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The Samruddhi Realty Ltd ventured into the real estate sector as new player in the year 2004. This real estate builder was founded by a group of competent mavens from various backgrounds who turned the company into one of the leading company in the real estate sector.

The Chairman and Whole time Director of this real estate company is V R Manjunath, Hemang D Rawal is Managing Director, and Ravindra M. Madhudi

In the past decade, this real estate developers has traveled the extra mile and today they are considered as one of the eminent developers in the country.

This developer has completed projects and some of the completed projects are Eastlynne, Regal, among others. Currently, they have 6 ongoing projects to name some are Bliss, Lake Drive, and etc. and have one upcoming project in their hand.

We encourage all the Consumers to rate on Samruddhi Group builder through their reviews, which will help property buyers to know about this builder.

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30 Responses

  1. Dipankar

    None of the projects of Samruddhi are completed. Sunshine project is stalled since 2014. Same with Wintergreen and north square. And don’t see any hope of completion.

    Please reach to me to fight against this fraud builder together.

  2. charmi

    This builder is a fraud. I bought a villa from this builder in there Lake Drive project and showcased it as colonial with bright prospects for value appreciation. The whole layout started around 2009 is still incomplete. The layout is almost abandoned. Each villa was costing 1 crore upwards depending on the builtup area. The few residents living there are going through hell if what I heard is to be believed. Many of the villas are yet to be completed and handed over to the buyers. Since no formal hand over to the association taken place the builder was supposed to maintain the layout which is he is not doing. There are no security no garbage cleaning no proper water supply swimming pool is dry and full of filth club has become den of local rowdies…list is unending. repeated calls and meetings with the fraud builders didnt yield any result. The residents and owners are taking this to legal as there is no other option left.

  3. Sumit Jha

    BUYERS PLEASE BEWARE. This builder is a total fraud. I had invested in one property in 2012 and I was promised delivery in 2013, and the project is still nowhere even close to completion. Initially there was some progress in work in individual units, but after some time apparently there were financial issues and everyone at the company started leaving, the project kept getting delayed, and there was never any proper communication to the buyers. When confronted, they just kept delaying the milestones giving one excuse or the other, and making false promises. These guys are cheats and crooks, right from the Directors to the CRM people. The builder has neither completed the project, nor provided any delay penalty. The worst part is that the basic common amenities of the project have not even been touched. Do not think that the police or courts can help you in any way. Do not be under any illusion. Please do not take a wrong decision that will take away your peace of mind for the next several years. Learn from the mistakes of others.

  4. Flat owner Sunshine

    Worst builder, the projects are delayed without any reason. Having a real bad experience with this builder.No proper communication to owner.
    Earlier I thought only Sunshine project is delayed but now coming to know that wintergreen project is also not getting executed properly.C ame to know that
    Some of the sunshine owner’s have sent them legal notice and planning to go to Consumer court.

  5. Arnab

    I have booked an apartment with samruddhi on 2012. As per the agreement they are supposed to deliver it by June 2015 (including 3 months of grace period). It’s delayed by more than a year. Very unprofessional builders. They don’t reply to email also. Have not received any compensation amount from them even though its mentioned in the agreement.
    They will complete the brick work to raise the structure so that the bank sanctions 90% of the amount to them. Once they get the amount they delays it by eternity.
    I will never suggest anyone to go ahead with this builder for any of their projects. They just give false commitment.

    • DPE

      Horrible experience so far. I stay right next to the Samruddhi Sunshine project. With little/no work going on in the project, i keep asking the builder about progress and every month they promise delivery in next 3 months. This is happening for a year now. They claim 40 workers working in apartment to complete the work and i see hardly 3-4 workers on a given day. The project is already delayed by a year and with the speed of the work it seems to take another year (cumulative 2 years delay). outright liars!! Barbarians!! Stay away

  6. Samruddhi realty (sunshine customer)

    Samruddhi builder is really pathetic, they will run behind you till the time you have paid the money after that it reverses. They never revert back to queries, give wrong info.
    Project I have bought is delayed by 1.5 years and we are still not clear about date of delivery. Came to know from many internet forums that most of their projects are delayed by more then 1 year.

