t understand English.

    All the shops were heavily crowded , people shouting in all languages , no discipline and looked like the price tags were upward atleast by 10-30 % of what is prices outside.

    No mall staff for any help . Just help yourself. Food court is always jam packed. No drinking water

    ( or may be you need to discover it like people discovered stars ). Sign boards are confusing , most people couldn’t understand.

    Saw a women coming inside the Gent’s Rest room . It was embarrasing . The walls outside the rest room’s were leaking from water from top floors , there were cracks , looked like , they have already lived their lives.

    The avergae age of people i saw inside was at least 35 +

    Very contrasting compared to other malls in Bangalore.

  14. Mkgupta

    Mantri Greens at Malleshwaram is rated as one of the few locales that is dotted with the best of services. Be it the soon-to-come proposed metro rail hospitals, schools, parks, supermarkets or dining outlets… you have it all within your reach. If this does not suffice, you have Mantri offering you a ring of amenities… pools, gymnasium, squash courts and more. In short, you have the world next door.

    Nearby Vicinity:
    Clooney Convent
    Kendriya Vidyalaya
    Sheshadripuram College
    Manipal North side hospital

  15. Mkgupta

    The much awaited project “Mantri Magnolia” is launched. Mantri Magnolia is coming up at the Sarjapur Road(adjacent to Mantri Flora).Mantri Magnolia offers 1BHK +study ,2/3 BHK luxury premium and non premium apartments starts from 850 sqft to 1505 sqft with amenities like Swimming Pool ,Club House, kid play area, cross ventilation and many others. So be the first to experience the sky-high lifestyle.

    Mantri Magnolia offers you a slice of nature while being a stones throw away from modern day luxuries and amenities – a delightful blend, hard to miss. Now you could watch the stunning city skyline from the comforts of your home and still be minutes away from catching that important flight for your business trip.

  16. subjectivist360

    Last weekend I got an opportunity to do some shopping and we picked mantri Square in Malleswaram. We reached there around 4 Pm and planned to stay for a few hours. It was quite an experience. The sheer size of the mall is soemthing that stikes you as you go in.While the inside of the Mall is pretty normal with a fully functional AC etc ….a lot of shops were yet to be opened.

    After doing the usual rounds, we managed to get some shopping done in Lifestyle and Shopper Stop and headed upstairs to the “food court” to get some grub.

    That’s where our evening begins to take a turn for the horrible. There were hardly a few food joints open and even the Veg by Nature, coconut grove, Shiv sagar, the chinese joint whose name i can’;t remember etc were having brisk business…with hardly any items being offered from their so called menus..It was clearly a sellers market with people jostling and shoving just to get to the cash counters..In the end after much debate and muscling my way in, i finally managed to get a couple of pav bhaji’s for me and kids..then began the hunt for seats which finally materialzed after eons and eons of waiting by which time the pav bhajis had cooled down sufficently to make eating it.. a non affair.

    Finally we got ready to head home ~7 PM and headed to the “hi tech” parking garage on level 2.

    when we got there, what did I see?…a few cars lined up near the exit..quite harmless eh..? that’s until i tried to get my car out..! Nope..there’s no room to reverse my car with a maroon Honda Civic blocking my way..and the lenght of the queue increasing by the minute with no car moving out..This went on for about 20 which time I got out of the car and walked up to the exit to see what was happening..what do i see? cars of all shapes and sizes queued up and just 1 car being let out every 3-4 minutes or so… The reason being that a massive traffic jam has occured on Sampige road and cars from the parking lot are being held back to prevent it from getting worse..

    Now …this is a parking lot with a capacity of 2000 cars !!! So if one car is being let out every 3-4 mins….you get the idea…. I began seriously wondering if at all we;ll be able to get out of there ..! Speaking with the parking lot attendants and traffic police was met with shrugs of helplessness ..everyone seemed spectators to this phenomenon unfolding before us..

