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  1. Pasupathy


    Has any one book a flat in Keerthi Royal Palms, Hosur Road ? I’m looking at buying a property and currently their are quoting 3500/sqft. Is it worth the investment?
    I liked the floor plans and ammenities. But i’m confused after reading the comments here.

    Any reviews/feedback on the property will be much appreciated.

  2. Bidyut MIshra

    Hi all,

    I am also looking to buy the flat in “Keerthi Royal Palms” kindly share your experience as i am bit worried after going through reviews of other buyers, Please suggest.

    • Pallavi

      Hi All,
      We are planning to buy an apartment in Keerthi royal Palms,but bit worried with the comments and discussion on this. Can any one help us to give the correct picture and how much they are quoting per sqft ?As now they are charing 3270/sft slightly negotiable.Is it the right inoformation or should we bargain on a more margin?

      And how about the lucrative amenities..are they going to provide them in real term?

  3. Rahul

    Yes Mr.Diwakar i booked in Royal Palms,Its good property and good location

  4. Ibinu

    Can anyone give me contact details of the Keerti Flora Association.


  5. Hemanth

    Is there a community for people who have bought at Royal Palm ??
    Like Groups or forum

  6. Rahul

    Hi siva.rahul here.I booked a flat in royal palms.Earlier they were coating 3150/- but now they are giving at 2975/- and discount around 75 – 100 per sqt.i think now you can contact them

  7. Rahul

    Hi,Rahul here.I visited HDFC Expo last Feb,i visited Keerthi stall their,theyare coating 2975/- only in Expo.I think it is the right price for that location and amenities they are providing.i have decided to go for it.

  8. Rajesh

    I have the same info.
    I think i had a detailed discussion with one of the Flora clients and he was very clear that all is sorted out.

  9. Rajesh


    I have purchased an apt in Keerthi Gardenia and have done all my ground work before buying.I visited Keerthi Flora and Keerthi Harmony and people living there as well.
    The incident at Flora is not a fault of the builder but the neighbouring property. The residents of Flora themselves were very supportive of the builder.Flora clients told me “There may have been issues but The MD Mr. Anil Reddy has sorted out all the problems”. People in Harmony are very happy with the project. In a span of 6 months i have got a good appreciation on my apt in Gardeina. Overall i think their projects are good.

  10. siva

    I too dropped my plan for this project. It is good in terms of people working in e city….2BHK plans seems to be very limitted.3 BHK options are good…heavily priced on amenities…But of course if metro station comes nearby,then this will be a very good location

  11. Mohit Verma

    No No No… the adequate price is not more than 2500 sq/ft..please please please don’t pay them anything more than that… their other building was not constructed up to the mark…..

  12. Mohit Verma

    Earlier i was thinking to buy a flat in their project on Hosur Road howevr no i have changed my mind.
    On the price side, the average price for that area should not be more than Rs. 2500 per sq/ft. there is no market, no option to buy daily need stuff…
    they don’t have approval for phase II… there plans are vauge… not sure if people should invest in their property…

  13. Payal

    I was also interested inititally in buying a flat there.But after seeing the middle of nowhere kind of location and slow development in the area from past few years, we have decided against it.But no doubt the floor plans and promised amenities look good.

  14. sumi

    Thier is a group for Keerthi Gardenia ( Do check that for some details as well.

  15. siva

    I checked with the Keerthi people and they told that builder is paying back to the land lord and the issue is resolved now. Any idea on this?

  16. malthi

    Don’t belieive on those guys.. Just try to visit Keerthi Flora and you will realize the fact from outside itself. Keerthi Estates is not just paying for land in fact they are doing a joint development with the new builder at the same location. The POOR Keerthi flora residents have NO OPTION except except this . Now they have to share amenities with new owners….Do you think that this was a justice to Keerthi residents ?

  17. malthi

    Are you planning to buy any Keerthi Estates or property marketed by OYSTERS Real estate.
    Hold ON for 5 min before spending your money. You may want to visit their well known project Keerthi Flora near CMR college on ITPL road . Don’t avoid this before spending your million bugs.
    Can’t afford to visit Keerthi flora .. No Issue just watch following video of the illegal methods used by Keerthi Estates.
    Don’t have application installed in your system to watch this or Did Keerthi Estates remove video somehow ? No problem. Read following detail about this incident “
    “This is about Keerthi Estates Pvt Ltd’s Keerthi Flora Property that was built in 2007 and 216 families are staying here. Today,18th Oct 2011, The new builder/new land owner who came along with 150 police persons along with the special officer from encroachment deptt. They demolished the boundary wall, almost house arrested 216 people by putting the iron barricades along all the five blocks exit stairs.

    Anil Reddy, the, developer did not come at all to the scene. Whereas he had an information around 19 hrs before about the action.
    The reason for all this is – as per new land owner he has encroached almost half of the land, built and sold the apartments and legally it does not belong to him. “

    Will you still go with Keerthi Esates or Oyster ?
    If you find time to visit Keerthi flora, try to get access to their basement . you will realize the leakge/seepage issue.

    Oh ! this issue seems to be common with all small builders. Just try to go to terrace and see the cracks in building and cabling done by different operators …
    This is also common ???
    Just ask any resident about basic facilities like water ..Kids play area anyway you might have seen in the youtube link

    Still like Keerthi Estates, go ahead with day dream of same apartment which OYSTER marketing will portrait as

  18. Kiran Reddy

    Thanks malathi, for the detailed information about the builder. It really helped.


  19. siva

    I am interested in this property. Can you please let me know @ 3150/ Sq ft is it worth investment. Also there is not much appreciation for property near E city.

  20. Jitesh Murtaza

    Imperial Palace at Royal Palms Goregaon is a staggeringly opulent hotel. If money can be equated with beauty, then yes, the hotel is beautiful in a slightly garish, overdone sort of way. The area has been largely ignored by Bombay-ites and this os probably the owners` last ditch effort to get the crowds packing. The restaurant Toscano similarly pleases all the senses except the one which it should have i.e. taste. If money be the food of love, play on, I guess. One thing that struck us were the prices – they are actually at par, or even lower, than most restaurants in Bombay – and we`re talking of a 5-star hotel here. These prices are not going to last forever, that`s for sure – c`mon now, Rs 410/- for a 3-course non-vegetarian meal! I daresay even a Copper Chimney wouldn`t be this inexpensive. Sorta like paying for Meghna Naidu and getting Bipasha Basu! Well, not quite, really. The food was just average – the salad was ok, the fish was less than ok, and the tiramisu was better. Since there`s not too many people around most of the days, service was top class.

  21. Thomas

    Such a waste! Park Plaza Royal Palms occupies arguably one of the best properties in Bombay, what with the rolling golf greens as their back (and front) yard. But these guys have no idea of what it takes to run a decent hotel. Rooms are poorly built and service sucks – I`m sorry but for the price I paid – almost 200 American dollars – I was not at all happy with what I got. The only good thing about the hotel is the lack of traffic noise and relatively clean air, since it`s quite removed from the main roads. And don`t get taken in by the promises of it being “a stone`s throw from the airport“ – that`s only if the guy throwing the stone is about 300 feet tall!


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