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SLS Developers is a company that is renowned in the field of real estate. The company is into construction of luxury residential flats in Bangalore. It functions under the capable leadership of experienced and qualified proprietor. The company works with a mission to build well-laid out luxury residential flats. The company is into construction of flats that are built with cross ventilation, natural light, by following Vaasthu principles, and also from more add ons like ultra-modern amenities and soothing landscapes.

SLS Developers came into formation when there was a need felt for a quality housing. Since a long time, the company has been engaged in numerous residential projects that cater to an exclusive taste. This is more true about the people from multi-national companies and IT back ground.

Apart from this, the company is well established with experienced and qualified architects, civil engineers, marketing executives, structural engineers and other professionals / consultants. For this company, customers come first. They build long lasting relationships with their customers. Over a period of years, they have earned a reputation that has stood good with the test of time.

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    SLS Developers NEVER completes his work. SLS Sliver Oak project started in 2008 but still lot of work is pending. He taken money for BWSSB and STP (around 75000/-) but not deposited money to BWSSB. Taken lot of money for amenities but lot of things not given like GYM, Rainwater harvesting is not ready. And Quality of material and finishing are of worst quality. Indivual Flat work is also of low quality. Within 1 year cracks started coming. And Wall platering are not proper and Paint also not proper.. Still small small works are pending. AND Builder Runway from Project after taking 100% amount.

  2. silverOak145

    SLS Developers NEVER completes his work. SLS Sliver Oak project started in 2008 but still lot of work is pending. He taken money for BWSSB and STP (around 75000/-) but not deposited money to BWSSB. Taken lot of money for amenities but lot of things not given like GYM, Rainwater harvesting is not ready. And Quality of material and finishing are of worst quality. Indivual Flat work is also of low quality. Within 1 year cracks started coming. And Wall platering are not proper and Paint also not proper.. Still small small works are pending. AND Builder Runway from Project after taking 100% amount.

  3. Raj

    Hello All,

    Looking at the top-notch location of this community, I have booked a 3BHK. Spoke with some residents of SLS splendor and found their reviews OK. There were some concerns , but that is with almost all builders. Looking at the location and the proposed metro station ( just 1 Km away ) , it’s worth investing here. Also they have opened another way which directly opens to Brooke Field ( 700 mts from SLS Square ). The other entrance directly opens in front of SAP labs ( 700 Mts from SLS Square ).

    Looking forward to share the legal verification with anyone – please write at bskyATgmailDOTcom

  4. vram

    I cannot comment on quality of the construction and issues there after as I didnt buy property from SLS. My current feed back is based on month long interaction I had with them regarding new Villa project SLS Spencer. I have been talking to Mohan and Anil from SLS regarding this project. They have been very courteous and helpfull through out.

    Even though I had read bad reviews, I felt good about project and people based on my interactions and booked a villa by paying intial depost, and week later I decided to back off due to financial issues at my end. I wasnt sure if builder would refund my money and wasnt sure how cancelation process would go. Even during cancelation they have been very couteous and refunded my deposit without any question.They offered to me help in any way they can in my future search of residence.

    So feedback from some about Builder being rowdy hard to believe. My experience with them has been very good.

  5. SR

    I have booked a flat in C Block after reading the reviews here.
    My opinion is that SLS Square is a good investment. The key points are:
    1.Top class location
    2.Reasonable price
    3.Already developed location
    4.High rental value
    5.High security
    6.Neat & Clean area.

    Surely, the builder does not belong to same class as Brigade, Prestige etc. but is good and with experience. The problems in their earlier project was more on behest of users. The complaints recorded are not serious and probably would apply to almost any construction.
    But, its a good idea to form a SLS Square Owners Group to share information and put pressure in the builder for timely delivery and quality construction.

  6. ramesh


    Last week I went to check the status of the prject and found that SLS guys is using some “Jayam Jyothi” 53 grade cement and black sand.
    Anybody having idea on this cement brand and black sand. Please share.


  7. sureshsaraf21

    Think many times before buying a property from SLS Developers, SLS group, SLS builders, sls developers bangalore ..

    Hello everybody ..

    Below is my feedback about SLS Developers scheme SLS Sunflower at boganhalli village, varthur hobli, Bangalore 560103.
    IF anybody has any doubts regarding the feedback .. please visit the building site and watch for themselves the plight of residents here.

