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Nishitas properties are one of the leading property developers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Their major focus is on residential properties and residential layouts. Their intention is to not just complete and deliver the projects on time by providing exceptional service, it is to provide a home where the buyers would feel happy and most importantly feel comfortable living in. Nishitas Developers and builders have their own team of quality builders and engineers and sales and after sales staff which make them a major forerunner and a household name in the property development industry.

Nishitas group have a plethora of completed projects under their belt and they have a few on-going projects in the works as well. Their completed projects are Nishitas Siri Pristine, Nishitas Planet Pride, Nishitas Soundarya Pranav, Nishitas SV Pride, Nishitas Siri Meridian, Nishitas Tirumala Enclave to name a few of their successful completed projects.

Nishitas properties have laid an imprint in the real-estate sector in its eight years of existence. It has spread its wings to other cities like Chennai and Hyderabad after dominating the real-estate scene in Bangalore. Customers can share the opinions on Nishitas builders.

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  1. Arjun

    Nishita builders is not a trustworthy company.They are looting the peoples money and making the customers unhappy.Please don’t go with these builders.

  2. Naveen

    Hi guys,I booked a flat in Nishita.Later I am not interested in these project and I went for cancellation and they told they will give me a cheque in a week.But it is passed a one month and they are not given any cheque to me .It is a totally fraud company.

  3. Naresh

    Nishita builders are cheating the common people and taking the money from the customer and they are enjoying with that money.Don’t pay any amount to like this builders.

    • Girish

      yes u r tree pls do not book any flat from him and please hang the Ravindra Babu in one of the apartment walls,it will finish his life then and there why we need him

      • God

        I’ve Paid 5.5 Lakhs 3 yrs passed dint get my money back. I pray the management ppl will die soon. God please kill the entire family

  4. Siva

    They are not started the one project also.They are taking the money from the customer.If you give the value for the money search one time in the online reviews and you know how it is cheating the people and taking the money.

  5. Shivanand

    How we can believe this builder? Most of the customers are given negative feedback on this builder. I am planning to buy a property here. Can anyone let me know whether it is good or bad….!

  6. Santhosh

    These is a big fraud company.They are cheaters never book the flat from them.So you are giving the value for money don’t book the flat in these company.You will never will get your money back.

  7. Varshita

    I booked one flat in these nishita builders.I don’t like their construction quality and they are all negative reviews about these company and now I am cancelling my flat in these company.

  8. Damodhar

    These are fake builders that they are cheating the customers and taking the money from them.They have not completed one flat construction still yet know.

  9. Sudheer

    Hi,I am Sudheer.I booked one flat in these company.These builders are showing me the stars not giving my flat and not telling any details of my flat.

  10. viji

    Nishitas properties are providing flats are not at all worthy.They cheat the customer and no one is good quality.

  11. Diwakardas

    Nishitas Properties or Nishita’s Constructions/Bluebell Properties/Nishita’s ReadyMix all are same company of one group.
    Their office staff knows how to cheat innocent and middle class people. The MD of the company having more companies with different name.
    So don’t choose anyone for your dream home. Kindly don’t fall in their trap. They will show you so many dream and encourage you to book the flat. Once you book the flat with them they knows how to play with you and getting your hard earned money is very difficult.

  12. Laxman

    Already I have booked a flat in Nishitas apartments, but just today I gone through your feedback and reviews about the this builder and after gone through these much negative feedback about the customer I’m worried about my money and can you give me suggestion to get back money.

    • Sai Babu

      Immediately go and cancel your booking and demand your money back. You may get soon. Don’t be late, if you delay you may suffer a lot.

      • Tarun

        Thank you, I cancelled My booking and they agree to give back my money i.e. after the some deduction they will give money through the 90 days post dated cheque. However I will get back my money.

  13. Suraj

    They are mainly concentrating on the middle class people because to cheat them easily and getting money from them.Many people are losing their money by booking the flat in these company.

    • Anand

      You are right Suraj, but they are unable to fight with them and failed to get their money back.

      • Nagaraj

        After finishing process cancellation they should refund your money, If they don’t refund your money you can take a legal action against them.

      • Anandh

        Hi Nagaraj, there is no use of file compliany against them. It will take years to resolve. and again It’s lot of time money waste

      • Mani

        Whatever it may be your almost lost your money, you may get your money but it will take some couple months i.e. if you are lucky otherwise it will take couple of years. So be very careful about such builders.

    • Raj

      They are very expert in fooling middle class people by giving different offers and lesser price. Whatever they are providing flats are not at all worthy, it’s not good quality one.

  14. Umashankar

    NIshitas is not worthy and good builder, they are only concentrating on your money not on your dream home. To cheat they will offer you a home for lesser price. So if you pay high also no problem first verify their documents.

    • Vasu

      It’s not a service oriented company, it’s a purely business oriented organization to fool the innocent middle class people and they will play with the middle class people dreams.

  15. Naveen

    Hi,I purchased one flat from these builders.I spend more money on these flat.They are asking me money again and again.They are not started construction still yet now.They are money minded people.Please don’t purchase any flat from these builders.

  16. Tejus

    The day when I cancelled my booked flat Nishitas, I come to know how much worst professionals they are. After the cancellation they will show you who they are exactly and how much worst.

  17. Shanti

    Nishita Properties employees are very irritating people.They don’t know how to talk to the customer.They will enjoy with the middle class people money and live happily.Please don’t invest your money in these builders they are very cunning people.

  18. Prabhakar

    Nishta’s Properties not having a single project with good quality. They are the big cheaters. Dont fall in their trap.

    • Prajwal

      First of all they don’t know the value of money and time of customers. They are enjoying the innocent customers money and they are selling low class flats i.e. without the basic amenities.

  19. Munendra

    Don’t buy any flats from Nishita’s Properties they are the big cheaters. They are not having proper documents for their properties. Many customers of Nishita’s are suffering with legal issues.

  20. Surendar

    My name is Surendar.I booked one flat from these builders.The registration is not completed yet know.They are cheaters and cunning people.So be aware from this builders.

  21. Akhil

    Nishitas builders are most cheating and fraud people in whole Bangalore.They will trap the middle class people with their offers and enjoy with their money.I suggest to every body don’t waste your money for this company.

  22. Srikanth

    Both Nishita’s Properties and Blue Bell properties are handling by a same person. The main intention of both the companies is collecting lakhs of money from customers and cheating them without providing flats.

  23. Narendra

    If you give value to your money and if you want your property soon then dont go to Nishitas Properties. They never give you flat never refund you the amount. They are big cheaters.

  24. GowriRao

    Nishitas Properties or Bluebell properties & developers and may be other name of the companies are all one group. These people are cheating the innocent middle class people who is having the dream of buying a home in Bangalore. Once you booked a flat with them means they will start playing with you and your hard earned money.
    After booking the flat with them they will not give the proper response and value to the customers. So be careful.


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