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Skyline Constructions Reviews

The vision of Skyline Constructions is to make an effort in every direction to surpass the expectations of the customers be it the service, quality, teamwork and safety through leadership and integrity. The mission of the company is to make sure leaders in all the areas of their functioning by offering services and high quality value added constructions to their customers. They make sure they fulfill the aspirations of their customers to the maximum.

The company accepted the looming opportunities in the property development industry. The company etched out its success story by constructing world-class quality locations under the able leadership of its Managing Director, Avinash Prabhu and devoted team of architects and engineers. Skyline Constructions today become the builders in Karnataka. They are also recognized by CREDAI-Karnataka.

Apart from this, they also are into building solid relationships that forms an integral part of the framework of its construction process. They has earned the faith of its customers with over 60 successfully completed projects. It thus adds up to over four million square feet in residential, commercial and industrial space. The company is recognized with the ISO 9001 certification.

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77 Responses

  1. A Kumar

    It is a fraud company. Please go to Karnataka State Consumer Forum and check for number of cases against this company. I have booked a flat in its project, Skyline beverly Park, Amruthahalli, Bangalore in 2012 and still waiting to get my apartment.

  2. Pallavi

    I am an existing customer of sklyine Beverly park project. It is a good project with good quality in good location for the best price. Anyone can purchase in this project without any doubts.

  3. nita

    Hello Mr Dhiraj Prbhu,
    I hope you are still tracking these internet updates. I wish you can read what I am going to write about you.

    Skyline and its owners are biggest fraudsters. Never ever book any flats from them, otherwise you will repent for a life time the way I am doing.

    None of their project is without controversy. They are cheating common men left and right.

    The govt. is is deep sleep. They will not act against these white collar thieves . We the common men are left to ourselves. So better don’t get indulged with skyline constructions.

  4. cheated by skyline

    Dear All,
    PLS PLS PLS never ever invest in skyline constructions. Biggest fraud ever seen in my life. have cheated thousands of people by taking money and not providing the flat.
    i am planning to start a agitation in front of their office till they hand over my flat.

  5. Pramaar Shivam

    From past 1 week i am getting call from Skyline constructions and i am also very much desperate to own a flat here in Bangalore. So anybody has purchased or staying in their project please clarify me, how is the builder and the service ?

  6. RVW

    Skyline only fit for sending letters and bills. No person stays for long in there company because of there poor response. No progree happened on Beverly park. Remains unattended.

  7. Vivek jain

    I just wanted to share our experience how you pleased we are with our upcoming apartment and everyone at skyline constructions builder to live our dreams. And we people where very much impressed by their way customer talking and managing us, materials used for the construction and on amenities part. We truly appreciate from the bottom of the heart to everyone’s effort to make this such a positive experience and also will highly recommend skyline constructions builder to everyone who are looking to purchase the flat. Thank you all people who were with me in whole process of buying the home.

    • Sanjay

      One of the big fraudsters in constructions industry. No business value no ethics very unprofessional. Do not invest your hard earned money and get into trouble. If you want peace of mind and not get abused please stay away from them. I have brought flat from them in 2006, now we are in March 2014 still now they have not handed over the flat. Have paid 90% of the agreed amount, now they are inflating the cost and demanding extra money.

      Please please staty away

  8. sunil

    hi all please do not ever in lifetime invest in skyline constructions and have been waiting for possesion of my flat since last three years and the builder has finished constrution of the flat now after promising posession in 2010 and is charging for delay in payments with intrest to the clients and the matter is in court.dhiraj the owner is a big fraud.

  9. Sunil

    Dear all,

    Please stay away from this builder. Their intention is to eat up your money and give you nothing in return. I have booked an apartment in champagne hills in 2008, which was supposed to be handed over in 2009. We all have paid almost 90% of the amount and the project is still not complete after more than 8 years of construction! The only reason is that once they got all the 90% of the money, they almost stopped any work in the site – some 5-10 people work in the site once in a while that’s it! Now when the association started legal actions against skyline, they started doing a “white washing” of the situation and is now creating a false impression that the apartment is ready for handover! Not only that even after waiting so much, they are now asking us to pay huge amounts with the excuse that now all the apartments are very costly and we are doing a favor you!…So please please please don’t even think about talking to these guys…you are going to kill your peace of mind…

  10. Naruto

    Dear friends,

    Do yourself a favor, do not buy from this builder. I have not seen even a single completely happy customer who has booked in ANY Skyline projects.

    All commitments and promises are violated by the builder. The amount of mental agony you will have to suffer cannot be explained.

