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The Salarpuria Group was established in the year 1985 inthe city of Kolkata and has endeavored to achieve distinction in the real estate industry and in the field of architecture, facility, infrastructure management, construction management and finance. Since its establishment this real estate builder has given the best of value and excellence to clients.

Today, Salarpuria is the most recognized name in the construction of retail outlets, elite residential buildings, IT parks, and up-market business complexes.

This real estate builder take their responsibility in the real estate industry seriously hence has set standards and follows them. With a strong base in residential and commercial development segment, this real estate developer has accomplished property development over an area of 10.2 million sq. ft. and is likely to complete around 30 million sq. ft. in the coming years across various cities in India.

We welcome our readers, customers, bloggers, and property seekers, to share their views, opinions, feedback and reviews about this real estate developer and Salarpuria projects.

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  1. Robin

    Salarpuria is one of the finest architect of the Bangalore. They built many world class tower as apartment, commercial spaces,malls and villas.If I talk about Salarpuria Silverwoods, its a fantastic residential space. Even the construction quality is superb.

  2. Elyna

    I heard about Salarpuria Group and have seen their construction. Yes definitely their quality is quite good enough . So that every builders in Bangalore is giving this good quality with this much of price. So no need of making online marketing for Salarpuria Group @MKGupta.

  3. Ashish

    Dear Gimmy

    I think the price has been hiked to 5200 (from 4950) from this month.

    From whatever research i had done, Salarpuria seems to have a good reputation of delivering on promises, so I’m hopeful of getting something close to what is promised (the specs are really good).

    In terms of progress, I think around 4 floors of structure are complete (based on what i can see from outside), which is a little bit behind schedule, but nothing to be worried about.

    I considered only purva midtown and seasons and I have outlined my reasons for choosing magnificia earlier. I wanted something which is fairly close to the city centre, and could not find any other area where prices where within reach (for eg Salapuria’s luxuria in malleswaram has a going rate of 7400!).



  4. Gimmy

    Dear Ashish,

    Congrats on your new home.

    I am sure the price is a bit high but good living definitely comes at a cost. My doubt is, are we going to get a good living; secure, class, elegent, spacious,homely…and above all is the pricing justifiable for what we are getting.

    Please could you also let me know which are the other properties you considered along with Magnificia. Is Shobha Habitech comparable to Magnificia? Also, very keen to know if you are seeing the property as it develops and how do you find the quality of work and progress?

    Company is still quoting 5200! Wonder why as PS tells they revised the rate to 4950.


  5. Ashish

    Dear PS,

    I am not a Salarpuria marketing executive; on the contrary I am somebody who has already bought an apartment at Magnificia- I have just listed out the rationale which I used in arriving at the decision to buy. Regarding the 2 points you have mentioned

    1) There are people willing to pay even higher prices (per sft) for good properties by reputed builders in the area – ie Salarpuria Silverwoods, Brigade Paramount etc.

    2) At a lower area, in my view, there would be no differentiation from the numerous other projects across bangalore and would defeat the very positioning of “luxury”. And there is definitely a segment which can afford a little more than a crore, but cannot afford 2.5 to 3 crores. Also, the location – 6 kms from city centre but not close to any of the major IT hubs (with the exception of bangmane tech park) would imply that the target segment is not the IT professionals but professionals in other areas.

    Another point to note that there are only 250 apartments as opposed to some of those 1500- 2500 apartment projects, which would be tough selling at higher price points.


  6. PS

    Thanks Ashish for your post, which appears to me written by one of the marketing executive of Salarpuria group.

    With all due respect, I’ve the following points to say:

    1. I admit your point that location wise, Magnificia is better than the other projects mentioned by you who are asking for crazy prices (may be 5950 psft or more) in that area. But in my opinion, it’s really difficult to find an individual who will buy a 2 bed for 85 lacs in CV Raman Nagar with his hard earned money.

    2. Magnificia project is lacking one important point which is the ‘area of the apartment’. The minimum area of a 3 bed apartment is 2200 sq feet. If the apartment area is somewhere between 1700-1800 sq feet, the total cost of an apartment will drop down by 20-25 lacs making it more affordable luxury 3 bed apartment and again affordable to the IT people’s earning power of around 90 lacs to 1 crore in Bangalore for a 3 bed (ofcourse there are exceptions with fat salaries but they prefer buying villa in 2.5 to 3 crore rather than a 1.5 crore apartment).

    To make this project a sucess, either IT industries should increase salaries of people or salarpuria should cut down their prices

  7. Ashish

    Dear PS, I beg to differ. The property is located just around 5-6 km from MG Road and hence the location is not quite comparable to outer ring road. The prices have to be compared to the cost of new projects and capital value of old projects in the same area.

    New projects

    1) Purva Seasons – Located within a km distance, but inside CV Raman Nagar. The point to note is that Seasons is not located in the “good” part of CV Raman nagar – there is a marketplace with a narrow road which is prone to severe traffic blocks before you reach this place. hence i would tend to say that location is more attractive compared to seasons. Specs are comparable. Seasons has a sigificantly higher price point of 5950. Magnificia seems very attractive compared to this.

    2) Purva Midtown – located right on the opposite side of the road to magnificia, but a little bit inside and approach road is not so good (compared to magnificia which is by the main road). Also while magnificia is a luxury project, midtown is a budge project and there is no comparison in terms of amenities or specs. Compared to midtown price of 4200, again Mangificia seems atractive.

    Also may be noted that there is a 6 year old Salarpuria property , Silverwoods, with a one km distance, which today has a capital value (per sft) around 25% more than magnificia’s cost, and Silverwoods is not quite comparable to magnificia in terms of specs or amenities

    All in all, the prices look very attractive.

  8. Sunil

    A week back I visited the site. Locaton is wise it is good, Pice wise quite costly. Not worth investment even though you forsee some appreciation.

  9. PS

    Did anyone booked an apartment in this project? They have revised the prices to 4950 psft couple of months ago which still seems on the higher side compared to the ready to occupy flats available on the outer ring road by reputed builders. Any opinions?

  10. Mkgupta

    Salarpuria Sanctity is a new project launched by Salarpuria Group. It offers you 2 & 3 BR apartments with sizes of 1304 sqft to 1798 sqft. It’s price starts from Rs. 45 lacs. with all modern amenities. It has gym, swimming pool, club house with indoor games facility. You can enjoy your life with other outdoor games facility like tennis court, badminton court and many more. Playing Area and Greenery Garden are other things which enhance your happiness and make your life more relax and give you a great moment of life.

  11. Rahul

    Salarpuria Greenage located at Hosur road in Bangalore. Salarpuria Greenage offers 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.


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