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Santrupti Properties is synonymous to success in the prospering market of real estate of Bangalore. Santrupti Construction company has been primarily into the housing sector of Bangalore catering to the increasing demand of housing needs of the city. The company gained popularity as they have always thought of the individual customer and have carved each and every apartment or flat according to their needs and demands. They have successfully completed many projects in the past in the city of Bangalore. At present they have the ongoing projects mostly in the most sought after areas of Bangalore like Whitefield, Electronic City, Sarjapur Road, Hosa Road, Bellandur, Panathur and few more places. Their flats and apartments are all loaded with all amenities and facilities that would uplift the customer’s lifestyle and standard of living. The approach of the company has always been customer centric and the company has been operating with ethical values throughout, claims the company. Santrupti Constructions proclaim that their company stands for trust and ultimate customer satisfaction. Their excellent team of professionals has been instrumental in positioning the company where they stand today. On an overall note they have always been looking after the needs of the customer and customer’s satisfaction have been one of their top priorities as well. In that spree the company has always been open and transparent which is also responsible for its growth.

In this context your posts of comments, views, reviews, complaints, recommendations and experiences with the company is very much welcome. That will not only promote transparency but will also create an atmosphere where issues if any, would be resolved quickly. Not only that in the wake of many customers calling and inquiring with the company for flats and apartments will also have a better informed opinion about the company.

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  1. john

    santruputi builders are cheating the customers and trapping them with their offers.if you are interested to buy the flats don’t go like these companies.

  2. Darma

    In these company the staffs are not having any knowledge about how to sell the flat.When we ask the documents they will not give and they will tell that we will give within 24 hours and they will not give documents to the customer.

  3. Mounika

    If you go to Santrupti Properties it will be time waste and money waste. You will get mental tension nothying more than that.

    • Ravi

      Not time and money waste, you will last your patience and the will keep on delaying for completing the project and also if you cancel a flat then also they will keep on delaying by giving bouncing cheques.

  4. Rajasekhar

    Please Don’y buy any flat from these builders.They are giving the one flat to two or more customers.I will never buy any flat from these builders.

    • Nikhil

      They were allotted my flat to other person. But however I came to about this litigation and I just inquire with the management and informed about this litigation and to the another person. And finally after the big struggle I got my flat.

      • Ankith

        Hi Nikhil, you really a great and you have done a great job. After big struggle you got your flat. but some people they lost both flat and money.

  5. Dilip

    Santruputi builders are one of the fraud builders in the Bangalore.I am also cheated by these company better don’t choose this builders because in life we want to take right decision if you take wrong decision we are cheated by like these companies.

  6. Rajani

    I lost my money in Santrupti Properties. I am facing many problems from the last one and half year. Dont go to Santrupti properties if you give value to your time and money.

  7. Nithin

    I never Seen such a cheating company in Bangalore. The main target of this builder is collecting crores of money from customers by showing illegal documents.

  8. Madhu

    Many of the customers are cheated by these company .I think better be aware from this company.I t is not well developed company in Bangalore.

  9. Narendra

    What is the status of Elcitee Enclave project which located in Electronic City. They are not giving any information about that project. Whether it started construction or not?

  10. Shareef

    How many projects were completed by Santrupti properties. Is the quality good in their constructions? I am having negative feedback on Santrupti properties, is it true or false?

    • Jagan

      They are not good at quality and the time span. They will take too much time to complete the project and if they will take too much time also their construction quality is not good. So if you are looking for good quality home then go to others.

      • Vikram

        First of all there is no quality measures for construction. There how could we say about the quality. If they are following the quality measures and if they know the value of money, then will complete the projects very soon..

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