    Their customer service is pathetic, their CRM team is very unprofessional and incompetent . In-order to hide their mistakes they burden customers with delayed possession and unnecessary charges.

    I have booked flat in Beverly park, know lot of people who have booked in Waterfront project also. Story is the same everywhere.

    I can personally bet that this is the worst construction company in Bangalore when comes to customer service, satisfaction and ethics.


  11. Krishna Kumar

    Dear Friends,

    Please visit any site / project of Skyline and check, you will learn 1001 stories of harassment, torture and pain that people had to undergo via their bookings with skyline. Instead of only reading comments from Web, please do visit Consumer forums and legal help in city to truly understand the number of cases filed against Skyline management. Their behavior prior to and post booking in itself deserve an Oscar. You can virtually see hell through this engagement. Please stay away to stay away from stress.


  12. veena

    i have a friend who booked flat in skyline ambrosia in bsk in 2005. 100% money was collected in 2011. the builder did not provide electricity for more than 1 yr after paying full 100%. even now cauvery water, khata, property tax and OC are still pending. my friend is frustrated. buy from skyline at your own risk. the owners of skyline only make promises.

    • Rag

      Hi ,

      I am planning to Book flat in sklyine Beverly park , please suggest .

      • sridhar

        Please dont buy the project already overshot on deadline and very slow progress. Skyline as a builder is fraud his professions is cheating. Please consider my adivce if you want have peaceful life.

  13. Hari

    Terrible guys… No committment… No seriousness… Does not care for customer pains… They run their operations & enjoy life with customers hard earned money.. I am not sure how long they can surivice like this.

  14. Aravind

    Skyline’s work quality is decent, but I have been waiting last 4 years for my apartment. They started my project in 2006 and it is now 2013 and still no signs of handover. So if you are young and need a retirement home, go ahead and choose Skyline.

  15. Moms

    Skyline’s work quality is decent, but I have been waiting last 4 years for my apartment. They started my project in 2006 and it is now 2013 and still no signs of handover. So if you are young and need a retirement home, go ahead and choose Skyline.

  16. kingfisher

    Skyline is coming up with a new project called “Skyline Soulscape” off mysore road.
    Is it worth buying it. anyone know abt this. please advise it it worth to invest?

  17. Krishna S

    I have booked a flat at skyline Exaltus in MArch 2012.From date time they are saying that there is some problem with re approval and they will do the sale agreement within a month.Know 10 month have passed every time i call them up they give a new reason.Know the excavation work at sight have started but still no agreement and no other work.Completion date as per them was 2 years but already around 1 year passed.Don’t know what to do after reading all this review.

    • DupedbySky

      Dear friend, before booking at any of the Skyline project, please visit the sites of Skyline projects. I booked a flat in Champagne Hills and the project is going since last 7 years. Same is the case of Beverly Hills, Waterfront, Fountainhead. If you want a peace of mind, stay away from Skyline.

      • Deepam

        Hi sir I am planning to buy flat in champagne hills want ur review on that please give me your number so that I call you or please call me on 9886093731

    • Srinivas

      skyline Exaltus project dont have access road. How can they build apartment complex without a road to access. Only road they have right now is pipeline road, which is private road belonging to bwssb. Please check with the developer and ask them to show the access road other than pipeline road.

  18. jacob

    Can someone update on why the possession of skyline magnolia is not happening.

    Even the BESCOM electricity connection doesnt seem to be in place.

    And iam not sure about the water supply, like whether they got enough water in borewell(if they have).

    Appreciate if someone can throw light on this topic as iam planning to buy one apartment in Skyline Magnolia. You can reach me by email at

    • Dhiraj

      Dear Jacob,the possession is underway please give me your email I’d will ask our crm team to be in touch with you

      • zzen

        Please stop cheating people…and dont spend time in answering the queries in web…instead settle all cases related to developements in your properties…and refund money of poor peoples hard earned money your are withholding….still you are able to cheat people though thousand cases are there against you…buyers beware of skyline …i dont have anything personal about you..please refund my money…

      • Razak

        Dhiraj, you are checking on internet and trying to again give false promises to people. Please have ethics and understand the customer pain, your organisation doesnt care for customer. but wants customer money to enjoy and live on it.

      • ZZen


        One piece of advice to you people, if you and your brother Avinash need to do one last good time to the society is Please commit suicide as that is the only way the society can have some peace of mind, as you both have created too much of fraud and it is time you guys die.

      • Raju

        Dhiraj, Your kids and family are enjoying our hard earned money, Will not last long one day you all will pay for it ..

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