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  1. suzane

    I was planning to buy in RUNWAL ELEGANTE in Lokhandwala IS it advisable to byuy any project of RUNWAL

    • nehal

      yes it is a wonderful property. it’s spacious and has all the needed amenities as well. i think they generally have a scheme running for the time…


    Mr. Shailesh Karnik (so called),

    At least do some basic research before writing stupid things. I reside here since the last 3 years. Where is the question of being promised possession in December 2010 when I have been staying here since March 2010?

    Why can’t cowards like you simply accept the fact that you are cowards and stop shooting from other people’s shoulders? Does it help you in any way?

    Shailesh Karnik (actual!)


    Mr. Shailesh Karnik (so called),

    Who are you? Why have you used my name in lodging a complaint? I have checked up with the builder and there is no “Shailesh Karnik” apart from me residing in Runwal Garden City. And I do not have any such grievances with the builder. If you want to vent out your frustration, please have the decency to write under your own name or remain anonymous. Cowards like you can never get your grievances resolved because you are afraid to even disclose your real identity. At least contact me and apologize if you have the basic decency expected out of a sane person.

    Shailesh Karnik
    Cell:- 98216 94404

  4. vishal2483

    Dear all, has anyone received any letter from builder regarding intimation of depositing VAT cheque??

  5. vishal2483

    i also booked flat in runwal garden city phase 2 bldg name Jasmine in sept 2009, possession date is dec 2011, but till date no possession.


  6. am1980

    Hi Vishal(vishal2483 ),
    I also booked flat in runwal garden city in t4 iris phase 2 but now told that they will give possession after sept 2012.
    but i could not see any progress in construction work.



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