    I am owner of an appartment in SLS Sunflower.
    Initially I was very glad to see the progress of the building till Jan 2011 and was hope full that the builder will keep his promise of delivering the Block -A in July 2011. But soon the reality struck and we all found that once the builder took 90% disbursement from almost every one ( based on the progress shown till Jan 2011) the pace of work drastically dropped. Till April 2011 the their was hardly any progress !!! … later when we kept asking the engineer Mr Prabhakar, marketing Mr Ramesh .. they kept telling different .. different dates each time. till finally i Dec 2011 some people started getting possession of their flats.

    But the possesion were with very basic flats. There were no lifts, no car parks, no driveways, no maintenance,, no filter water, no proper secutiry .. forget about any other amenities.

    we took the possession of our flat some time in Feb 2012 only to face lots of problems.

    The quality of finishing is worst.
    – At some places the quality if the material used is ok but the team putting the material to use like the plumbers, electricians etc have done very bad Job.
    – At other places the material use is very Cheap viz Doors, windows etc .. The doors are of such a bad quality that many had to be replaced within 1 month of the usage.
    – The plumbing gets clogged ever 2 weeks and requires manual cleaning.
    – The water slopes in bathrooms/utilities are not proper which leads to water logging and subsequently water seepage in the apartment below.
    – The overhead sewage pipes in the basement keep leaking and the repairs happen which are only temporary
    – The maintenance is non-existing ..There is not single electrician, plumber or responsible contact person available even in day time .. forget about round the clock
    – The lift which were installed after long wait keep breaking
    – The power backup is not available round the clock.

    As yet our problems persist and have not been addressed properly. Now the attitude of builder has also become arrogant and rude. Their is no commitment from his side in completing the works. He is also not ready to share any plan/information with residents. He is just focusing on newer and newer schemes like SLS Spencers, SLS Springs and SLS SQUARE.

    What is surprising is that even after extended delay in completion of work .. there is no sensitivity/urgency shown by the builder. Instead he had become more arrogant and rude. Marketing people are not available for any comment !!!
    Their is either no work happening or is happening at very very slow pace …

    As of today April 2012 the below issues are still to be addressed by the builder ( which were to be completed by Dec 2011)…

    1) No Driveway and parking allotment
    2) No regular maintenance … no proper contact point available for complaints, people have to run from one place to other to get resolution over small issue like plumbing.
    3) inconsistent power backup
    4) The water from treatment plant is not re used. instead it is thrown away in neighboring plots causing stagnant water and issues like mosquitoes. It also raises questions about the quality of the treatment plant.
    5) Other amenities are still no-where in picture.

    From discussions with builder it is apparent that he is not giving separate gym and community hall as promised in the brochure and as was informed by marketing persons like Mr Ramesh and Mr Kishore. Instead the are converting the existing model/flat office into gym and community hall. That will also lead to less parking space available in basement and that we will have to bear with reduced parking space if and when it is allotted ..

    SO ALL and ALL I will say that the experience with SLS Builders, SLS Developers, SLS Group ( , ) is NOT GOOD and that they do NOT keep thier PROMISES and behave RUDE and ARROGANT once 90-100 % payment is made by the buyer !!!

    IF any body has any doubt regarding this feedback .. please visit SLS Sunflower and experience it !!!

  8. feedback

    The back gate that SLS square has suddenly opened to the green domain layout is illegal and residents in the layout are moving a complaint against it. This back gate is not mentioned in their brochure and they have suddenly demolished the wall and opened it to this layout so that they can claim that their flat has a way from that side too.

  9. ajitsingh001

    hai friends,
    I am a onwer at sls sunflower i have occupied my flat last month i didn’t face any problem by the builder
    and don’t agree with the false statement done by appu9999

  10. slssplendor


    This is false allegation.
    we are going to register cyber complaint against above false allegation and mentioning Gundas.
    we request the above web site owner, not to accept the false news without proper identity.

  11. appu9999

    Beware of Anil Reddy Abhishek reddy SLS Spencer’s(Anil Reddy Son-in-law of P.Shekar Reddy)both partner “s in SLS Developers(SLS Group) Anil Reddy Belong”s To SLS Spencer’s Previously hedid a project Cosmos(SLS Group) in Malleshpallya he didn’t complete water works please come and meet Anil Reddy SLS Spencer’s Mobile No.97409 11119 Abhishek Reddy 99450 18819(Reddy Gundas)

  12. Ramesh


    I saw the cost break-ups for SLS Square, the developer is charging Rs. 1,25,000/- for Sewerage (STP). For 248 flats, this amount comes to 248 * 125000 = 3,10,00,000. He can construct STP for whole EPIP zone. I felt its too much.

