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The vision of Skyline Constructions is to make an effort in every direction to surpass the expectations of the customers be it the service, quality, teamwork and safety through leadership and integrity. The mission of the company is to make sure leaders in all the areas of their functioning by offering services and high quality value added constructions to their customers. They make sure they fulfill the aspirations of their customers to the maximum.

The company accepted the looming opportunities in the property development industry. The company etched out its success story by constructing world-class quality locations under the able leadership of its Managing Director, Avinash Prabhu and devoted team of architects and engineers. Skyline Constructions today become the builders in Karnataka. They are also recognized by CREDAI-Karnataka.

Apart from this, they also are into building solid relationships that forms an integral part of the framework of its construction process. They has earned the faith of its customers with over 60 successfully completed projects. It thus adds up to over four million square feet in residential, commercial and industrial space. The company is recognized with the ISO 9001 certification.

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  1. Raja91395

    Skyline Waterfront – i have not seen any documents from the builder yet, but am considering of booking as this is within my budget .
    what do u say guys …i visited the property as well, the foundation is all done …he told me the apartment shall be ready by Dec 2012.

    • Dhiraj

      There is no problem in this project raja the work is progressing well and the documents are also in order

    • Ramesh

      Even though Skyline Soulscape project started 1.5 years back, project titles are not clear and there is no BDA approval in place. Builder provides false information about project titles beware of Skyline Constructions. They are not trustworthy. Please check 100% of the document before booking.

  2. knightrider


    • Dhiraj

      Dear knight rider, your statement is completely false and is a lie, our documents are very much in order would appreciate if you would make statements backed with some facts instead of using this forum to air your vested interests

  3. abrakadabra999

    is there any project that got completed on time ?
    has anyone got their money back / penalty received because of the delay ?

  4. Avighna

    We are also being cheated and subjected to mental agony by the SKYLINE CONSTRUCTIONS, BANGALORE..
    We had booked a flat at SKYLINE WATERFRONT project which was launched in Sep 2008 and was supposed to be ready for to occupy by June 2010. But the project is still under construction, like many of their projects.
    Before booking, all the staff of SKYLINE were after me to buy from them. But, once I paid the advance, their attitude completely changed. Whenever I wanted to know when the flat will be ready to occupy, there was no response from the staff of the SKYLINE for about 6months. When I wanted to contact Mr. Dhiraj and his brother Mr. Avinash Prabhu, they kept promising that it will be ready in 3-6 months.,
    The owners (Mr. Djiraj Prabhu and Mr. Avinash Prabhu) both are good in promising (as has been written by dhirajprabhu@skyline as a response on July 11, 2011, above) and then fooling the customers. But, they never keep up the promise.
    Their behavior was also telecast on TV9 news. The SKYLINE STAFF and both brothers were hitting the MEDIA people for asking them a question – “WHY SKYLINE IS CHEATING THE COMMON PEOPLE? ” This episode happened on 18th March 2011 and 19th March 2011; and one could see both the brothers who were hitting their customers and the contractors..
    Hope that Government brings stringent laws to punish SKYLINE CONSTRUCTIONS and such other builders who cheat the customers.

    • Dhiraj

      Dear Avigna, waterfront project has construction progressing very well and we have not recieved any cancellation requests , if you are a genuine customer who has requirement of refund please post your contact details here so we can contact you and resolve your issues

  5. Visdaviva

    What is with Skyline Magnolia? It is like Bhoot Bangla. I have visited this some 3 years ago and recently with a friend when he mentioned that he is intending to book a Flat in SKYLINE MAGNOLIA. When we inquired with the neighbours, we were told that the Project has been given notices from various authorities for violations: like 30% of Halla or Govt. waste land encroachment on the West and South side; and Encroachment on to the Road. The building looks aged and there is no board of SKYLINE now. Can anyone confirm if there are issues with this project? Especially those who have invested during the launch time.

  6. Pras

    Hi Raja & Nik,

    I don’t think there is any issue with the legal docs of this skyline waterfront because LIC and SBI has already approved this project. If you can go to LICHFL office at residency road you may get the approval details from there. I can see construction going in full swing, Even I saw workers working in night But I am not sure about the completion date and all.. I think dec is the date which they are mentioning for everybody.
    Kindly let me know if you have already booked a flat in this project.