  7. Rupesh

    Pathetic management. Extremely slow. Hell lot of delay. Buyers do not get trapped. Never ever go for any project from Samruddhi builder

  8. Akmr

    Had booked a flat with them 4 years back and now we’re in 2016,still the project far from completion and no confirmed day of delivery. Samruddhi is a very unprofessional builder.

  9. Samruddhi realty customer

    Had booked a flat with them in 2012 and they had promised delivery by March 2015, now we’re in july 2016 and still no confirmed day of delivery. Very unprofessional builder, now getting to know after enquiries that most of their projects are delayed by 2 years. Stay away from this builder.

  10. Flat Owner Sunshine

    Have not seen such an unprofessional lot, none in their CRM team has any proper answer for reason of delay in the project. On top of this their CRM changes every 2 months have spoken to 3 different CRM heads in last 6 months.
    Every meeting we have with them they give a new date of delivery.
    We’re now thinking of sending them a legal notice as the project is already delayed by more then a year.

  11. cshandra shekhar

    Hi, Is anyone aware of any whatsApp group for Samruddhi Sunshine Buyers ?

    • Flat Owner

      They’re the most unprofessional set of people I have ever seen. The projects are delayed without any reason. When you contact them they don’t bother to reply to you.Having a real bad experience with this builder.
      Earlier I thought only our project is delayed but now coming to know that most of their projects are delayed.
      Suggestion to builder: When you are delaying you have to communicate with proper reasons to the buyer and delay of more than a year is never justified by any reason.

  12. Manu

    Pathetic. Sunshine is delayed by 10 months. Not sure when It will be ready. I am gonna going to ask for rent now.

    • amit

      please provide me your contact details. I have some questions and I wanted to book a flat in that. not sure if its good or not :(

  13. Mittals

    I feel the builder are not responsible when it comes to handing over the project on time , I have book a villa in mystic wind and they have delayed the project by two years , and customers who bought on loan are suffering badly and have to bear the blunt of un professional approach of builder and crm team.

  14. Rohan

    Project are not delivered on time and crm and management just not responsible

  15. PZutta

    Their CRM team is Pathetic, they will run behind you till the time you have paid the money after that it reverses. They never revert back to queries. Give wrong info.
    Project I have bought is running late by around 6 months.

  16. yusuf

    Samruddhi Group is a middle level builder, that is the reason I am not quite sure about them. Whether they are going to submit the Sunshine project in time or not. Even i don’t have any idea about the BBMP/BDA approval, after talking to their ASM also it has been very difficult for me for choosing them.

  17. kajol

    Samruddhi group builders quit confusing for me. I am not sure that they complete the Sunshine project in proper time, documents are perfect or not. After reading all of these comment also its confusing . People are not sure, i think prelunch project from this Samruddhi group builders is not acceptable.

  18. Sharma


    I am looking for 3/2 BHK flat in Bangalore, every one saying about Samruddhi Group but some people saying construction will be slow documentation will get delay I have doubt in that if anybody booked flat in Samruddhi Mystic give me details about project, even i visited many projects but i am planning to book in Samruddhi Mystic but also that resonance and doubts is avoiding me to book a plot in Samruddhi Group.

  19. gaurav

    I have invested in samruddhi mystic wind property as i liked it more than the other properties in the vicinity.

  20. SK

    Has anyone brought any house from Samruddhi builders? Please let me know about their quality of construction and about issues you might have faced. I am planning to book an apartment in their sunshine project coming up near wipro corporate office near sarjapura road

    • Good

      Has anyone booked Samruddhi Sunshine apartment?Are these plans approved?Is it approved by SBI?

  21. harshasagar

    I have visited both the projects almost 6 months ago. Location wise the projects are better off since the proximity to OMR and Whitefield is better in comparison to Prestige Tranquility / Pruksa Silvana or GR Sun Villas. My concern about Mystic Wind would be if the central road is wide enough? I think it narrows down to almost 20 feet or less. The Lake Drive villas did look good though.

  22. Ritesh Swamy


    Does anyone have details regarding Samruddhi Mystic Wind and Samruddhi Lake Drive projects on Old Madras Road near Budigere cross ? How are the project and are they worth investing ?


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