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ND Developers have made a distinctive name for themselves in the field of real estate and are a reckoned leader in real estate in Bangalore. They are a well-established organization who have abundant involvement in land development for both commercial and residential purposes. The company has with great success completed projects of complex nature. Besides, they have been providing a wide array of services for numerous purposes.

ND Developers constantly strives hard to offer great quality artistic living spaces that provides abundant comfort. It also includes all the required facilities too.  Besides, most of their commercial properties are known to have imbibed the strength to draw high level visibility, unmatched facilities and customers.

They have also from time to time painstakingly studied in detail the customers’ psyche and accordingly planned each and every project of theirs so that it suits the requirements of the customers. Today, ND Developers are known as one amongst the top developers in Bangalore owing to their resolve and zeal to state-of-the art technology, construction practices and balance architectural designs to carter to their customers’ requirements – both their future and present needs.

We share your view  and ratings on ND Developers projects with reviews Bangalore.

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18 Responses

  1. saurav

    ND developer – a fraud builder who never completes a project and give you an excuse that they don’t have money to complete the project . Visit ND passion on harlur road , Kudlu -560068 and see yourself .
    They will promise you to deliver paradise and what you get is worst than hell . So be careful before giving your hard earned money to a builder like ND developer
    – saurav

    • Indian

      Yes, they don’t have money to complete the projects and also brainless people managing the company. They have not even paid salaries to employees from 4-5 months. God only knows how these poor employees r managing their families. All of their projects will take decades to complete, so anyone willing to wait for 10-12 years, they can buy from ND Developers. All the best!!!

  2. Subramanya S A

    I am looking for 2BHK/3BHK flat at ND passion Haralur, Bangalore. Please help me.

  3. Jainath

    I liked the process of ND developers , the way they execute the process of my flat.
    When i booked a flat with them , thay told me the possesion period will be 1.6 year but before that provide me the flat. All the legal documents were very clear while discussing with the sales person. And they really reply to every quiry you ask through any medium.

  4. pradeep

    We have already one homes in our 30 yrs of marriage, but this time we have gone through the building process. We discused to many good builders in the bangalore and ended up going with ND DEVELOPERS they walked us through the process of buying and wefeeled it is perfect. At the tim of buying we feel really the customer satisfaction was his goal and that truly achievedby them. Thank you for the wonderful living invirements with world class of amenities which can be enjoyed by us, we really like the documentation and registration process to them which successfully happened in a smooth way without any type of issues. The cost price of the home was really resonable .Thanks again to the team at ND DEVELOPERS.

  5. Arun

    The obsession about ND Developers which I for myself liked, is the sketch of action they are fast, expert as well as good behavioral towards the clients. The whole thing is well organized in the company. They have split department for different works. As per the promise all the essential legal papers I got and building for my project has been very best.

  6. impacted

    I feel ND developers. Are thinking they rule the area with all the bigshot contacts they are threatening people I feel what security will u have when you buy from them they will overpower you. And you will have to just take it. Today in one of the medical shops in BTM they were bossing over the counter for not given simple tablet as he was not having prescription . They also hit one of them for sugesting . If they feel they rule what will happen to people who will buy property from them.

  7. kmanme

    Hey all.. Hope my review will help every one. I’’m not biased towards any one. I just want to say the reality, which is the recent history with ND.Developers was not as mentioned in the review. ND.Developers have made a good advancement in the market position and achieved the trust from the customers. I have been a recent customer to them, I’’m adequately content what they have provided. Hope that clarifies the ambiguous nature of this review..

    • Sunil

      Their ND passion was supposed to be completed in 2011 . still we have not got pocession . Not sure hpow many more years we have to wait inorder to get the pocession finally…

      • BSS

        Hi Sunil,

        I too have booked a flat at ND Passion.Would like to know when are they finally handing over the flat??
        I have been told that by December the Flat would be ready.
        But looking at the snail pace work I am not sure how many more months we will end up possessing the property.
        Pls let know if any one has an Idea on the possession dates.

  8. reachal

    Hi all, I am a recent client of ND Developers. I have been granted what was promised and satisfied. So there seem to be no problem what so ever in the present days. The reviews which are biased before are of a long time.. Anyway i appreciate the quality of work and infrastructure they provide. I recommend ND Developers. You always have the choice to verify the genuineness of the review…

  9. mahi014

    They are having a good potential to mark with the current industry standards. I have been an esteemed client. I appreciate their truthfulness and integrity in the present day..

  10. Ma33

    I am a really very satisfied client of Nd Developers. They kept up with the changing trends and all the way gave a very satisfying deal. I appreciate their credibility. Prominent builders.

  11. tkjoe

    ND Developers don’t seem to have any ambition whatsoever to make big strides in the higher real estate echelons, they are pretty happy doing small-time projects and disappointing unsuspecting customers. Sepal and Oliva owners have some truth in what they’ve uttered so far – I’m baffled to see no more reviews for a long time from these owners, guess they’ve learned to live with misery and thereby made their peace.

    They have recently launched their ’flagship’ project Passion Elite, promising the moon, have to say that the floor plans are impressive, but it looks like they haven’t yet got the required permits and grants from the sanctioning authorities.

    As the attention diversion tactic, they recently held a grand opening ceremony with the minister of state for prisons as a chief guest too, this kind of gives the so-called credibility to the project, while they get the time to put their books in order.

    Overall, this is a dicey project, with good potential if completed as per promise. You can book it keeping in mind the travails and tribulations that come as part of the package that’s dealing with utterly unprofessional ND Developers.


  12. Vermas

    Anyone having any idea about the Prestige project near Gunjur, when is it about to be launched, what price range etc?

  13. CUS14363

    i am planing to book a flat in nd passion i am confident now by seeing their Nd Oliva & Sepal visited the project and enquired with few residents found out that absoulutly there is no problem except there was a delay for few months, amenities given later but given. as there is no water in that area i cannot blame builder for this. as a buyer i am quite happy with the quality and the price. what more i require…………….

    if you have any concerns pls let me know at shipraoracle@in.com.

  14. happy_customer

    Hi all,

    Finally I am happy to say that they have completed all the work and handed over the flat.
    A bit late is true, but it’s finally done.
    As a resident that’s what you wanna see when you buy an apartment.
    I have no complaints now. ND Sepal is a good place to live in.. .. .
    I have already stated that the design and construction has been the positive things I’ve noticed here. had a lot of complaints about ND before.


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