  7. Anna_skyline

    it is better to donate our money to any social service organisation or to orphanage than investing in any Skyline project. The amount of mental agony i am going through for the last 5 years waiting to see my apartment in SKyline champagne hills coming to anyway near completion can not be explained in words. These people are shameless, they do not pay their contractors on time . .. sorry they dont have the habit of paying to them at all…ethics seems to be missing in their dictionary

    look at the state of Skyline champagne hills which was supposed to be completed on April 2009 .. still going on ..end less list of contractors got changed, so many project managers .. only the watchman is there for a long time :)
    They are the first builders to run the project with out any project Engineer / manager on site ..they dont have money / or nobody is willing to join this company .. god knows what is the issue .. bottom line we are suffering .. ask them when we are going to get the hand over .. they are shameless to give the completion date as next 3 months .. I am hearing this for the last 3 years …
    I booked an apartment as Rahul Dravid was the ambassador.. even he lost form may be because of getting associated with Skyline ..

    expecting a miracle in 2012 to get the hand over.. hope our Govt makes some laws to punsih these defaulters …

    sharing the state of the affairs so that others should not get duped like many of us

    • Dhiraj

      Dear Anna, let me assure we are not in need of any donation or social service god has blessed us with sound mind and body to earn our daily bread.
      I agreed to you that the project has been delayed due to many issues like labour etc. Out of our control but our sincerity ,honest and transparent dealing can be seen in our weekly updates,many customer meets and personal efforts go get the project back on track which has yielded results And the first 20odd flats are ready for handover as on date. If you give me your flat number I will take it up on a priority for you

      • DupedbySky

        God is watching you. Countless number of people have been cheated by Skyline. Look at the sorry state of Champagne Hills, Beverly Hills, Waterfront and Fountainhead, Ambrosia. Your list is going.

      • AC

        Dhiraj – Stop cheating. If you cannot run this business, please atleast stop launching projects.

      • DissapointedBySkyline


        How can you lie such openly . 20 Flats ?? Do u mean 20 flats in your dream?? Are u day dreaming or doping ??? Liar!!

  8. knightrider


    • Dhiraj

      Knight rider your statement is completely false the work is proceeding nicely there are more than 100 workers at site and the documents are perfectly in order. The project has been approved my many banks like HDfc,lic,sbi etc.
      Kindly verify facts before posting false statements

      • Manish

        Mr Dhiraj, i have also booked a property in skyline waterfront but am really disappointed with the inordinate delay, and would expect the company to compensate for the agony we have gone thru waiting for the project to get completed.
        Pls get someone to update me on the progress and state of affairs as i am based overseas. My contact details are 00971504517672 and email

      • Sam

        Dhiraj kindly confirm the status on Aura. The building seems to be raising without other work being done

      • srinivas

        Mr Dhiraj, I too have booked a property in Skyline Waterfront which tags along with the inordinate delay and your office’s cold response for our calls/emails. I do understand there could be delay in completion of projects, but is it unreasonable for us to demand the status of the project or any questions we have? Only prompt email I get from you guys is when the payment is needed, after which I have to make numerous calls to get the acknowledgement and forget about the getting the status update. I have dropped multiple emails to your email id, since I am based overseas I appreciate if you can respond to my emails.

  9. Ganesh99

    Hi All,

    I’m an another victim of this builder. I had booked a flat in Skyline Bagmane Champagne hills which was launched in 2006 and I had paid more than 80% of the total cost couple of years back, but the contruction is still in progress. I’m really clueless what to do and in confused status. I can’t really walkout as I had already paid huge amount towards interest to the banker. Neither the bank nor the builder is providing any progress on the construction. Please help!!

    • Dhiraj

      Dear Ganesh, we are sorry for the trouble caused and we have also lost heavily due to the delay,Inflation etc. Anyways due to our sincere and honest effort we have been able to bring the project towards completion and first 20 flats are ready for handover. Please give your flat number so we can take it as a priority

  10. junky


    Do give me any contact detail of people who have taken an apartment at Champagne hills

  11. negivimal

    Hi All i am also planning to buy the flat in Skyline :: Champagne Hill, at BG Road, please tell me is this builder good or like all other small builder.
    Any suggestion on this plz it will be great full.

