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Sumadhura Infracon Reviews

SumadhuraInfracon with more than one and half decades of rich experience in the construction industry have developed and delivered most several projects in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

This real estate company was started in the year 1996 and is managed and controlled by Mr. Madhusudhan G, the Chairman of the company.

Today, Sumadhura real estate builder has planned, developed, and executed many residential and commercial projects in Bangalore. Most of the projects of this property developer are located in f the prime locations of the cities and they have successfully completed around 9 residential projects in Bangalore and Hyderabad; to name some are Pearl Palace, Pragathi Chambers, Prestige, Sandoval, Anandam, and etc.

This realtor also has some ongoing residential projects of Sumadhura Group in Bangalore like Silver Ripples, Madhuram, Sankalpam, Anantham, and others.

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  1. Vijay

    I have visited last week Sumadhura projects – Silver Ripples and SOHAM.

    Need to Comment on SOHAM.

    It is 5 Floor – G+4 Project. Felt that Floor plan and Project is Congested.
    Each unit has atleast one or two common walls.

    They have blocks from A to M and show approvals as per BDA/BBMP approved. And Now they are inserting N and P.
    Totally cramping up the Units.

    Open space for any Residential project in that Zone is Minimum 55%.
    God only knows how they are managing approvals from concerned authorities.

  2. Basu V

    After you bought a flat, it is difficult to get in touch with the concern people. Phone will be ringing and nobody will answer and if by mistake they receive the call will say will call you back in 2 minutes and that is it will never get the call or they will reply to your mails or to SMS. It’s one of the worst real estate company in Bangalore.

    • Prakash

      I strongly agree with yor statements they are the worst bilders I’m very hesitated with their pathetic service.

    • Prathap

      They only call back for several times for the payments not for the project updates. They are really money minded services only providing.

  3. Kishor Kumar

    Thank you a lot guys for sharing your most valuable opinions and suggestions to new home buyers. I was thinking to buy a flat in the same builder but when I googled about them, and I came to about Sumadhura Infracon’s actual customer services. once again thank you all.

    • Venkatesh

      You are lucky after going through our feedbacks & experience you got clarity on Sumadhura Infracon. But 3 years before when I was booked there was no one aware about these reviews and we got trapped and still now we are struggling get back our money.

    • Sridhara Murthy

      Hi Kishore, you taken a wise decision after seeing all these reviews. They are not providing good quality. Even their service also not good.

  4. Arvind

    Thank you guys…. I was also more interested almost about to invest my hard earned money in their pre-launch project. Now I step back away from this builder. once again thank you guys.

    • Tanuj

      it is a good and however you saved your money otherwise after few months you also struggling for several months like us to get your hard earned money back.

    • Mahesh

      Even I have also almost decided to book a flat in Sumdhura Infracon but before booking a flat I inquired with my friends, they all were suggested for that ‘don’t book in Sumadhura’, because two of my friends were struggling more for booking in Shikharam Project. That’s why I didn’t dare to book flat in SUmadhura Infracon.

  5. Sumadhara's Client

    Most of the comments are utter nonsense… Go check madhuram project at ecc road.. Before time.. silver ripple borewell road before delivery promised

    I myself at Shikharam.. They are giving it before time… They are very good team for post sales… Construction quality go check at site instead of meandering at website..

    • Madhusudan

      Is it, Sir? after reading your review I little confused about this builder can you little brief about when were you booked the flat in Shikaram & when did you get procession, it will help me to buy a flat in Sumadura builder.

      • Shrinivas

        Well said, if he can briefly explain about when did he booked and when did he got possession, we can get clarity how much time they were taken to complete the project, Isn’t it?

    • Harinath

      If you are a customer of Sumadhura Infracon then little brief about when did you booked the flat and when did you got possession. Because for 2 years, our projects are still in under constructions only, they already too much delay. and now they are telling that to wait for some more days.

    • Sameer

      Of-course they may good in quality of construction, But they don’t complete the project within their promised time. They are making too much delay in the construction.