    At 7:40 PM, i decided that getting back in the mall would be the wiseest thing to do and I managed to kill another 30 mins in the SPAR hypermarket..heading back to the garge at 8:15 and what do i see…The maroon Honda civic that had been patiently waiting had hardly moved…!!!!..Funnily enough, the occupants of the Civic seemed to be unruffled and were munching away..(probably dinner packed from KFC!!). what was even worse was that the queue had filled all the empty lanes of the parking lot ..This was too much for me and I decided to act. We came back to level 0 got out into the main raod and in the middle of all the traffic managed to find an auto who would take us home and got in. Reached home in RajajiNagar by 9 15 PM..

    my car??….I finally went back to the mall at about 10:30 PM went straight to the parking lot and drove out in less than 30 seconds..!! Will I ever visit again..??? Probabaly never.

  17. krathu

    This mall has been inaugrated amid lots of funfare and publicity. none other than the cm came over to inaugrate the same.
    Ever since its opening, it is a nightmare for people who evnture to come over and to people who happen to pass the place.
    The traffic snarls are so bad that you end up being trapped for a couple of hours if you are lucky.
    Last week I know of a fe people who missed thier buses and trains becos of this jam.
    It is centrally airconned and as an environmentalist I am not sure why we should tolerate such mass shit.
    The traffix police are under clear instructions to ensure public trickling into the mall get unhindered access (some buildings entracnces were blocked to allow vehicles to come in and go out of the mall!!!).
    Not enough parking provided… guess what… the roads are anyway parking lots.. so dont worry about not getting a parking space.. just lock you car.. go finihs your shopping and come back.. your vehicle will still be in familiar environment.. your adjacent vehicles wud not have moved an inch!!
    to mantri shoppers – good luck!!!

  18. Kamin

    Mantri Developer launches Celestia – homes that touch the sky in premium locality of Gachibowli Hyderabad. Celeste by Mantri is spread over 11.5 Acres of land in Gachibowli, 7.5 acres for residential and 3.5 acres for commercial. Spread over7 towers, G+23 floors.

  19. Kamin

    It’s true. Elements of nature – Water, Fire, Wind and Earth make up our existence. It expresses originality and makes us appreciate the simplicity of life. Mantri Synergy at Chennai is designed to bring the cradle of nature into your home, in perfect harmony. Here you learn to sing to the tunes of playful waters, ignited sunny moments, whistling winds and rhythmic earth , taking you miles away from the crushing urban-life into nature’s harmony , Mantri Synergy.

  20. Rahul

    Mantri has launched Synergy 2 residential project in chennai. It expresses originality and makes us appreciate the simplicity of life. Mantri Synergy at Chennai is designed to bring the cradle of nature into your home, in perfect harmony. Here you learn to sing to the tunes of playful waters, ignited sunny moments, whistling winds and rhythmic earth taking you miles away from the crushing urban-life into natures harmony – Mantri Synergy. It is G+12 floor structure and consists of 129 apartments of 2 BHK.

  21. Ajay

    Mantri Developers launched a new residential project called Mantri Astra on Hennur Road, Bangalore. Mantri Astra offers 2 & 3 Bedroom luxury homes and penthouses with expansive views, 80% open space. Mantri Astra has excellent facilities such as swimming pool with toddler’s pool, fully loaded club house and children’s play area and more. All the 110 exclusive apartments are in the range of 1260 sq. ft. to 3300 sq. ft.

  22. Payal.Verma

    The first sight of the sun, the cool breeze caressing your face, the greenery, and 85%vast open space?all put that smile on your face as you get ready to begin your day. And as you return home at the end of a hard day? you are lifted by nature?s bounty, and you calmly treat yourself to an array of inviting activities… the health club to begin with. At the hideaway called Mantri Tranquil. Off Kanakapura Road.

  23. ishani

    Mantri Developer launches Celestia – homes that touch the sky in premium locality of Gachibowli Hyderabad. Celeste by Mantri is spread over 11.5 Acres of land in Gachibowli, 7.5 acres for residential and 3.5 acres for commercial. Spread over7 towers, G+23 floors.

  24. Sharma1

    Designed around Spanish colonial architecture, Mantri Espana unifies the Mediterranean style with modern design-patterned arches, tiled courtyards, red roof and terraces along with expansive windows and open space. What?s more it offers multifold amenities… 5 swimming pools, 9-hole mini golf course, ATM centre, food court, meditation centre and much more – all that comes naturally with a lavish and energetic living that you have always waited for.


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