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  1. Parsvnath Developers Limited

    Parsvnath Developers Limited is an absolutely fraud,bogus,useless company. Now they have pay 25 % now , rest on possession offer . Well they will NOT give you possession of apartment even after 10 years . So essentially they will take 25 % and your money will be locked for a decade or perhaps many decades. That is what they have done to Parsvnath Regalia customers. They work so slow on any of the projects that they start, that anything will be easily delayed for 8 to 10 years . They also officially change the super built up area at the end and guess what it will always increase so essentially you have to pay 3 to 6 lakh more to get your flat. In case the construction is delayed there is a penalty clause in the agreements . Well you will get the cheque from Parsvnath but when you will deposit it in bank it will bounce . So essentially they are blood sucking parasites. Don’t trust their sales people and ads they will promise hundreds of things but only one thing will turn out to be true . YOU WILL NOT GET POSSESSION OF YOUR FLAT IN YOUR LIFETIME.

  2. neerajmoorjani

    We had purchased a plot bearing number in Parsvnath City, Indore in September 2007 from your company.

    As per the brochure and other claims made by the team responsible for booking, the possession of the plot was promised within 1 year of purchase of the plot by September 2008.

    We had purchased the plot as per the Time Linked Advance Booking Scheme announced by your company. We received the Plot Buyer Agreement from your company on 3rd March 2008. As per the terms of the said agreement with your company, the date of possession was mentioned as 24 months from the date of agreement.

    It is quite evident that there has been a delay of more than 11 months in handing over the possession of the plot to us for no fault of ours. We have paid all the installments towards the price of land as per the agreement and the same has been acknowledged by your company through receipts issued at various times. This has put a serious drain on our plan to construct our house on the land.


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