  12. asitagarwal

    Thank you all for this vital information . I was contemplating booking in Skyline Fountainhead but with this kind of feedback, i dont think i will go ahead .

  13. cp.nag

    I Don’t know When they will Realised…They fill any how this all are One time Sale…So once you will pay the Initial Amount then Nothing in your hand except Listen them what they will tell…

  14. Good Moderator

    The best thing for them is to sell their existing projects to a bigger company which has funds and walk out. I have visited their project every month in Beverly park and it is a shame what greed leads people to.

  15. Coustomer.SC

    I am also one of the Coustomer of Skyline Construction…And it’s 101% True what they will tell and what they will do later totaly Different…If They promised then please out it on the mail or else ask them to give in writing…otherwise they will deny all their promise they made…

  16. SSSRRM

    I have invested in Skyline Beverly park, it is more 4.5 years now. Each time we ask, then come up with excuses. Now they are telling no fund with them to construct the apartments. What the hell have they done with all the money they collected from us and all have given 90% of the apt. cost.

  17. unsatisfied_customer

    I too agree with avighna statement. I have my investment stuck in one of their projects since the last 6 years. The staff and dhiraj don’t care a hoot and are very good at being con artists.
    I am in the process of filing a court case now. Dont go by their promise to refund your money or provide an alternative. They have been doing that for me since the past 4 years.

  18. dhirajprabhu@skyline

    Hi Raqeebp there is no legal problem with the apartment, all the documents are intact and the building is without violation and 100percent sanctioned, also it has all amenities and less than 50 apartments. all major banks have given project approval for skyline fountainhead.
    dear new member, skylinecustomer and avighna as you are not satisfied with the company on various grounds we offer you the following solutions
    a)full refund with interest on surrender of your apartment
    b)a choice if interested in any other building
    for whatever reason we may not have been able to satisfy you it is better that the matter is ended amicably and we part as friends, let me know I can be reached at

  19. dhirajprabhu@skyline

    dear new member, skylinecustomer and avighna, we are very sorry that you have faced these problems, please contact me on dhiraj@skylineconstructions and we will try to attend to them in the best way possible, my email id is

  20. raqeebp

    Hi guys,

    Do you have latest updates about skyline fountainhead? I’m planning to book a flat, which is ready to occupy.

  21. Newmem

    Hi Raqeebp, What is your flat number in FountainHead? You can mail me at It is better to verify all flat related documents with the good genuine Lawyer.

  22. Skylinecustomer


    The skyline fountainhead is one more bad execution by these scamsters…

    i have also booked and yet to get registration done after many years… building is still under contruction after 5 years of project start..

    u should visit skyline fountainhead, skyline magnolia, skyline atlantis to know the truth about these builders …

    be careful with skyline
    1) no proper communication to customer [ marketing guys are really nice until u pay after which it is nightmare !! ]
    2) many violations
    3) false promises

    just go to consumer court …
    yet another duped customer…

  23. Newmem


    Can you please let me know which Skyline Project this is ? I have also booked in Skyline Fountainhead and am very concerned.

  24. Nikhil_85

    I am planing to buy a flat in Waterfront (Yelakanka). But by seeing these kind of complaints against skyline builder, now i am thinking to move forward. However if anybody had already booked a flat in waterfront, please let me know wheather all the clearances and legal documents are intact so that i can think about it. Any information to email id is very greatful.

  25. avighna

    Dear Sir,
    We had booked a flat with this builder more than 2 years ago. When we booked the flat, we were told that all clearances have been obtained and they promised that the flat will be ready by June 2010. I have paid already more than 60% of the cost of the flat. But, only little work has been done so far. Now, they give the excuse that some pollution board NOC delayed the construction.
    In spite of the repeated requests to know from the builder regarding when the flat will be ready, nobody is bothered to give us any answer. They just do not tell us anything at all.
    We are being subjected to lots of hardships.
    What we should do? Please help me.


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