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Srinivasa Developers one of the foremost Bangalore-based real estate companies was founded by Mr. Pola Srinivasulu who has a sound knowledge and experience in the field of construction.

With their presence for more than two decades in the real estate market, this property developer has designed, developed, and successfully executed many projects and is coming up with many other projects in the future.

Sai Poorna real estate developer and builder has successfully accomplished about three residential projects called Saipoorna Heights, Saipoorna Paradise at HSR Layout, and Poorna Palace in JP Nagar

At present, this realtor has four projects called Ramara in Electronic City Phase-I, Highend in HSR Layout, Luxuria and Premier on Harlur Road.

We kindly invite all our users and request them to share their valuable comments, feedbacks, reviews, and ratings for Srinivasa Developers and their services and help the future prospective buyers in finding the right property from the right builder.

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29 Responses

  1. Venkat Sreenivas

    I am planning to book 1 3 BHK apartment, any insight on this, As per marketing manager, almost 175 units sold out of 200, however i haven’t seen none of the work is in progress…please advice / through you people experience…

  2. Anil

    Sai Poorna has come up with very good project, I am looking forward for a good deal. The marketing team was very helpful and helped us to make us a decision to purchase the property which is more clear. i would be happy to discuss about Sai poorna premier.

  3. Raghuram

    I’ve visited Saipoorna Highend Recently, as per the project 80 % got completed & there will be a delay with the amenity part, the layout of rooms and the quality is good, as i spoke to marketing team, i’am happy with their commitment to finish the work without any delay for the Sai Poorna Premier. I’am planning to go for it, looking to get some feedback if any one had already booked in Premier.

    • shahnawaz

      Even I am planning to book a 2 BHK in Luxuria. Any feedbacks yet. The work is currently stopped. so am worried about the possession which they claim would be by Dec 2015. Let me know if there are any groups on google/yahoo for luxuria

    • Neethu Bhat

      Please do not book this apartment as the builder response is horrible. Our investment is stuck and has no progress since 3 years. The builder is not even confirming 2020 also as the completion date. No progress literally since 2 yrs.

    • Govind

      I m planning a 2bhk flat in sai poorna luxuria. Pls i want ur feedback.

  4. Jack twinns

    I visited high end, he quality looks promising. I would like to seek further insight on the property current status & possession date as per confirmation by builder.

    I look forward to response deriving further clarity. My email I’d is

  5. Aravind

    Hi All,
    I visited the Poorna High End property in Haralur project. Am planning to buy a 2 BHK there.
    i wanted to know if this property/builder is reliable, found from googling, that this property was promised to be delivered by Jun 2012,but stil lnot delivered. Not sure what is the reason..Need reviews on the same. Please send your comments to


  6. Anand

    I have booked in Sai Poorna Premier
    Is any group liek yahoo/gmai group is there
    If yes please share the same

    • Gomathi

      Hi Anand,

      Can you please let me know about the builder quality/response?

      Are they keeping their promises? Is it value for our money?


  7. Tinu

    We are planning to buy a flat in Saipoorna Luxuria.
    Please can someone advise me on
    1.Its Location and is it a value for Money
    2.Appreciation Value.
    3.Builder commitment

    Also any one interested for group bookings? if yes, mail me at

  8. Vaishali

    I have booked a flat in Sai Poorna Luxuria. So far things are fine. Little nervous with reviews here. Well I was interested in verification of the property and wanted to know about any advocate references in case anyone has done it already.

    • Lagnajeeta Roshan Ali

      Hi Vaishali,

      Isn’t the Luxuria is promised to be delivered in September 2017?

  9. SanjayA


    Hi Harsha and All,
    Recently I come across Sai Poorna-Premier @Harlur road from Srinivasa Developers. Its quality of construction looks good to me and I am planning to book a 3 bhk over here. They are quoting @3600 psft. Could someone suggest on,
    1. Location and is it a value for Money
    2. Future appriciation in 3-4 years and
    3. Any special things I need to consider while booking this

    • Mani


      I am planning to book a flat in Sai Poorna Primer. Please let me know at what price did u book it??


  10. sireesha

    hi. I have visited Sai poorna project and visited the model flat & other flats also..
    I liked the quality of construction. I visited sobha projects also… I think the quality close to sobha’s. I have seen many other smaller projects but i think this project is better in quality and location.

  11. ancientmariner

    #balakumar : Why do you think the other flats are not made that way? They claim to have the same fittings as in the model flat in all apartments and hope they abide by that,

  12. balakumar


    Have you booked a flat in Sai poorna premier? Even i am planning to book one there
    how much do you think they would negotiate upto?

    @jadhoo123 @ancientmariner

    We checked the model flat and the quality seemed to be excellent. but the other flats are not made that way???? are they delivering the flats as promised.??

  13. ancientmariner

    I liked the floor plan though the apartments in the middle block are not well laid out. Else the space is good enough.
    The materials used in the construction are sourced from Sobha (concrete blocks, doors etc) and hence quality is good in its class.
    I am yet to come across a builder who ticks all the right boxes and this one is no exception. Everything is good till you make the payment and the tantrums start after that. He definitely does not like being talked to and is not approachable.
    # Jadhoo123 : What is the change that is present in other apartments but not in yours?

  14. Jadhoo123

    I have booked an apartment with the High End project. Quality is okay. Not that great. But floor plans are not good. In the middle block apartments there is no light at all. Common amenities are just for name sake, very small and congested.

    I don’t know whether they have a proper architect. I have been asking to meet or get the number of the person so that I can discuss some changes I want. But have not received any proper responses.

    The builder is not a friendly person and gets irritated soon. The moment you speak or ask of the progress, he does not like it. Recently when I reminded him about a basic thing not done in my apartment (but done in the others) he started yelling and said that we should not remind them anything. They will work according to their system only. He also said that calling their staff or meeting him is a disturbance to them. If we cannot ask and clear our concerns with them, whom else should we go to?

    Till payment was made, everything was good, but once the payment is made, they start ignoring you.

  15. sunilrima

    hi i have booked a flat here the quality is good which is comparable to sobha

  16. mbaskara

    How about their construction quality and other services…

    I want to book in their Sai Poorna luxuria new project….

  17. psangani

    I visited the site long back but it did not impress me.

    1) They have projects just on the road (haralur area) which is going to be widen in future so premises may loose some portion..
    2) The floor plan is not that much good.
    3) Looks like buyers are not much interested since the representative did so much follow up to me and in spite of conveying that I did not like the floor plan & location they told that they were ready to change the plan…but I did not like the location as well..!!

  18. vinodgargg

    Can any body please tell me how is the Sai Poorna High End and Sai Poorna Premier project? the location, the builder review/repotation?


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