    • Sumadhra Customer

      Hello where is the quality in that project. They are going to deliver before the time only. But what is the use with out quality. Even their After sales team is not responding properly. You will realize after purchase only

      • Owner

        Its a rip-off they aren’t providing sink in dining area, charging Rs.4350 just for inlet/outlet pipe for sink, Rs. 3815 for a 5Ampere socket, 2 way switch is Rs.2200

    • Vivek

      Hello Sir, why didn’t mention about the Sumadhura Anandham project, it was delayed by the more than 1 year. even they collected maintenance charges for 5 months, i.e. before the possession. I don’t know that how did you got a possession before the promised time.

    • Arun

      I know both Madhuram and Shikaram projects both, it may be good quality apartment, but I don’t agree with the time period. So if you tell only the they completed the within a time, then mention the time period, which the taken to complete the project.

  6. Yuvi

    Previously I’m not aware about this company, I bought the flat only because of under construction project. Almost two years completed, but still it’s not completed. I don’t know what to do, I’m fully hesitating about the delay. Can I proceed a cancellation? Please suggest me.

    • Harsha

      You can proceed a cancellation, but before going for cancellation you should go through the cancellation clause which is mentioned in your agreement/booking form and I think one more clause also will be there i.e. if the delay in the project they will pay rent or interest for your money. And however, it is under construction project you can wait for some more time.

  7. Ashwath

    I’m an existing customer of the Sumadhura Infracon builder, of course I didn’t visit all their projects, but I have good experience with my flat in Sandoval apartment. Its nice and good quality. But the only issue I faced that delay in the construction of the project, except that we don’t have any problems with them.

    • Rakesh

      Hi, I am also Existing customer of the same project. But according to my view quality is not too good, even prices also more and the construction is going very slow. So I would like to warn people who are going to buy in SUmadhur Infracon.

  8. Saravan

    I heard some bad about the Sumadhura Ifracon completed projects. They are making delay to complete the projects. And some ex-clients told that Sumahura’s construction quality is not up to the mark while compare to the price.

    • Sathish

      There is something bad with that builder, so we are receiving very bad mouth talk from their clients regarding their projects. We have to obey their words.

    • Veeru

      What you heard is true. They are very delayed in construction. Whenever I call to their CRM they will tell lots of reasons for the delay. They are not at giving the value for the patience of the customers.

    • Sravanthi

      What you are saying is 200% correct. they are not responding properly. Regularly they are changing CRMs from one project to other. To avoid so much pressure from customers.

  9. Kiran

    Thanks a lot guys, I was planning to buy flat with Sumadhura infracon but after getting your suggestion and opinion. I came to know their real face. and once again thank you guys for suggestions.

    • Murali

      You are taken a nice decision on come back from Sumadhura Infracon. They are not minding customer’s value. They have to learn more.

    • Sheeju

      You have done a good job, otherwise you might be suffering for years to get your money back. I think you’re lucky….. However, initially only you came to about them.

    • Nandhi

      Hi Kiran, you are a very lucky guy. However, you came to know about Sumadhura Infracon through our reviews and you escape from their trap.

    • Amar

      You are a lucky guy, we are struggling for the past 8 months to get back our money. But before booking a flat in Sumadhura Infracon you came to know about them. So be care full about such type of realtors.

    • Jay

      Previously we don’t know about the customer’s reviews and we were not aware about them, we just tracked by their sweet words. But you came to know about them. And you took a good decision.

  10. Harsha

    Hi all, This is the best company in cheating people. This is very fraud. Don’t be foolish and don’t purchase in this company.

  11. Vishwa

    I think Sumadhura is the top most company which is fooling customers with their words. This is very fraud. They are changing their employees very frequently. This is enough to say this is fraud.

    • Madhu

      They are the untrusted and worst builder in Bengaluru. 5 months before I was cancelling my booking, after cancellation I got only bounced cheques. I don’t know when they will give me money.

  12. Ajak

    Before booking the response will be nice but after booking their response is quite different. So be careful with this builder.

