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The Prestige Group has played a phenomenal role in the development of the South India with expansions that have spanned across Commercial, Residential, Leisure, Retail and Hospitality sectors. The Prestige Group has completed 168 Projects that have spanned a total chiseled area of over 51 million sq. ft. Moreover, the company has 65 currently in progress projects consisting around 54.45 million sq. ft. and 28 upcoming projects, thus totaling 33.94 million sq. ft. This includes shopping malls, apartment enclaves and corporate structures.

The company has received 15 Awards across numerous groups at the recently held International Property Awards, Asia Pacific 2012-13. This only serves as testament to Prestige’s work, thus it makes them a trusted name in the Realty sector. The Group was formed way back in Bangalore in the early 1950s when Mr. Razack Sattar set up the Prestige House of Fashion. It is nothing but his vision and his skillful passion for excellence that defines the Group’s culture and directs its development till date.

Prestige group made a serious entry in 1986, into the real estate arena and the rest is simply considered as history. In a short span of over two decades, the Group almost independently has given Bangalore the world class skyline which is known for today. Moreover, its turnover has grown over Rs.1000 crores over a period of time.

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  1. Earl

    I booked in Prestige Lake ridge project. As I lost my job, I cancelled the booking. I paid 20% to Prestige after signing the agreements. Now it’s 3 months they have not refunded the amount. They are completely cheating the customers. Their buildings have leakage in Washrooms. Walls are cracked. Not good construction. Please don’t invest your hard earned money.


  2. Noor

    Prestige customer service is hopeless and have lot of attitude…irfan razak,uzma razak pls brush them up…as a muslim company takkaboor in islam is a no!! no!!

    • Noor

      I had been to song of south site office…a guy named dheeraj or neeraj attended me he acted like whole prestige belongs to him he didnt have 5 minutes to talk to me…straight away he told me no negotiation ….and infact i had to ask him to sit down for few minutes for discussion…disgusting sales team they dont respond properly neither on ohone nor on face.arrogance will only bring downfall.If mr irfan razak is reading pls call me on 8867418922 for feed back which i hav with proof.

  3. Teena

    Prestige Shantiniketan builder has cheated the residents. Promised gate 1 now entire gate is broken by BDA. It is no more a gated community. Do not buy the apartments.

  4. MVM

    A company which thrives on disposable income and investment mindlessness of NRIs (mostly in IT). Does not bother about delivering quality product. My way or highway: no construction linked payment its always time linked (wonder what that is). Prices are always loaded for next 4-5 years. Their game is fast coming to an end atleast in Bangalore.

  5. Rajendra Bareto

    I have booked in prestige Kew gardens. Paid them 25% of total value. They have delayed agreements. I lost my job and cancelled the apartment. Initially they promised me full refund within 15 days. Following them from 3 months now, they are not accessible and they give different stories.

  6. Rohit

    I have bought a 3BHK recently. Prestige just has the brand but it’s absolutely pathetic. I have houses with other brands also but this is by far the worst. Hopeless customer service with an attitude. They just care about money. Even the construction was delayed by a year. Bad quality doors, wiring without pipes. horrible experience.

    Don’t waste your money with these useless people.

  7. Viv

    Agree with some of the comments here. Very unprofessional behavior. Project is 12 months behind schedule and they keep pushing timelines without any concern for the end customer

  8. venkat

    Prestige Group became worst, if you think top builder will wont than its your mistake, 10 months back I have blocked 2BHK Premium appt, paying 10 lakhs in ” Presitage Sliver Sun” , Now they are saying that appt comes under LandLords appt, and land lords don’t wont to sell it out. What the f— after 10 months they responding back that’s also when we tried calling them, I was shocked hearing that from presitage group Executive.

    —– Please don’t belive the Prestige group ” Sliver Sun” Project, I’m planing to file case against them— As you are aware of Sunny Side its already in litigation.

  9. Krishna

    We IT people blindly believe the Brand Names ,and all the real estates guys know that. From my past experience i learned that we should verify all the docs even if it is a big brand like Prestige or Puravankara . People will think if a project is approved by SBI or LIC means all the documents are clear . But that is not true , please take some time and spend some money to verify the docs . All the big brands work with the help of muscle power ,money and politics . Please think and act before you spend crores in these projects .


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