    What is your opinion?


  13. truthprevails

    I have taken a flat in SLS Sunflower, lot of people have moved in as well but havnt heard any serious complaints. SLS Sunflower team (Site engineer, and the support staff) is good, they listen to people and do their best to accomodate customer request. No one is perfect and i am sure someone would ahve suffered as well BUT overall they good people and doing good job.

  14. Bala Sethu

    I have booked in D Block today. By the way, We are all worried about booking a single Flat and never thought of Land owner’s share which is more than 70 Flats. Praying to GOD, the land should belongs to good owner.

    Bala Sethu

  15. openmind

    The above posting seems to have been written with a very biased mindset without understanding any fact, with sole intention of venting out fraustration out of some minor issue. The SLS builder and it’s team are no way rowdies. They might be slow at times in response(which i think will be true for all builders, considering the labour shortages all around), but never misbehave anybody. They would have delayed in fixing some issue at times, or missing delivery date by a month, but are no way cheaters.
    I myself had seepage issue at my flat, and it took really long time for the SLS folks to investigate, fix the source of water seepage one by one and finally the seepage is no more. I did get worried at times, but I won’t call somebody rowdy, unless I’ve lost my mind.
    The MD and his team believe in delivering things, rather than making any false promise. SLS builder is a very genunie builder, who have done many things like providing OC, installing better brand equipments than originally planned on insistence of buyers group. Like my above fellow SLS splendor residents I’m too a happy owner of SLS Flat 103.
    In case of any one have any queries, please meet me at SLS Splendor during weekends.


  16. Disappointed

    Agree, the workmanship from previous constructions are missing.Builder took care of SLS Sunflower project pretty well and let down Splendor.

  17. truecommentor

    A totally wrong and illegitimate complaint posted.
    Shekhar Reddy is a very nice person and he has utmost care for cutsomer quality. Though there were different problems but they are mostly settled and these are quite lesser if you compare any other builder.
    If anyone wants to have more info please visit me at 409 SLS Splendor on a weekend.

    Nitin Gupta

  18. My own review

    From my experience the SLS builder is doing good towards the SLS splendor community. The blog written by person got irritated seems. It is a civil construction work one must understand the work flow and how to get the work done. I would say most of the maintenance/repair work in my home and surrounding is carried out by SLS management. why the blog person not going in hierarchy of follow up till to reach MD? Looks like the person finding difficulty. why he is giving up? if you see problem all the builder will have.

    I own a flat owner in splendor-002, many of the volunteers working for getting better environment. I have introduced my friends to buy. if you want to know about the builder pl. call me 9900113168.

  19. abishek_gatu

    i am a flat owner in sls sunflower, iwon’t agree about the blog before taking flat in sunflower ichecked out with splendor flat onwers igot a good feed back, and now iam already staying in sunflower and iam very satisfied with the fast work and the qulality with the builder

  20. Sasi raj

    No I don’t agree we this post . I now about sls developers brought flat owner in sls symphony

  21. Sasi raj

    Even I brought a flat I sls sunflower I have occupied last 10 days back .. I have not faced any major problem here..there are some small problems … But they were cleared once I have take that to their notice . U can have a look at sunflower, am happy with sls .please don’t miss guide other people who wants to take flat in sls .

  22. truewriter

    I would totally agree with the comments of genuinereview. The MD Mr Shekhar Reddy is a very genuine person with good intentions of building and emerging a quality builder in Bangalore. He is a person who does what he says and he is in no way a goonda or hooligan. The allegations are totally baseless and he is a very good person. Coming to the problems that are written in this blog, those are not all true. Yes there are around 10-15 flats which have seepage issues but which the builder is very keen to fix and have fixed almost all but a few.Believe me this builder is quite good compared to other builders who do not even entertain customers for customizations and listens to the customers’ problem.

    I would say that this is a genuine builder and going with him is not a bad decision to make. Please go ahead and book your flats in SLS Springs and SLS Square.

    If he maintains the same kind of credibility and gives his customers the same confidence i would say that he would prosper and be in the leading builders league and be a part of CREDAI too.

    P.S. — I am an owner of SLS Splendor and live in flat 409. My name is Nitin Gupta and am writing the response to the wrong blog written to make justice so that prospective buyers are not mislead with false allegations.

    nitin gupta
    SLS Splendor

  23. genuinereview

    Believe me the MD Shekar reddy was @ SLS Splendor today discussing all about the project for more than 3 hours and assured that he will make sure all the problems are solved. I also spoke to the flats where minor seepage issues were reported and it was solved to the satisfaction of flat owners. I think this complaint is written by one who got irritated by the slow response by the builder in attending issues. I have the opinion that this will be there with all builders and not special with SLS.

