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  1. anurag

    The Clarion project is build on the plot which has service road on papers, while Seth has not only violated the rules but indeed built the building illegally thus duping all sect of people & society

  2. Deven

    MUMBAI: Twenty five women and three men were allegedly detained for protesting forceful construction by a builder in Sion Koliwada.

    The builders arrived with over 100 police people, including senior police officers, to put up tin sheets around the Koliwada.

    28 residents, including local community leader, Madhuri Shivkar, were put into police vans and taken away to Sion police station where they are currently being held.

    The police refused to say what charges they are being detained under.

    The builder brought in two bulldozers and began to demolish the samaj mandir or the community temple.

    The police and the builder claimed to have a high court notice that permits this demolition. However they failed to produce it when the residents asked for it.

    Police said the notice is at the police station. He then said that it was with the builder.

    The builder claimed he didn’t have to show any notice to anybody.

    In the meantime, two more people were detained and the Samaj Mandir demolished. Koliwada resident Vasant Patil’s house, for which he had obtained a stay order from the Court, has also been demolished.

  3. Sameer

    I have really bad experience with Sheth developer. PFB review of his two projects in Mumbai and Thane.
    Mumbai :- clarion(Vasant Marvel) at borivali(E)
    At the beginning of sale they had planned for 12 storey building. But after the property prices shot up , they extended it to 14 storey in order to tap into the booming realty market. Now the situation is that the construction is totally halted for clarion and reason given by the management is, lack of proper approvals from BMC for extra 2 floors. Now nearly 2 years without any progress of building work.

    Thane project : Sheth Athena , near Jupiter hospital .
    This project is on hold for 2 years. no construction work is going on. If you contact builder office they would say CC is the main reason for halting the project. They had promise to complete the same project in 18 months and now it is around 3 years and only work up to plinth has been completed.
    How long can we hold on our investment in this project? Brokers are also not interested in reselling these flats as there is no guarantee from the builder about start of the work.

    • Praveen Joshi

      Sameer have you booked the flat in sheth athena as i have also invested in this project and from last 2 years nothing has been done on construction site. We have to find out other buyers in this project and unitedly speak with the developers about its problem. Every time they give one or other reason for not starting of work. We have deal with them in a group and not single.

    • anurag

      The Seth Clarion (near vasant marvel) kandivali east, project is built on the plot which has service road on papers, while Seth has not only violated the rules but indeed built the building illegally thus duping all sect of people & society

      • New buyer

        Vasant Grandeur society members have illegally captured the entire podium parking even though it is shared between Clarion and Grandeur. They have deployed goons to not allow any Clarion residents into the parking of Grandeur. Its been 6 months since we are hearing that the builder will resolve this dispute but there has been no update. Currently all clarion residents are parking on the ramp which is damaging the vehicles and is unsafe too. This has been a very bad experience with sheth and they do not seem to stand true to their logo ‘a bond of trust’. Disappointed and no peace of mind!

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