    • Jayaprakash

      I definitely agree you. When I was booked a flat they promised me to give a possession within 18 months. I was booked a flat in under construction project. Now, almost 20 months completed, but still it is in same construction swing. I have lost my patience and going to cancel my booking.

      • Anandh

        Hello Jai, Even I’m also decided cancel my booking. So can you please help me to process the cancellation formalities. And if I cancel my booking, can I get my money.

    • Nayan

      Before booking a flat the sales guys promises 100 things. But after booking a flat The CRM doesn’t know about that. Hower Sales guys convince you to book a flat.

  13. Vasu

    I have quiet little confusion about this builder many are shared the bad opinions and only few are shared good. I have one doubt i.e. are those few customers really benefited or not?

    • Chandra

      May be there is chance of getting benefit for them. Starting any company try to give best output. So may be the first customers. But Now it is the worst company. Don’be confuse and try to get clarity.

  14. Nandini

    Sumadhura construct projects with less quality and with cheap material. Due to this with in a less time the materials like pipes, wires may spoiled. Water leakage will happens but they do not maintain properly. The management is not good they are having negligence. Better to avoid this company.

  15. Hari

    I don’t knew about this builder construction quality, but I have experienced how they are convincing you. If once you fell in their trap you never get properly responds from them. If you ask for the project completion date they have lots of reasons to convince you. This is my worst experience with them.

    • Mahi

      Yes, your right I felt very bad about this company. They are very excellent experienced executive sales team, They will convince you to book the flat on the spot. But after paying the full booking amount they won’t respond in the proper way and they will tell you stories.

  16. Bharath

    Sumadhura Infracon is a one of the cheating company in Bangalore. The quality and the service is very less. They are mostly concentrating on money not in quality. Don’t be foolish by hearing their sweet words.

  17. Kumar

    Can anyone share your living experience in sumadhura Anantham project?how is the quality and legal documentation of this projec.since that it falls just adjacent to the lake, did any do a clean check on documentation? What is the price range in this area properties? Please let me know your reviews ..I am thinking to book a property here.

    • Navin

      They are offering the best service till you booking the flat. once they got your hard earned money, then only you came to know their worst service. they won’t respond properly.

    • Murali

      If you are planning to book with this builder, it’s a waste of time and you can’t get your money back even after a several check bounces. So better choose some other best one.

      • hari

        i was planing to buy one apartment from them,but thanks for you all..your valuable feedback…

    • Laxmikanth

      There is no such a high quality of construction. They don’t have a proper civil team. They are using only normal quality of materials for the construction. Within a 5 years there will be like water leakage and etc..

    • Navanith

      Sumadhura Anantham is nice project. we are living in second floor, we don’t have any complaints about their maintenance. But those who are living top floors they are facing little water leakage problems except that everything is going fine.

  18. Chandu

    Please don’t go for this project, the quality of the project is not up to the mark, there are several flats with water seepage and leaks. Poor management as they do not respond to the customer.

  19. CRMS

    Hi Nishant, did u bought flat from this builder ? .. how was the quality i want to buy an flat sumadhura’s anantham(opp to manipal county.. singasandra)…Please advice me ?

    • Chandra

      The experience is pathetic, we had a very bad time with the builder a very poor management as they don’t respond to the customer. Their construction quality is poor with cracks in the walls and water seepage.

  20. $ms$

    Hi All,

    Would appreciate your feedback for Sumadhura’s Anantham Project located Off Hosur road near Manipal county

    Builder: M/s Sumadhura Infracon Pvt Ltd.


    Sumadhura’s Anantham is a Luxury, stylish and contemporary home. That too right next to your work place between Silk Board & Electronics, on Manipal County Road. Fast taking shape in South Bangalore, Sumadhura’s Anantham houses some 177 two and three bedrooms luxury apartments.

    • Nish

      I got the feedback from some of the ppl, who already owned the property in Sumadhura another project , their feedback was good abt the builder, i am also plannng for anantham and got some more guys , who all are interetsted, can reach me on 9663589515,


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