    Should you have any queries, Please contact me, I own a flat in Splendor @ 318.Also if you want to know more about builder, please call me @ 9900164364 ( 11AM-6 PM )

  24. genuinereview

    I live in SLS Splendor and I’m one of the volunteers who works for the betterment of society and I can not agree to all the points mentioned in this original complaint.Although there were few number of seepage issues reported, the builder was trying to fix but was not able to succeed due to the reason that he was not able to identify the problem source. Also the builder was not able to effectively manage the campus just after completion.

    The promised amenities are not built mainly because of the reason that builder is working on OC and most of us agreed to wait for the same. I have seen the copy of Partial OC done for A block and MD is confident that he will get the complete OC for the premises.

    From the beginning, the builder has agreed to build 50*20 pool and not 40*40. This is a false claim. Ramesh transparently told everyone while booking the apartment as what is being provided as part of the project. He was flexible enough in providing many of the accessories and heard the voice of the residents.
    The problems are settling down slowly, and the builder’s approach towards residents was never rude. The builder and the SLS employees never behaved like rowdies to the owners.

    I’m not writing this comment to influence the decision of buying the property from SLS builders, but wanted to clarify the facts. Especially, the mention of Builder as rowdy is not at all true and can not be agreed at all.

  25. SpeakTruthAlways

    Whatever the compliant says is not totally true and some statements are false claims. I have bought a house as well in SLS Splendor and till date i havent faced major issues. There are some issues like delay in some activities, but that happens with almost all builders. There are many positives with the builders and i have personally felt that they are flexible and did decsent job in construction. They can improve on keeping the timelines and responsiveness anyway.

  26. Sun_Light

    i would like to reiterate on the last line ..

    yes its very true:

    “I would request people to visit SLS Splendor before buying any flat from this developer and see what kind of multi lakh SLUM this guys has made”

    Please stay away from these guys.

  27. sarita29

    I am the owner of SLS sunfkower A block. There are lot of problems, Water slippage, water scarcity, tiles are not good. if you kick once door and window will brake which ramesh promised for provide the teak wood.Swimming pool is not completed and as well as Prabhar rude person who never do the work systematically. Recently the security wall broke and they completed now..You have not met Prabhar, you will know how badly completing the work.

  28. chutar

    SLS developer is a bunch of Reddy guys who have come up to this level on the basis of doing small small projects with cheating and saving money for the next by sub standard construction , poor quality material, poor workmanship, and all poor things that one can think of. They have constructed SLS serenity with all possible benefits of their own. The next one SLS Splendor is the right example of how builder has benefitted by constructing it. He sold all flats with 1.25L per flat of amenities (cunningly not writing anything in sales deed so that no one can approach legally) for jogging track, swimming pool, gym, club house, children’s play area which comes out to be a whopping 2.75 crore. The amount being so hugh, swimming pool of size 40×40 was promised but now it has come to be a smaller one, which would defiantly not come out more than 10-20L, and i would say for all amenities he would not be spending more than 50L, out of which the 2.25 crore he has pocketed for himself. See how much he is looting. On top of it, the flat construction quality is so poor that after the construction out of 120 flats 100 flats have major seepage problem and rest 20 would have the next year. To get the rebate from BBMP they have constructed a 3×3 feet of rain water harvesting for a 2 acre plot, and have erected solar water heating systems which are only dummy. In all dealing with this builder would be as if axing your own leg. Please do not ever deal with this developer. Later when people started writing blogs these guys took a U turn from providing Occupancy Certificate which till 3 months back they said is 99% finalized. They do not have any proper expertise in building construction, get all works cheap as if experimenting from laying foundations till completion of work. The MD himself is a big cheat. He used to come in a Maruti 800 and now is riding a Toyota Land Cruzer, so you can see now to what extent he has cheated people. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS CHEATER Builder. He has started SLS Springs and i would strongly urge my fellow friends to not to fell prey for this developer. The MD Shekhar reddy and all his gang are not at all credible. All of them are hooligan reddys and they are a bunch of rowdies too. So again beware of these rowdies and gundas as there might be a threat to your life too if you try to get your rights sorted out with these guys.
    I would request people to visit SLS Splendor before buying any flat from this developer and see what kind of multi lakh SLUM this guys has made.


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